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(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom or under “Make-Up Assignment Archive” on this blog, and textbooks are available for check-out, if necessary,  for missed textbook assignments.)

2nd Quarter

Nov. 2

English 7: We discussed the Qtr. 2 Reader Response Form due date:  Jan. 8. We had a little mini-lesson on past tense/present tense verbs and on maintaining the correct tense in your writing. Then we discussed apostrophes, and we did Exercise 10 on p. 783 in the textbook.

Adv. Reading: We discussed our three Qtr. 2 Reader Response Forms due date:  Jan 8.  We were also given an additional reading requirement for 2nd quarter, and that is to read from at least 6 genres by Jan 5. We each received a Genres Passport (due Jan. 5), along with a definition list of different genres, and we discussed how to identify the various genres. We discussed how to fill out the Genres Passport, we filled out the first page in it, and then we put the passports in the red Passport box in the classroom. Then we used the rest of the period to earn our Daily Reading Points (DRP).  Reminder: Your Book-of-Choice (House of the Scorpion, Tisha, or Lost in the River of Grass) must be finished and brought to class this Thursday!!!

Nov. 3

English 7: We discussed the components of writing “Well-Constructed Paragraphs,” including writing complete sentences, avoiding slang, and not using “garbage lines.” Then we discussed the purpose of argument writing and how to write a strong argument paragraph. We read an article about “Security Cameras in Schools,” and we wrote an argument paragraph based on our opinion about that issue. Some of us shared our paragraphs with the class. Then we looked at a power point reviewing some of our responses for the argument piece we previously wrote, “Is Bullying a Problem in Our School?” and we discussed what was strong or could be stronger in those responses.

Adv. Reading: We read in I Am the Cheese up to p. 118 and wrote a Response #5 in our response journals.

Nov. 4

English 7: We reviewed argument writing from yesterday, and we discussed using text evidence for our support for our argument writing. We all wrote an argument paragraph together using text evidence from an advertisement about “Locker Organizers.” Then we discussed audience and purpose in writing and accurately answering the question we are asked in the instructions, and we wrote another argument paragraph on our own using text evidence from an info-graphic about “The Perfect Meal.”  Then we discussed explanatory writing, and we all wrote an explanatory paragraph together using text evidence from an article about “Objects in Space.”  Then we began writing another explanatory paragraph on our own using text evidence from an article about “How Snowflakes Are Formed.”

Adv. Reading:  We read in I Am the Cheese up to p. 136 and wrote a Response #6 in our response journals.  Reminder: Bring your book-of-choice to class tomorrow to check it in and complete an assignment using it.

Nov. 5

English 7: We took about 10 minutes to finish up the explanatory paragraph from yesterday on “How Snowflakes Are Formed.”  Then we handed in the “Snowflakes” and “Perfect Meal” paragraphs. Then we completed the Mastery Argument Writing assignment which was to write an argument paragraph using text evidence from the article “The Celebrated Deformed Frogs of Le Sueur County.” After writing, we looked at a powerpoint of some student writing based on this same prompt and discussed what was strong or could be stronger in the student writing samples. Then we took the opportunity to make some improvements to our own writing, and then we handed in our argument paragraphs.

Adv. Reading:  We participated in a Book Forum activity, by filling out the first half of a question sheet about the book-of-choice we read, ourselves, and then by meeting with others in our class that read the same book and discussing (and writing down) their answers to the same questions about that book. Then we handed in the question sheet and also the book we’d read.

Nov. 6

English 7:  In some classes, we finished viewing the power point of student writing samples (from the “Deformed Frogs” Argument Paragraph assignment) and making any changes to our own paragraphs. Then we did the Lesson #9 Vocabulary/Editing/Writing Prompt worksheet. (Periods 2 and 3 did this worksheet as an extra credit assignment.)

Adv. Reading:  Daily Reading Points (DRP)!

Nov. 9

English 7:  We discussed hyphens, and then we did the review Exercises 11 & 12 (p. 783-784 in the textbook) on hyphens, apostrophes, colons, and semicolons. Everyone was asked to remember to bring markers or colored pencils to class tomorrow.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Nov. 10

English 7: We corrected our Exercises from yesterday and handed them in. Then we discussed the “argument paragraph” we’ve been working on and how we extend it into the argument essay.  An argument essay (“School Daze”) was passed out to all of us, and we used colored pencils or markers to color code the various required components within it of an effective argument essay. Then we each got an argument essay template with some articles about “Athletes Charging Fans for Autographs,” and we were assigned to read the articles and underline any especially good lines or quotes that support our own opinion on the topic, that we might want to use when we write our argument essay on the issue.

Adv. Reading: We read up to p. 168 in I Am the Cheese and wrote a Response #7 in our response journals.

Nov. 11  (Late-Start Day)

English 7:  Finish reading the articles we got yesterday. Review the components of a strong Argument Essay. Begin writing our argument essay on “Should Athletes Charge for Their Autographs?”

Adv. Reading:  Try to finish I Am the Cheese and write Response #8 in our response journals.

Nov. 12

English 7:  We took about 15-20 minutes to finish writing our argument essays about “Athletes and Autographs.”  Then we double-checked that all of the color-coded components from the “School Daze” argument essay were present in the essay we’d just written, and we also counted the number of sentences in each of our 5 paragraphs and wrote that number outside of each paragraph. Next we traded papers with the person next to us for a “Peer Review” activity. Our neighbor assessed whether or not we had a good, strong, clear CLAIM statement– in both our first and last paragraphs, whether or not we had 3 clear, strong REASONS that actually support our claim statement, whether or not we used effective TRANSITION WORDS, whether or not we ADDRESSED the COUNTERCLAIM, and whether or not we used actual TEXT EVIDENCE (quotes) from the articles to support our claim.  We talked things over with our neighbors, and then we either turned in our essays (if they were in perfect order), or we fixed them quickly and handed them in, or we took them home to make revisions and will turn them in tomorrow.

Adv. Reading: Finish I Am the Cheese and our response journals, discuss the ending, and hand in our journals.

Nov. 13

English 7:   Get Qtr. 2 writing assignment:  Write an Argument Essay on one of 3 topics explained on the handout. (See the blog post for details.) Discuss how to write a clear claim for whatever topic we choose to write about. Look at an overhead slide on Using Text Evidence and discuss how to do this in our argument essays, along with places to look for text evidence. Rough draft is due Nov. 24 for our Peer Review activity (for 50 points!) .   Then do the Lesson #10 Vocabulary/ Editing/ Writing Prompt worksheet.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Nov. 16

English 7:  We discussed quotation marks and writing dialogue. Then we did Exercises 13 and 14 on p. 785 in the textbook.  Reminder: Your rough of your Argument Paper is due Nov. 24!  And your Qtr. 2 Reader Response Form is due in less than 2 months (Jan. 8)!

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Nov. 17

English 7:  We corrected Exercises 13 and 14 from yesterday and handed them in. Then we started a new novel, Far North, by Will Hobbs. We read the first 3 chapters of it.

Adv. Reading: We discussed the mystery genre today, specifically, the “detective mystery” genre.  Then we each checked out a copy of the novel Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.  We received a brochure about the detective mystery genre, in which we will keep notes, as we read, about clues and possible solutions to the crime. We also received a Translator Bookmark to keep in our book and help us with some of the foreign words in it. Then we read the first chapter of the book. Now everyone is to be up to Part 2 by Monday, Nov. 30.

Nov. 18

English 7:  We discussed the traditional story plotline and its various parts, and we commented about where we were, so far, on the plotline in our new Far North novel (– the “exposition”). Then we made our study guide to use for this novel, and we wrote a Response #1 in it– What Do I Know About Canada?  We shared what we knew about Canada as a class.   (Eye-testing was also conducted by the school nurse out in the hall during English classes today.)  Then we read the next 2 chapters of the book. Reminder:  Your rough draft of your Argument Paper is due next Tuesday!

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Nov. 19

English 7:  Read p. 32 – 50 of Far North and write a Response #2 in your study guides– a) How do you feel about what happens to Clint? (Did he deserve it?),   b) What 5 items would you want to have with you if you ever found yourself in the situation Gabe and Raymond are now in. Explain.

 Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Nov. 20

English 7:  (Incentive Activity– periods 2-4)   Do Lesson 17 from the “Aliens and UFOs” Critical Reading Series set.  Reminder: Your rough draft of your Argument Paper is due next Tuesday!

Adv. Reading: Discuss writing an effective book review. Read two examples of book reviews and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Get the Book Review writing assignment (see handout for details).  Book review rough draft needs to be ready for typing in the lab and turning in on Dec. 1 (for 50 pts.), so that Mrs. Wood can edit it and students can go back to the lab on Dec. 2, fix their errors, and send the revised copy of their Book Review in an email to Mrs. Wood, to be posted on Mrs. Wood’s blog.

Nov. 23

English 7:  Discussing punctuating titles, and then doing the punctuation review Exercise 17 on p. 187 in the textbook.   REMINDER: YOUR ROUGH DRAFT OF YOUR ARGUMENT ESSAY IS DUE TOMORROW FOR THE PEER REVIEW ACTIVITY! 

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Nov. 24

English 7:  Peer Review Activity, using our rough drafts of our Argument Essays! Now everyone has until next Tuesday to make any revisions or improvements to their argument essays, based on the suggestions they received from their peers in the Peer Review activity, and then be ready to type the final copy in the lab.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!  REMINDER:  Get your Book Review rough draft written over the holiday break!  AND be up to PART 2 in Murder on the Orient Express by Monday!

***************HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!***************

Nov. 30

English 7: Correcting Exercise 17 from last Monday and handing it in. Reading Far North up to Ch. p in Far North and writing Response #3 in the study guide. Reminder:  We are typing our Argument Essay final copy in the lab tomorrow!

Adv. Reading:  Discussing Part 1 of Murder on the Orient Express.

Dec. 1

English 7:  Typing our final copy of our Argument Essays in the Lab.

Adv. Reading:  Typing our Book Reviews in the Lab and handing them in to Mrs. Wood for editing. (50 points!)


























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