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Hi, my name is Mr. Gordon (Dave).  I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, and a Master Degree as a Professional School Counselor. I spent 28 years working in business at a company called FMC Jetway Systems…beginning in 1980. During my time there I worked as a Sand Blaster, Crane Operator, Electrician, Leadman, Scheduler, Engineering Change Coordinator, and a Purchasing Agent. In 2008 I moved on from business and accepted a position as a Professional School Counselor, which has turned out to be a career that I absolutely love.

I have been married to my best friend in the whole world (Barbara) for almost 35 years. We are together whenever possible. We love to camp in Yellowstone, do projects around our home in Eden, and take our dogs for walks and hikes. We also love to read, which we are always doing as we commute back-and-forth to work together. We have a daughter named Britney, who married Jon Critchley six years ago, which has resulted in two wonderful granddaughters named Bailee – 5 years old and Sadie – 3 years old, and these two little girls have quickly wrapped themselves around our hearts. Barbara and I also have a large extended family who all live in the Ogden area.

My advice to people would be to find a job you love and can be passionate about, because if you love what you do it does not feel like work. But, the most important thing to do is to marry your best friend, spend a lifetime loving each other as much as possible, and never go to bed angry at each other. Life is sweet and is meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy it with your best friend, your extended friends, and your family. Work hard, play hard, and love like there is no tomorrow.

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