(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom, and textbooks are available for check-out for missed textbook assignments.)

4th Quarter


Mar. 16

English 7:  Today we continued working in our groups, finishing reading/ taking notes on/ discussing our assigned chapters from Chew on This, and preparing our poster and class presentation of our chapter. Assignments were made within each group for bringing markers, glue, pictures, etc., for working on the poster tomorrow.

Adv. Reading: Today we went to the library to hear Mrs. Hall tell us about some new books, to participate in a “Book Pass” activity which introduced each of us to some books we may not have previously been aware of, and to check out books.

Mar. 17

English 7:  Finish preparing (and timing) our group presentations and posters on our assigned chapter from Chew on This.

Adv. Reading:  Daily Reading Points!

Mar. 18

English 7:  Group presentations! We had 10 minutes to get ready, and then all 5 groups presented their chapter-presentations from Chew on This. Everyone also handed in their Group Reading Guides that they took notes on, along with their posters.

Adv. Reading:  Today we read in I Am the Cheese up to p. 136 and did Journal Entry #6 which, again, was to determine What is past and what is present– the bike trip or the therapy sessions? We discussed what we knew and what we’d inferred up to this point, and after the revelations in today’s section of reading, we theorized more about what was really going on in this story.

Mar. 19

English 7:  We each filled out little Group-Work Evaluation forms, rating each of our Chew on This group members on their contribution to our group presentation.  Then we read the science-fiction story “Lose Now, Pay Later, a literary text with the similar themes of watching calories and not eating what is not good for you as our informational text of Chew on This. After reading, we answered questions about the story from the overhead.

Adv. Reading:  We read in I Am the Cheese up to p. 168 and wrote a Journal Entry #7 in our journals.

Mar. 20

English 7:  We did the Lesson #15 Vocabulary/ Editing/ Writing Prompt worksheet.

Adv. Reading:  Reading for Daily Reading Points, taking A.R. tests. getting Genre Passports stamped, etc.  Remember that you need to be done with your checked-out book (Tisha or House of the Scorpion) by next Thursday!

Mar. 23

English 7:  Today we started the novel Okay for Now in class. We got the study guide for the novel, and we read up to p. 21 in the book.

Adv. Reading:  DRP! (Remember to be done with Tisha or House of the Scorpion by Thursday!)

Mar. 24

English 7:  We discussed John Audubon, his life, his paintings, and his Birds of North America. Then we read in Okay for Now up to p. 45.

Adv. Reading: Students read as far as they could from p. 168 in I Am the Cheese  (Cheez-Its were distributed to fortify and sustain the readers!),  and tomorrow they will finish the book and answer questions for the final journal entry. 

Mar. 25  (Late-Start Day)

English 7: We read in Okay for Now to p. 69.

Adv. Reading: We finished reading I Am the Cheese, and we did a final journal entry from the overhead and handed in our journals. We also discussed the ending to clear up any confusion. Remember to be finished with Tisha or House of the Scorpion by tomorrow, and bring the book to class!

Mar. 26

English 7:  We wrote in our Okay for Now study guides about how Doug personally connected with both the paintings of the Red-Throated Divers and the Arctic Tern. Then we read up to p. 92 in the book.

Adv. Reading:  We were assigned small Book Forum groups to sit with today and discuss the book (Tisha or House of the Scorpion) we’d read for class. First we filled out the first half of a Book Forum Questions paper, responding about we felt about the book we’d read, and then we discussed in our groups how everyone felt about it, and we filled out the second half of the paper with the responses of the other members of our group. Then some of us filled our pages in our Genres Passports on the book we read, along with I Am the Cheese, and some of us turned the book in.

Mar. 27

English 7:  We did the Lesson #18 Vocabulary/ Editing/ Writing Prompt worksheet.

Adv. Reading: Daily Reading Points and AR testing!  We discussed the results of yesterday’s Book Forum discussions; students were complimented on their thoughtful and intelligent comments yesterday.  Advanced readers recognize when a book is worth reading, even if they don’t find it particularly enjoyable. And it’s always a great opportunity when we get to hear how others feel about a book we each experienced maybe a little differently. Today students were also reminded to hand in their books (Tisha or House of the Scorpion) and to fill out a Genres Passport page on that book and on I Am the Cheese and get their passports stamped, and also that they could complete Reader Response Forms on both books.


April 6

English 7:  Discussion of sentence fragments/ complete sentences. Then: Exercise 7 & 8, p. 718 in classroom textbooks.

Adv. Reading:  Daily Reading Points!

April 7

English 7: We read in Okay for Now to p. 120, and we wrote in our study guides about how Doug connected with the picture of the Puffins.

Adv. Reading: Today we were each issued a copy of Agatha Christie’s classic mystery novel, Murder on the Orient Express. We discussed the “detective mystery” genre, and we each got a Mystery Brochure that we are to fill out as we read the novel and hand in on May 7. We also got a language-translator bookmark to help us with some of the foreign-language terms in the book, and we read the first chapter of the book together. Now we are all to have read up to Part 2 by next Thursday.

April 8  (Late-Start Day!)

English 7:  We reviewed what we read about yesterday in Okay For Now. We also read about “Audubon’s Art and Methods” in our study guide, and then Mrs. Wood told us about the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, since it figures significantly into the story in Okay For Now. Then we read a bit more in the novel, up to p. 123.

Adv. Reading:  Daily Reading Points!

April 9

English 7: We read up to p. 146 in Okay For Now, and we wrote some in our study guides about what Doug was learning in his classes in school and about how Doug relates to the picture of the Gull.

Adv. Reading:  We got the Book Review assignment. We read a review online about To Kill A Mockingbird, and we read another review in our Write Source books about The Giver. We discussed what was strong and/or weak about the writing in the two book reviews. Then we were assigned to write an in-depth book review of our own (see handout for details) and to be ready to type it in the computer lab next Tuesday. The rest of the class was spent drafting our book reviews, stamping genres passports, reading, etc.

April 10

English 7:  Periods 1, 2, and 4 went to the Life Skills Conference.  Period 7 had a Reading Day and read their own books the whole period.

Adv. Reading:  Life Skills Conference.

April 13

English 7:  Discussed sentence fragments again, as well as comma spices and run-on sentences and how to fix them. Did Exercises 9 & 10 on p. 719-720 in the textbook together. Then did Exercise 11 on p. 720 on our own.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!  Remember to have your Book Review ready to type tomorrow in the lab, and to be up to Part 2 in Murder on the Orient Express by Thursday!

April 14

English 7: We reviewed what we’d read about in Okay For Now last time. We answered questions C, D, and F on the front of our study guides. Then we read up to p. 177 in the book and answered question F.

Adv. Reading: We went to the computer lab to type our Book Reviews (50 pts.) and turn them in to Mrs. Wood for editing.

April 15

English 7:  Today we took the English 7 Review Quiz, as a review and in preparation for next week’s Language Arts SAGE test. The last 15 minutes of class, we were able to get with a partner and compare answers.

Adv. Reading:  We went back to the lab, and Mrs. Wood gave us back our edited Book Reviews. We made the noted corrections on our saved Book Reviews, and then we sent our edited Book Reviews digitally to Mrs. Wood in an email attachment for 50 pts. Then we read for the rest of the period. Remember that everyone is to be up to PART 2 in Murder on the Orient Express by tomorrow!

April 16

English 7:  We corrected and discussed the grammar concepts in the English 7 Review Quiz and handed it in. Then we began the Practice Test #1, which we will finish, correct and hand in tomorrow. Reminder: the Qtr. 4 Reader Response Form is due in one month!

Adv. Reading:  On the overheard, Mrs. Wood showed us our Book Reviews that have been posted on the blog, and she let any students know whose emails / attachments have still failed to reach her. Then we discussed Part 1 of Murder on the Orient Express and looked at a diagram of the Callais Coach train car, as we took notes in our Mysteries Brochures. We also viewed a powerpoint about the Lindburg Baby Kidnapping and discussed how it related to the novel we are reading. Now everyone is to be up to Ch. 9 in PART 2 of the novel by next Thursday. Reminder:  the 3 Reader Response Forms for 4th Qtr. are due in one month!

April 17

English 7:  Finish Practice Test 1. Begin correcting  Practice Test 1. Put it back in folders to finish correcting on Monday.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

April 20

English 7:  Finish correcting Practice Test 1 and hand it in. Complete Practice Test 2.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

April 21

English 7:  Took 5-10 minutes to finish Practice Test #2. Looked at the SAGE Testing site on the overhead and went through a practice Language Arts test on that. Corrected Practice Test #2 and handed it in. Went through a powerpoint of Testing Vocabulary Review and some final instructions for tomorrow’s SAGE test.

Adv. Reading: Since the language in the novel we are currently reading (Murder on the Orient Express) is somewhat advanced and challenging, today we did a fun exercise on “Inflated English” using our advanced-vocabulary skills. It was worth 25 points and Smarties!

April 22  (Late Start Day!)

English 7:  Language Arts SAGE Test!

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

April 23

English 7:  Finish Language Arts SAGE Test!

Adv. Reading:  We were given the Book Talk assignment (see the blog’s “Assignment Archive” for details), due May 9. Then we looked at the Calais Coach overhead again, while we discussed the first 8 chapters of Part 2 in Murder on the Orient Express. Now everyone is to be done with Part 2 by next Thursday!  We also did some stamping of Genres Passports pages the last few minutes of class. *The due date for the Genres Passports has been put back a week to May 14.

April 24

English 7:  We reviewed the last reading section from Okay For Now and answered Question E. on our study guides. Then  we read up to p. 202 and wrote about how Doug connected to the pictures of the Yellow Shank and the Snowy Heron in our study guides. Some students also went to the Lab to finish the last few questions on their SAGE test.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

April 27

English 7:  We discussed the similarities between the Snowy Heron and the Yellow Shank pictures. We read in our study guides about the Vietnam War, and then we read in Okay For Now up to p. 227.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

April 28

English 7:  We read up to p. 254 in Okay For Now and wrote in our study guides about how Doug connects to the picture of the Fork-Tailed Petrels and more about what he is learning in all of his classes.

Adv. Reading:  Continuing with our studies in “advanced vocabulary,” today we used our advanced root-word knowledge to complete a fun puzzle-worksheet on “Phobias.”

April 29

English 7:  Today we looked at a due-date calendar for the next 2 weeks on the overhead. We reviewed the specifics of our upcoming Book Talks (May 12). We were reminded that our Reader Response form is due May 15, along with all Qtr. 4 make-up work. And then we got the English 7 Portfolio assignment (due May 11). We got the Portfolio List handout and went through that together, and we got our portfolios out and started compiling all of our work in there that we have saved from this class throughout the year. We also got assigned the “If I Were in Charge of the World” poem (due in the Portfolio on May 11), read a couple of versions of it, and worked on our own version. All portfolio folders were then taken home today by students.

Adv. Reading:  DRP and stamping Genres Passports.

April 30

English 7:  Read up to p. 276 in Okay for Now, along with the poem “Ozymandias,” by Percy B. Shelley, in the study guide.

Adv. Reading:  Discussed the second half of Part 2 in Murder on the Orient Express.  Then we looked at a Due-Dates-Calendar for the next 2 weeks on the overhead, and discussed all of our upcoming assignments. Then we read.

May 1

English 7:  Read up to p. 302 in Okay for Now, and wrote in study guide about to whom Doug relates the picture of the Brown Pelican.

 Adv. Reading:  DRP!

May 4

English 7:  We reviewed all of our up-coming due-dates, and everyone with books still checked out was reminded to turn them back in by Wednesday. We reviewed the last section that we read in Okay for Now, and then we read up to p. 324, and we wrote about how Doug relates to the picture of the Great Esquimaw Curlew.

Adv. Reading:  DRP and stamping of Genres Passports! (And we reviewed all upcoming due dates.)

May 5

English 7: Aaaaaaaannnd….. we’re back to the Tern! (Terrified! Falling! Life is out of control! Ahhhh!) Our book took a dramatic turn of events yesterday, didn’t it? Lil is sick. (And no, it’s not from eating pencils.) But we discussed today Doug’s journey, throughout this book, from always viewing things negatively to maintaining a more positive outlook about the future, and we were instructed to watch for signs of that in the rest of the book and not to jump to any negative conclusions, ourselves. We answered Question B in our study guides, and then we read from p. 324 as far as we could get in the book by the end of the period.

Adv. Reading: DRP and stamping of Genres Passports! (And all papers from this class were handed back.)

May 6

English 7: View the complete Audubon / Okay for Now power point, while listening to Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man.”  (This book really was about a thousand things, wasn’t it?)  Discuss well-constructed paragraphs, and then finish reading Okay For Now, write the 3 essays on the back of the study guide (using well-constructed paragraphs), and then hand in our study guides. Discuss the ending of the novel. BRING MARKERS or COLORED PENCILS to class TOMORROW! You will be coloring a bird picture!

Adv. Reading: DRP and stamping of Genres Passports!  Be finished with Murder on the Orient Express by tomorrow. Bring the book and your Mysteries brochure to class tomorrow!

May 7

English 7:  Hand back Okay for Now study guides– put these in your Portfolios!  And you can take home your Working Folders today, too! Review all of our upcoming due dates.  Select one of the coloring pictures of Audubon’s bird paintings, and color it. Then in recollection of all that Doug learned in one school year in Okay for Now, on the back of the picture, write a full page (assignment on overhead) about all that YOU have learned this school year– inside and outside of school, and then hand the paper in.

Adv. Reading:  Discuss Part 3 of Murder on the Orient Express. Write the Final Essay (Were the passengers on the train justified in carrying out their version of “justice”?) on the back panel of the brochure, and hand it in. Check in all of the copies of Murder on the Orient Express.  Review our calendar of upcoming due dates. BOOK TALKS are due TOMORROW!!!  Work on Book Talks with the time left.

May 8

English 7:  Pass back Audubon bird pictures. (You may put them in your Portfolios.) Review all of our upcoming due dates:  Portfolios are due Monday, Book Talks are due Tuesday, and Reader Response forms (and all Qtr. 4 make-up work) are due next Friday!!!  Remind students about the Overdrive book-checkout app (instructions on overhead), and that it allows book checkouts all summer!!!  Then do the Lesson #21 Vocabulary/ Editing/ Writing Prompt worksheet– our LAST vocabulary assignment!

Adv. Reading:  BOOK TALKS!  Remind students about the Overdrive book-checkout (instructions on overhead) app, and that it allows book checkouts ALL SUMMER!!!

May 11

English 7:  English 7 Portfolios are due!!!  After handing those in, students complete a lesson of their choice in the “Monsters” Critical Reading Series set and hand it in.  (Book Talks are tomorrow!  And Reader Response forms and all Qtr. 4 make-up work is due Friday!)

Adv. Reading: BOOK TALKS!  (Remind students that Genres Passports are due Thursday and Reader Response forms are due Friday!)

May 12

English 7:  BOOK TALKS!

Adv. Reading: BOOK TALKS!

May 13

English 7: BOOK TALKS!

Adv. Reading:  BOOK TALKS!  (Genres Passports are due tomorrow!!!)

May 14

English 7:  Finish up the rest of the BOOK TALKS. Discuss the famous American author Jack London, and start watching the film version of his novel, White Fang. Your Qtr. 4Reader Response form and ALL Qtr. 4 make-up work is due TOMORROW!!!

Adv. Reading:  Genres Passports are due!!! (Ice cream rewards based on completed passport pages!) Start watching the film version of our mystery novel, Murder on the Orient Express. Your 3 Reader Response forms are due TOMORROW!!!

May 15

English 7:  Qtr. 4 Reader Response form and ALL Qtr. 4 make-up work is due today!!!   Watching White Fang.

Adv. Reading:  Your 3 Reader Response forms are due today!!!  Watching Murder on the Orient Express.

May 18  (Awards Assemblies– 7th grade: 1st period))

English 7:  Watching White Fang. (1st period– 7th Grade Awards Assembly).

Adv. Reading:  Watching Murder on the Orient Express.

May 19  (Locker Checks 1st period)

English 7:  Finish watching White Fang.  (Period 4 & Period 7: crossword/word search puzzle.)

Adv. Reading: Finish watching Murder on the Orient Express.

May 20  (Lagoon Day Incentive-Activity!)

English 7:  (Period 1: Finish watching White Fang;  crossword/ word search puzzle.)

May 21  (Closing Assembly 1st period)

English 7:  Checking out of class and also with Mrs. Hall in the library. Watch a quick video promoting the Overdrive book-checkout app. Possibly hear book talks from Mrs. Wood.

Adv. Reading: Checking out of class. Watch a quick video promoting the Overdrive book-checkout app. Possibly hear book talks from Mrs. Wood.

May 22  (YEARBOOKS!)

Have a great summer, everybody!!!