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Happy New Year!  This has been an exciting year so far at Freedom and I can’t believe it is almost the 3rd  quarter! The students, teachers and staff at this school have been working so hard to improve learning outcomes.  It has been fun to watch the growth in all of these kids. Next Tuesday, January 9th,  we will be assessing students on reading proficiency and I can’t emphasize the importance of getting your student to sleep early and a nutritious breakfast.  The link will give you more information about this test and what it is intended to measure. http://dibels.org/dibels.html

I am also missing those amazing kids I taught at Majestic.   If you are a former student who found this page I would love to hear from you. I hope to keep adding to this blog and sharing information for parents, teachers and students.  Let me know if you have an amazing article, site or app to tell me about.  Thanks for visiting!


Code.org  Thanks Mrs. Widdison and Cooper for sharing this great activity for kids!

http://www.lauracandler.com/  Here you’ll find hundreds of  printables and activities that make powerful teaching  easy.


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