Basic Scholarship Info:
There are many scholarships of all sorts out there. The majority of scholarship dollars comes from the colleges themselves often in the form of traditional academic scholarships, leadership/diversity scholarships, and athletic scholarships.  So you’ll want to plan ahead and apply for scholarships at the college(s) you want to attend first. (Make sure to check with the universities you wish to attend to make sure you are aware of their scholarship deadlines and application processes. This information can be found on their web-sites. But there are other scholarships as well…. Scholarships for people with asthma, tall people, people who like to write essays or come up with a jingle for duct tape. As you can see, there are some crazy scholarships out there in addition to the academic ones…and if they want to give you free money for college…then you’ll probably want to search them out and get some! Use some of the links below to search for scholarships. It may take some time on your part, but it will be well worth the effort.


Get prepared for Scholarship applications

1.    You begin preparing for scholarships at the beginning of your 9th grade year! All the items listed below help make you a good candidate for a scholarship.

  •  Take good college preparatory courses and do well in them.
  •  Get involved in extracurricular activities: sports, clubs, etc.
  •  Look for leadership opportunities
  •  Volunteer regularly in the community
  •  Take the ACT or SAT test by December of your junior year. Many scholarship applications require this information.
  •  Make a scholarship ‘resume’ which lists not only your education and work information, but also ALL your awards in High school, extracurricular activities, leadership experiences and volunteer work. This helps you fill out applications as well as helps the people who are writing recommendations for you.
  •  Get three letters of recommendation: one from a teacher, a community leader, coach, boss, etc., and then one other person. Ask them to make 3 copies for you. Give them at least 2 weeks to do this.
  • Start searching!

 Where do I begin looking?

Click on each picture to learn more about scholarships you can start applying for and working towards now while in junior high.



















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