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Dec 19

This is what I came up with for advice for college:

Ease your way into college. Take a fine arts class your first semester or easier classes.

Learn how to effectively study/ learn how you learn -make a schedule for times to study.

Get to know your professors and use the TA’s they have for you.

Learn to discipline yourself to study when you don’t want too.

College classes are harder than high school so plan on studying a lot more than you did then.

Learn how to manage your time and prioritize your time for classes-especially when you have a lot to do for each class.

For nursing:

If they know for sure nursing, tell them to explore the U’s website and find out about the Nursing Early Assurance Program.

Volunteering is really important, HOSA, internships, being involved in general is important to be competitive and to be involved in the healthcare field.


AP Biology, Intro to Health Science, MAP, Advanced Health (WSU Integrated Anatomy and Physiology HTHS 1110 (LS)/1111), Medical Terminology, Nutrition, Human Development, Concurrent Chemistry, and AP Statistics.

If they pass AP Bio and AP stats with a 5, they can wave that prerequisite for the U’s program.

Being able to take all of these classes will be an advantage. They will be one step ahead and be able to possibly minor in something and have a better knowledge of the human body and biology than others that are in college.

Thanks Dr. Kap! I Hope this helps a little. The University of Utah School of Nursing website is also really helpful for pre-nursing students. Thanks!

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