(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom or under “Make-Up Assignment Archive” on this blog, and textbooks are available for check-out, if necessary,  for missed textbook assignments.)


Aug. 23

English 7:  We received and discussed the class disclosure statements. They are to be returned SIGNED by Friday for 20 points!  We also introduced ourselves to the class.

Adv. Reading:   We received and discussed the class disclosure statements. They are to be returned SIGNED by Friday for 20 points!  We also introduced ourselves to the class.

Creative Writing:  We received and discussed the class disclosure statements. They are to be returned SIGNED by Friday for 20 points!  We also introduced ourselves to the class.

Aug. 24

English 7:  We looked at the Reader Response Form on the blog and discussed all that was asked on it, and we went through the due date (Oct . 19) and the procedure for turning that in for 100 points. (And we learned that we could do a second Reader Response form for extra credit, if we wanted to.) Then we discussed how we each improved in our writing last year in school. We discussed what it was that made writing good. We looked at a couple of examples of student writing and identified what was strong or weak in each. Then we learned about the 6 Traits of Good Writing and received a handout detailing the 6 Traits.

Adv. Reading:  We looked at the Qtr. 1 Reader Response form online and went through all of it so everyone knew how to fill it out this quarter. Three books must be read and three forms filled out by Oct. 19, for 100 points, each. Then we started a Response Journal for the new novel that we are going to be reading, Airborn, and we did the first entry in the journal:  What do you know about pirates?

Creative Writing:  We wrote an Auto-Bio Poem that “introduced” us to the class, and we cut it out and glued it on colored paper to be displayed in the room. Some of us shared out poem with the class for extra credit. Mrs. Wood also talked to us about editing and revising (which is what REAL writers always do), and she told us about visiting the Anne Frank house this summer and seeing Anne’s diary and journal pages, which happened to be full of Anne’s crossed-out lines and re-written, REVISED lines. She was a born writer!

Aug. 25

English 7:  Review the 6 Traits of Good Writing, and look at 5 pieces of student writing and discusshow they are effective or ineffective and in which of the 6 Traits they are strong or weak.

Adv. Reading:  Discuss Friday and Monday Daily Reading Points. (Bring a book tomorrow and Monday!) Students are each issued a copy of the novel  Airborn.  Begin reading it together; students are instructed to be up to Ch. 6 by Sept. 7.

Creative Writing:  Discuss ADJECTIVES– the building block of writing!  Talk about how one adjective– one word– is powerful and communicate so much. Choose an adjective that describes a significant part of your personality, and use it to write an “Explain Yourself” Poem. (Explain tomorrow’s Writer’s Choice Day.)

Aug. 26

English 7:   District CIPA (internet safety) Training.

Adv. Reading: Daily Reading Points (DRP), and fire drill.

Creative Writing:  District CIPA (internet safety) training.

Aug. 29

English 7: Today we looked at the blog and discussed the Daily Assignment Tracker and the Make-Up Assignment archive, which we can use to find out what we missed in class when we are absent. Then we discussed capitalization and reviewed the concept, and we did the classroom textbook Exercise #1 on p. 766 on capitalization and handed it in.

Adv. Reading: DRP! (And we discussed tomorrow’s computer lab assignment to look up and review and rate 5 authors’ websites.)

Creative Writing: We discussed the benefits of writing prompts and journal writing, and we did Journal Writing Prompt #1.

Aug. 30

English 7:  We filled out a Personal Questionnaire packet about ourselves today.

Adv. Reading:  We went to the computer lab to review 5 authors’ websites, and we completed the Author-Websites Scorecard handout on them.

Creative Writing:  We had a Writer’s Choice Day (WCD) today!

Aug. 31

English 7: Going to the library to check out books and to hear from Mrs. Hall, the librarian, about the school’s library procedures.

Adv. Reading: Going to the library to check out books.

Creative Writing:  We discussed adjectives again, along with alliteration. Then we completed a fun exercise combining Alliteration and Adjectives. Then we talked about how writers often participate in “creative eavesdropping,” really noticing and observing everything that is really going on around them in order to be able to write about it effectively. Everyone was assigned to stop and observe for 10-15 minutes between now and tomorrow’s class– to really notice and even take notes on everything they are able to take in using their 5 senses, so that tomorrow we can Describe the Moment effectively in writing.

Sept. 1

English 7:  We did some evaluating for the 6 Write Traits, and filled out an evaluation form on several pieces of writing that we read and evaluated.

Adv. Reading:  Mrs. Wood gave us several book talks today of books she recommended. then we read.

Creative Writing:  We reviewed yesterday’s homework assignment (to silently sit and observe for 10-15 minutes), and then we Described the Moment in writing! Then we finished up our Alliteration/Adverbs worksheet, and se handed both assignments in.

Sept. 2

English 7: We did the Vocabulary/ Editing/Writing Prompt Lesson #1.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Creative Writing: WCD!

Sept. 6 (substitute)

English 7:  We read the first chapter of the novel A Wrinkle in Time.

Adv. Reading: DRP!

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt #2.

Sept. 7 (substitute)

English 7: We read Ch. 2 of A Wrinkle in Time.

Advanced Reading: DRP!

Creative Writing: WCD!

Sept. 8

English 7: Today we got the big Qtr. 1 writing assignment, which is to write a narrative paper about an experience we’ve had with fear. (See the blog post for details.) The rough draft is due Sept. 15 for 50 points.

Adv. Reading:  Discuss chapters 1-6 of Airborn.  Write Response #2 (What would be so great about traveling in airships?, and Why do we not travel in them anymore today?) in our Airborn Response Journals. Watch a video clip of the Hindenburg disaster. Create/draw our own “cloud cat” creature.  Now everyone is to be up to Ch. 12 by next Wed.!

Creative Writing:  Take a look at many different poems on the overhead, discussing their genres and unique qualities. Then spend time writing poetry. We will also be writing tomorrow. Have at least 2 poems (one rhyming, one not) ready for peer review and typing by next Tuesday.

Sept. 9

English 7: We assigned some class jobs today, passed out our class folders, and passed back some corrected assignments. Mrs. Wood told us about the school “Reflections” contest (25 extra credit points in English if a student enters in the Literature category– by Oct. 19!), and then we did the Lesson #2 Vocabulary worksheet. Don’t forget to get your Fear Paper rough draft written!

Adv. Reading: We finished our “cloud cat” creature pictures and handed them in. Then we read.

Creative Writing:  We read one more poem– “Volcanic Activity in My Backyard,” and then we continued writing our poems. Mrs. Wood told us about possibly sending one of our poems online to a Poetry Contest when we go to the lab next Wed., and she told us about the school “”Reflections” contest which we ALL have to enter in the Literature category (as an assignment for this class) by Oct. 19.

Sept. 12

English 7:  Discuss more about capitalization. Do Exercise #2 on p. 769 in the textbook. Don’t forget to get your Fear Paper rough draft written!

Adv. Reading: DRP! Remember to be up to Ch. 12 in Airborn by Wed.!

Creative Writing: Journal writing-prompt #3 –a color poem in the style of Mary O’Neill!. (Read 2 poems from Mary O’ Neill’s Hailstones and Halibut Bones.) Bring your 2 other poems for Peer Review tomorrow! We also discussed the binder that was listed on our class disclosure statement for our portfolio– please bring this by Thursday!

Sept. 13

English 7: We reviewed the first 2 chapters of A Wrinkle in Time, we answered some questions in our Wrinkle in Time study guide, and we read Ch. 3. *Rough draft of “Fear” Paper due Thursday!!!

Adv. Reading: Today we got the Recommended Books List assignment, which is to come up with a list of 10 books (or series) that we love and would recommend to other students, prepare  a little description or passage about each one, and be ready to type all of this in “Comments” under the coordinating post on Mrs. Wood’s blog next Tuesday. (Details will be available on the blog next week.) *Be up to Ch. 12 in Airborn by tomorrow!

Creative Writing: We had a Peer Review session on our poems, in which we each passed two of our poems around to let others read them and comment on them, giving us some positive feedback and some suggestions for improvement. We may now revise any of our poems, if we wish, but we must be ready to typed the final copies in the lab and hand them in tomorrow. (We may also enter an online poetry contest tomorrow, if we want to.) Bring your portfolio binder by Thursday!

Sept. 14. (Late-Start Day)

English 7: Read Ch. 4 in A Wrinkle in TimeROUGH DRAFT OF “FEAR” PAPER IS DUE TOMORROW FOR 50 POINTS!!!

Adv. Reading: Discuss Ch. 6-12 of Airborn. Do Journal Response #3. Write a poem entitled “The One That Fell,” echoing the chapter from the novel. Now everyone is to be up to Ch. 18 by next Thursday!

Creative Writing: Go to the lab to type and hand in two poems (one rhyming, one not). Optional: enter an online poetry contest. Bring binder to class tomorrow!

Sept. 15

English 7:  Peer Review Activity, in which we pass around our “Fear” Paper rough drafts to be reviewed and commented on by 6 other students in the class.

Adv. Reading:  Visiting speaker and former Titan Sarah Calvert will talk to us about the writing she has done and about how one can self- publish a novel. We will also finish up our “One That Fell” poems.

Creative Writing: Visiting speaker Sarah Calvert will talk to us about the writing she has done and about how to go about self-publishing your novels. We will get back some previously graded work and begin putting together our writing portfolios (binder, cover page, poetry, journal-writing, etc.).

Sept. 16

English 7:  We finished the Peer Review, and hand back rough drafts to owners. Now everyone has until Monday to make any changes, improvements, or revisions to their rough drafts, based on their peers’ suggestions; bring it all back on Monday, so that we can go to the Lab to type the final copy. We also looked at and got a handout on the MLA typing format that we will be using to type this paper on Monday. Then we discussed VOICE in first-person narrative writing, and we read a story by Gary Paulson, “Girls,” that was a good example of this.  *Reminder: Your Qtr. 1 Reader Response Form is due in about a month!

Adv. Reading: DRP! (Remember to have your Recommended Books Lists ready to type by Tuesday!)

Creative Writing: WCD! And finish putting together our writing portfolios and/or entering the online poetry contest.  *Reminder:  Midterm journal-check next Monday!

Sept. 19

English 7:  Go to the lab to begin typing the final copy our “Fear” Paper, using MLA formatting.

Adv. Reading: DRP! (Be ready to type your Recommended Books Lists tomorrow!)

Creative Writing:    Midterm journal-check!  And journal writing-prompt #4!

Sept. 20

English 7:  We went back to the lab to continue typing our “Fear” Papers, and we covered how to Spellcheck and Grammar-check our papers. Extra -credit was available to those who finished early.

Adv. Reading: We went to the lab to type and post our Recommended Books Lists in “comments” on the accompanying post on Mrs. Wood’s blog. Some of us also posted the additional comment to one of our peers concerning what we thought of THEIR list.

Creative Writing:  Today we looked at an overhead and discussed short stories and what is involved in writing great ones, and we read some examples (“Spelling Bee,” “After Twenty Years,” “Zoo,” and “The Elevator”), and we looked at an overhead about brainstorming for  writing short stories. Now everyone is to write TWO short stories in TWO different genres to be ready for peer-editing by next Wednesday.

Sept. 21

English 7:  Finish typing and hand in the “Fear” Narrative Paper. Mrs. Nielsen also explained how to access our student email and the school website and teacher blogs. Extra-credit was available for students finishing early.

Adv. Reading:  Finish up Books Lists and Comments, using the computers in Mrs. Wood’s room.

Creative Writing:  Brainstorming / writing short stories.

Sept. 22

English 7:  Reading A Wrinkle in Time, ch. 5.

Adv. Reading:  Discussing chapters 12-18 of Airborn and writing Journal entry #4. Now everyone is to have finished reading the book by next Tuesday. Handed out Book Fair flyers.

Creative Writing:  Writing short stories.

Sept.  23

English 7:  Vocabulary worksheet Lesson #3.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Creative Writing:  WCD!

Sept. 26

English 7:  Discuss more about capitalization, and do the Capitalization Review Exercise 4 on p. 771-772 in the textbook. Handed out Book Fair flyers.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!  *Be done with Airborn by tomorrow!

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt #5.

Sept. 27

English 7: Correct Ex. 4. Then read Ch. 6 of A Wrinkle in Time.

Adv. Reading:  Discuss final chapters of Airborn, and do Final Essay Journal entry. Hand in copies of Airborn.

Creative Writing:  Writing short stories.

Sept. 28 (Early Out)

English 7:  Read Ch. 7 of A Wrinkle in Time.

Adv. Reading:  Discuss Kenneth Oppel’s other works. Then begin the “Book of Choice” unit by selecting one of three books to read on own and be finished with by Nov. 3.  (Books will  be checked out to students during this unit.)

Creative Writing: Peer Review of 2 short stories.

Sept. 29

English 7: Read Ch. 8 of A Wrinkle in Time, and do the “postcard” from Father in the study guide.

Adv. Reading:  DRP– jump-start reading day on “Book of Choice.”

Creative Writing:  WCD– make any revisions to short stories, based on reviews from peers, before we go to type the final copies of them tomorrow in the lab.

Sept. 30

English 7: Lesson #5 Vocabulary worksheet.

Adv. Reading: DRP!

Creative Writing:  Go to the lab to type and hand in  final copies of stories.






























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