Holiday Fun Next Week!

Thursday, December 20th

Grinch Day 2018

Friday, December 21st

Polar Express 2018

** Even though it says, No slippers please,  I will allow students to bring slippers to be worn ONLY in the classroom. They still need to come in regular shoes so they can go outside and other places in the school. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please remember that Friday is a short day. This will begin our Christmas/Winter break. School is back on Thursday, January 3rd.




Too much fun happening here….

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Who wouldn’t LOVE to receive this cuddly basket of puppies !?!


I promise that I do some actual teaching during the day! 😉



New Homework


If we were elves….

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Here is our latest writing project. We thought of what we would do if we were elves.

Lighting the School with Kindness

This is such a wonderful time of year. So many people being kind and being caring to one another. To help encourage being kind, our class is “Lighting the School with Kindness.” Our mission is to catch others being kind. When we do, we write what we saw on a light bulb. Then after I read it to the class, I hang it in the hallway.

This is day 1: (3 light bulbs)


This is after day 2! Let’s keep up all of the kindness.


I remind the students, to have someone catch you being kind, you have to be kind. :) This class is so thoughtful they don’t need any help or encouragement.

UPDATE: The other 2nd grade classes are now going to join us in this adventure.


December Birthdays and June 1/2 Birthdays!

December Birthdays

Happy Birthday this month to: :( No December Birthdays

June HALF Birthdays

Happy 1/2 Birthday this month to: Afton!



Things happening in the classroom

I just thought that it was ADORABLE when my students were sitting together reading. I seriously LOVE this class!


We have had a lot of coincidences this year! :)