Happy Grinch Day!!

Grinch Day was a HUGE success. At school we did some Grinch math, read the story, described the Grinch with adjectives, played Jeopardy, and we watched the movie while enjoying various green treats. We even had a visit from the GRINCH!

All the adorable littles!

 20171215_083300 20171215_083240

Who – Hair!

20171215_085935 20171215_083100

Wearing Green! Grinchy Santa! Santa Hats!

20171215_083038 20171215_105346

20171215_083112 20171215_083145



Mrs. Parker’s and Mrs. Rackham’s class joined us for some sing-alongs and…

20171215_110214 20171215_110153


20171215_110917 20171215_110918 20171215_110918(0)20171215_110919 20171215_110919(0)

And he stole our kindness lights!!


AHHHHH. We searched the school and finally found him hiding in Mrs. Parker’s and Mrs. Rackham’s coat room. We taught him about true kindness and told him that it is NOT something you can steal.

20171215_111526 20171215_111537 20171215_111538 20171215_111523 20171215_111557

He gave us back our tree and took a photo with us.

Enjoying our treats during the movie!


Such a fun day!

Reading FUN!

We were surprised with fun gift today! To follow along while reading, we used little Santa hats!!

20171213_093359 20171213_093347 20171213_093345

Lighting the School with Kindness

The 2nd grade is focused on kindness and we are seeing it everywhere. When we catch someone being kind, we write it down on a light bulb and hang it in the hall.

This is after day 1!


Day 2!!



December Tree

Here we are with our tree in December! BRRRRRRR it is COLD!! But look how cute this class is! :)

20171213_105331 20171213_105302 20171213_105254

Grinch Day is Coming!



New Carpet and Paint!

I hope everyone had a great break.
As your students may have told you, yesterday we began the process of getting new carpet. It was a surprise to us all. The workers had all of our stuff out of the classroom before the first bell rang. We are very fortunate to get new paint and carpet and we are excited, however, it leaves us without a classroom until we are finished.

I want to tell you how proud I am of your kids. They have been amazing through this process. Everyone has worked hard and been very respectful. We have been having class in the kiva areas as well as other classrooms (while they are at rotations). My class has done all of this without a single complaint and with a very positive attitude. Thank you for raising such wonderful kids.
We are still without a classroom today. I’m hoping we are back in tomorrow but we will just wait and see. Here is a picture of what it looked like this morning.

Thank you Veterans!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to talk about the importance of Veterans Day. We shared about different family members who are veterans. It sounds like we have a lot of parents and family members who are, and I want to say, “Thank You!” After our class discussion, we met together as a school for an assembly. I am so thankful to live in this country and I am forever grateful to those who fought and continue to fight for our country and everyone in it.


20171110_092708 20171110_092641

Thank you to everyone who brought a picture to display!


Beautiful decorations!!

FB_IMG_1510359429294 FB_IMG_1510359420262 20171110_092258 20171110_092252

A HUGE shout out to our parent volunteers for this wonderful day!

Food Drive Contest

The class in the school that collects the most items for our food drive will win a popcorn party! Please bring donations to class so we can keep track of donations. You can bring canned food and other items listed on the flyer. THANK YOU!!

Food Drive

Our Tree in November

Here is a picture of us at our tree in November.


It’s really starting to change.


Report Cards & Buddy Reading

Report cards were sent home with students today, be on the lookout for that.


ALSO, buddy reading started today. On Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, our 5th grade buddies will read a book with us. That book will come home in an envelope. Please read that book with your child, sign or initial the envelope, and send it all back to school. Once that paper is completely full, the 2nd grader and their 5th grade buddy will get a treat. This time spent reading absolutely counts as reading minutes for homework.