(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom or under “Make-Up Assignment Archive” on this blog, and textbooks are available for check-out, if necessary,  for missed textbook assignments.)

3RD Quarter

Jan. 17

English 7:   Today we got new seating charts. We switched things around in our classroom folders. We were assigned new class jobs. We reviewed the 3rd Qtr. Reader Response Form (due Mar. 10 for 100 points!). And we discussed subjects and predicates in sentences and did Exercise 1 on p. 713 in the textbook.

Adv. Reading:  Today we went through the class disclosure statement (due tomorrow– signed– for 20 points), we looked at Mrs. Wood’s blog and reviewed the Qtr. 3 Reader Response Form (3 due by March 10 for 100 points each!), and we introduced ourselves to the class.

Jan. 18

English 7:  Today we read Ch. 9-14 of Crispin and wrote Summary #3 in our study guides.

Adv. Reading: We turned in disclosure statements, and we reviewed what to do in our various school drills (fire, earthquake, lockdown). Then we went to the library to hear a presentation about books from Mrs. Hall, and then we checked out books and read.

Jan. 19

English 7:  Read Ch. 15-19 in Crispin, and do Summary #4 in our study guides.

Adv. Reading:  Watch a presentation about dystopian books from Mrs. Hall, and then read.

Jan. 20

English 7:  Do the Lesson #12 Vocabulary/ Editing/ Writing Prompt worksheet.

Adv. Reading:  Read all period for Daily Reading Points (DRP) day!

Jan. 23

English 7:  Review argument writing. Discuss using text evidence— read an article about whether kids should play football, and write an argument essay, as a class, on the topic, using text evidence from the article.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!  And we looked at the website of Kenneth Oppel.

Jan. 24

English 7:  An article called “Is Technology Destroying Our Friendships” was handed out to everyone, and then students each wrote their own argument essay, using text evidence from the article to support their argument.

Adv. Reading:  We went to the computer lab to explore the websites of 5 different authors and then rate those 5 websites on the “Authors’ Websites Scorecard” worksheet. We rated them on how interesting, informative, and engaging each of them were.

Jan. 25  (Late-Start Day)

English 7:  Finished writing the argument essay on Technology Killing Friendships. Did a quick self-review, and then handed it in.

Adv. Reading:  Mrs. Wood offered extra credit to any student that did a Reader Recommendation Poster for the English Fair. We discussed the newly announced Newberry-winning book for this year (The Girl Who Drank the Moon). Then we heard some book talks from Mrs. Wood.

Jan. 26

English 7:  Reminder:  All English Fair projects (for extra credit!) are due in 2 weeks!  Mrs. Wood read us a few examples of wining literary entries from our school’s literary magazines from previous years’ English Fairs. Then we reviewed the components of an argument essay. Then we got some articles about bullying in schools which we read and underlined, and then we wrote an argument essay on the topic, to be finished and handed in by the end of class tomorrow. Our essays from yesterday were also handed back, and Mrs. Wood conferenced with some students individually regarding improvements that needed to be made to those essays.

Adv. Reading:  Each student was issued a copy of the novel Airborn. We made a response journal for the novel, and we wrote our first response in it. (What do I know about pirates?) Then we read some of the first chapter together. Now everyone is to be up to Ch. 6 by next Wed.!

Jan. 27

English 7:  Finish writing our argument essay on bullying in our school, and then hand it in. Those finished early may read.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Jan. 30

English 7:  Going to the lab to explore the Interim WRITING test for Language Arts, to practice argument-essay writing online.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Jan. 31

English 7: Mrs. Wood read another English Fair-winning story from a previous year’s Titan’s Write magazine and reminded us that we only have a week and 2 days left before all English Fair entries are due. Then we read in Crispin up to Ch. 25 and did our Summary #5 in our study guides.

Adv. Reading: Today we got the Recommended Books List assignment, which is to respond (in Comments) to the post on Mrs. Wood’s blog with a list of 10 books we love and would recommend to the others in our class. We will do this next Tuesday. We used the rest of class today to prepare our lists.

Feb. 1

English 7:  Read up to Ch. 30 in Crispin, and do Summary #6 in our study guides.

Adv. Reading:  Discuss Ch. 1-5 in Airborn, and do a Response #2 in our Response Journals. Watch a video clip of the Hindenburg disaster, and discuss the merits and risks of airship travel. Then create/ draw a creature (similar to the “cloud cats” in Airborn) and describe its unique habits and habitat. Hand it in. Now everyone is to be up to Ch. 12 in Airborn by next Thursday!

Feb. 2

English 7:  Get the Middle Ages Research Report assignment (see the blog post). Discuss plagiarism, along with voice in informational writing. Then spend some time researching and taking notes for our reports, using Chrome book tablets.

Adv. Reading:  Finish our “cloud cat” creature pictures. Then read.

Feb. 3

English 7:  Vocab. Lesson #13 worksheet.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Feb. 6

English 7:  Thursday is the last day to turn in an English Fair project for extra credit!!!  Register for 8th grade / Read in Crispin to Ch. 34 and do Summary #7.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Feb. 7

English 7:  Discuss formatting of the Middle Ages research report. Discuss citing sources on a Bibliography page. Use the classroom Chrome books to do more research / take notes on the Middle Ages for our reports.  The rough draft of the Middle Ages research report is due Feb. 13 for our Peer Review activity for 50 points!!!

Adv. Reading: Use the classroom Chrome books to post our Reader Recommendation Lists in ” Comments” on Mrs. Wood’s blog.

Feb. 8  (Late Start Day)

English 7:  “Rescued” Critical Reading Series Lesson #12.

Adv. Reading: Post a comment about one of our peers’ Reader Recommendation Lists on the blog, using the computers in our classroom. And read!

Feb. 9

English 7: Discuss prepositions and complete the Prepositions worksheet. (“To / Too” overhead exercise also available for extra credit!)  English Fair projects are due TODAY for extra credit!

Adv. Reading:  Discuss Ch. 6-11 of Airborn, and write Response #3 in our Response Journals.  Write a poem entitled “The One That Fell,” and hand it in. Now be up to Ch. 18 by next Wednesday!

Feb. 10

English 7: Read in Crispin to Ch. 38 and do Summary #8 in our study guides.  Rough drafts of the Middle Ages reports are due Monday for 50 points!!!  (And your Reader Response Form is due in 1 month!)

Adv. Reading:  DRP! (And your 3 Reader Response Forms are due in 1 month!)

Feb. 13

English 7:  Peer Review activity using our Middle Ages Report rough drafts! Now, you have tonight to make any revisions to your reports that you want to make, based on the suggestions of your peers. Bring everything back tomorrow to type the final copies in the computer lab.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Feb. 14

English 7: Typing our final copies of our Middle Ages reports in the computer lab.

Adv. Reading:  Valentine’s Day romance-novels word search puzzle!

Feb. 15

English 7:  Finish typing / hand in Middle Ages Report.

Adv. Reading:  Discuss chapters 12-18 of Airborn, and write Response #4 in our Response Journals. Then read. Everyone should now be finished with the novel by next Wednesday!

Feb. 16

English 7:  Discuss instructions for next Tuesday’s English Fair procedures, and do Vocabulary Lesson #15 worksheet.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Feb. 21

English 7:  English Fair!!!

Adv. Reading:  DRP! (Remember to be finished with Airborn by tomorrow and to bring the book to class.)

Feb. 22  (Early Out for Parent/Teacher Conferences)

English 7:  English Fair!!!

Adv. Reading:  Discuss the ending of Airborn, and write Final Essay in our Response Journals. Turn in the book, and hand in the Response Journals.

Feb. 23

English 7: Read in Crispin up to Ch. 42, and do Summary #9 in our study guides.

Adv. Reading: Select a book (House of the Scorpion or Tisha or Lost  in the River of Grass) to read for the Book of Choice unit, and begin reading.

Feb. 24

English 7:  Vocabulary Lesson #18 worksheet.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!









































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