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Feb-23-2017 By Mrs. Provost

Scholastic Book Orders

Sep-14-2016 By Mrs. Provost

Every few months I will be sending home book orders that will give you the chance to build your personal libraries at a reduced price. You can order online at Scholastic.com. Our classroom code is N38QJ.


Sep-14-2016 By Mrs. Provost

Dear Parent(s),
Reading is the main focus in my classroom, and as we start a new school year I would like to share some thoughts about reading with you.
Reading is a skill. The only way to get better at reading is to read- this holds true for both excellent readers and reluctant readers. With this in mind, my goal is for your son or daughter to read at school every day, and at home for a minimum 5 days a week for at least 20 minutes. Your student will have a reading tracker that needs to be filled out every day, and returned every Friday for a grade. I will do my best to motivate your student to read academically as well as for fun. Some of the reading will be done as a class, but your son or daughter will have opportunities to select his or her own books to be read independently.
To help your child reach this goal, we have our own classroom library. Your student will also have access to the school library. I highly recommend your student have a public library card also. Research shows that availability of books, magazines, newspapers, and other informational texts is a major motivating factor in getting teens to read. Students who are surrounded by books at school and at home read more. Students who read more, read better.
I will also be sending home book orders to help you build your own personal home library if you are interested. This is totally optional. You can order online at scholastic.com under the book club for your convenience. You would just set up a parent account. My classroom code is N38QJ. You are also welcome to send the order to me at school, checks made to scholastic. Whatever is best for you?
I am excited for this year. I know that together we can accomplish GREAT things. I look forward to working with you and your son or daughter. The theme the student body officers came up with for this year is “This is the Time”. I feel like “This is the Time” to help your son or daughter to improve their reading skills. We will accomplish this working together as a team.

Thank you,

Mrs. Provost