Checkpoint #5 Calendar

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Please calendar all of your workouts for a 2 week period. Write w# for the strength training workouts, and CW# for the cardio workouts. Don’t forget to use the fit principle when working into the schedules your cardio goals, as well as your strength training goals.

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Checkpoint #4 Target Heart Rate

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Target Heart Rate Journal

Here are the formulas to find your Target Heart Rate Range. Please transfer the information onto your final project once you get it calculated.

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checkpoint 3 notes

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Checkpoint 3 is the flexibility program. Please list a static and a dynamic stretch for each of the muscles groups provided on the final. Be sure to remember that Dynamic stretches are the warm up stretches that include a form of movement to increase blood flow and oxygen flow to the muscle groups. Static stretching is non movement stretching that helps improve flexibility, and are typically done following the workout during the cool down process.

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Checkpoint 2 Notes

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With checkpoint #2, we are developing 3 different cardiovascular workouts. Remember, each workout must consist of all 3 components of a workout (warm up, workout, and cool down). Label them, as well as writing down the time each activity took. Be specific when writing down the actual workout. Don’t just put run, or soccer, etc. Be specific in the actual activities you did with running, i.e, Ran 4 laps at 70%, 3 sprints at 60 meters, etc. Or with a sport, write what you did with that sport, and the times spent on each aspect of it. Lastly, label the cardio activity as either an anaerobic or aerobic exercise, or both if it consisted of both.

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Checkpoint #1 Discussion Notes

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Tone: “Muscular Endurance” emphasis
sets of 12+ reps, 50-65% of your max, Rest time 30-45 seconds

Strengthen: sets of 8-12 reps, 65-80% of your max, 45 sec. – 1 1/2 min. rest

Build: sets of 3-8 reps, 80+% of your max, 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 minute rest.

Be sure to create at least 2 different workouts, and complete all 3 provided strength training workouts.

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Here are the following due dates for the 5 checkpoints on the Final Project. If you complete them on time and hand them in, you will receive 5 extra points. You can receive up to 25 total extra points, which is just over the value of 1 make up day for gym. I will correct them in class, and hand them back after each checkpoint.

Checkpoint #1 (Strength Training Workouts (3)) Due: Friday, April 27th
Checkpoint #2 (Cardiovascular Workouts (3) ) Due: Tuesday, May 1st
Checkpoint #3 (Flexibility Program – Static and Dynamic) Due: Monday, May 7th
Checkpoint #4 (Target Heart Rate Range) Due: Wednesday, May 9th
Checkpoint #5 (Personal Schedule/Goals Program Calendar) Due: Friday, May 11th

All final project, including all 5 checkpoints will be due no later than Thursday, May 17th at 3:15pm. Please be sure to ask me if you have any questions. Also, check the notes on the blog for the breakdown of checkpoints as well as discussion notes.


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Final Project

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Here is the final project. Please be sure to print off both sides if you lose the copy that I issued in class. thanks.

part 1 Final Project Lifting Chart

Final project part 2

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Unit 4 Notes

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Unit 4 Vocabulary Fit for Life

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Home Pass #11

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1. Run + 1 Conocer and Saber (5 forms present tense/1 sentence)
/5 points

2. Finish with future (ir a )
En 1 año . . . .
En 5 años . . . .
En 10 años . . . .
En 20 años . . . .
En 30 años . . . .
/10 points
3. Describe and Write
with Vocab #5 (10 personalities and characteristics of Disney characters 5 good/5 bad)
/10 points

4. Sign and Say
Professions Vocab #22
/10 pointss

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Home Pass #12

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1. Run + 1 (10 verbs/all 5 forms/1 sentence)
10 points

2. Draw and Explain Vocab #28 (an action that you do and how often you do it)
14 points

3. SES 2 Vocab #8
10 points

/34 points total

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