(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom or under “Make-Up Assignment Archive” on this blog, and textbooks are available for check-out, if necessary,  for missed textbook assignments.)

2nd Quarter

Oct. 31

English 7:   Review the due date for the Qtr. 2 Reader Response Form– Jan. 6 (for 100 points).  Discuss the components of writing “well-constructed paragraph,” including writing complete sentences, avoiding slang, and not using “garbage lines.” Discuss the purpose of argument writing and how to write a strong, well-constructed argument paragraph. Read an article about “Security Cameras in School,” and write an argument paragraph based on your opinion about that issue. Some of us may share their paragraphs with the class. Then look at a power point reviewing some of our responses for the argument piece we previously wrote, “Is Bullying a Problem in Our School?” and discuss what was strong or could be stronger in those responses.

Adv. Reading:  Review the due date for the Qtr. 2 Reader Response Forms– 3 due by Jan. 6 (for 300 points).  Then we got a “genres” requirement for 2nd quarter, and we were given a Genres Passport in which we are to keep record of 6 different books from 6 different genres that we read this quarter. We also got a list of the literary genres, and we discussed them all to make sure that everyone understood what classifies a novel as a particular genre. We filled out the first page of our Passports, and we left them in the box in the classroom.  Then we read for Daily Reading Points (DRP).

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt #10.

Nov. 1

English 7:  We reviewed writing argument paragraphs. We wrote an argument paragraph together about “Magnetic Attraction Locker Organizers,” and discussed using text evidence for our support and proof of our argument claim. Then we discussed paying attention to audience and purpose of our argument writing, and we wrote an argument paragraph on our own entitled “The Perfect Meal.”  Some of us shared individual sentences from our argument paragraph with the class. Then we discussed explanatory writing. We wrote an explanatory paragraph together on “Objects in Space.”

Adv. Reading:  Read in I Am the Cheese from p. 90 to  p. 118 and write Response #5 in our Journals.

Creative Writing: Discuss the components of effective literary essays. Read examples, “That’s Cheez with a Z,” “The Sting of Lying,” and “Finding My Family” (p. 150 of Writer’s Inc.).  Pass out handout with four more examples to read, and do some brainstorming for writing literary essays– 2 due by next Tuesday for Peer Review. (Typing final copies next Thursday.)

Nov. 2

English 7:  Review explanatory paragraph writing and how it is different from argument writing. Read the article “How Snowflakes Are Formed” and underline the steps as you read. Then write an explanatory paragraph on our own about “How Snowflakes Are Formed.” Then turn in the paragraphs on “The Perfect Meal” and “How Snowflakes Are Formed.”  Discuss again the differences between explanatory and argument paragraphs. Then discuss the mastery argument-paragraph writing assignment and the article about “The Deformed Frogs of Le Fleur County.” Students write the argument paragraph about the article. (This is worth 50 points, so use your BEST writing! Use a pencil, so revision is possible later!)

Adv. Reading:  Read up to p. 135 in I Am the Cheese, and write Response #6 in Journal, answering the question again, “What is the past, and what is the present in this story?”

Creative Writing:  Writing our literary essays.

Nov. 3

English 7:  Finish up “Deformed Frogs” paragraph (10-15 minutes). Then look at previous student writing on the “Deformed Frogs” Remediation Power Point, and discuss what is strong in the writing and what could be stronger. Make any desired revisions to our own paragraphs afterwards (5-10 minutes), and then hand them in.

Adv. Reading:  Get into groups for our Book Forum discussion activity, using our novel from the “Book of Choice” unit. Hand in the book and also the Book Forum Questions paper.

Creative Writing:  Writing our literary essays.

Nov. 4

English 7:  Vocabulary/ Editing/ Writing Prompt Lesson #9 worksheet.

Adv. Reading:  Daily Reading Points (DRP)!

Creative Writing:  Writer’s Choice Day (WCD)!  (Work on literary essays?)

Nov. 7

English 7:  Discuss apostrophes, and do Exercise 10 on p. 783 in the textbook.  Bring markers or colored pencils to class tomorrow!

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt #11. Have your 2 essays ready tomorrow for Peer Review!!!

Nov. 8

English 7:   Discuss “argument paragraphs”  that we’ve been working on and how we extend those into argument essays.  An argument essay (“School Daze”) will be passed out to all of us, and we will use colored pencils or markers to color code the various required components within it of an effective argument essay. Then we each will get an argument essay template with some articles about “Athletes Charging Fans for Autographs,” and we will be assigned to read the articles and underline any especially good lines or quotes that support our own opinion on the topic, that we might want to use when we write our own argument essay on the issue tomorrow.

Adv. Reading:  Read in I Am the Cheese from p. 136 to 168, and do Response #7.

Creative Writing:  Peer Review of Literary Essays!  (Now make any revisions or improvements to your essays, based on your peers’ comments, and have them ready to type the final version on Thursday!)

Nov. 9  (Late-Start Day)

English 7:  Writing our argument essays on “Athletes Charging Fans for Autographs.”

Adv. Reading:  Finish reading I Am the Cheese, and do final Journal entry #8.

Creative Writing:  Discuss naming literary characters and how authors often create names with memorable sounds or that allude to something about a character’s personality or physical description.  Students each come up with 15 such character names.

Nov. 10

English 7:  Finish writing argument essays. Do a quick partner peer-review on them, and hand them in.

Adv. Reading:  Finish Journal Response #8. Discuss the ending of I Am the Cheese as a class, and hand in our Response Journals.

Creative Writing:  Typing our literary essays in the computer lab, and then handing them in.

Nov. 11

English 7:  Vocabulary Lesson #10.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Creative Writing:  WCD!

Nov. 14

English 7:  Discuss hyphens and review apostrophes, colons, and semicolons, and then do Exercises 11 & 12 on p. 783-784 in the textbook.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt # 12.  (Be ready for a Journal Check next Monday!)

Nov. 15

English 7:  Correct and hand in the Exercises from yesterday.  Then review the required components of the argument essay, and discuss NOT “cluttering up” the claim statement or the 3 reason statements. Hand out the 2nd Qtr. Writing Assignment, which is to write an argument essay from 3 choices. (Rough draft due for Peer Review next Tuesday– 50 points!) Discuss the 3 possibilities and effective claim statements/ reasons for each. Look at an overhead on Using Text Evidence to Support Your Argument, and discuss ways  to acquire support and text evidence for your argument for this essay. Then we began drafting out essays / discussing the issues and polling our peers in the class. (See blog post for further details.)

Adv. Reading:  Discuss the mystery genre, and the sub-genre of detective mysteries. Get the Mysteries Brochure for taking notes in, and the Language Translator Bookmark, and a copy of Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie will be checked out to everyone. Read the first chapter together. Now everyone is to be up to Part 2 by Dec. 1.

Creative Writing:  Discuss the importance of setting in writing, and what details make effective settings. Read some examples from Star Wars; The Return of the JediThe Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, “Lake Powell” by Bailey Love,  and discuss the setting details. Then students read “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury, and list effective lines from the story that detail setting, commenting on what works in each line. Share some lines at the end of class. Students are then assigned to create a setting for an imaginary world tonight to write about in great setting-details tomorrow.

Nov. 16

English 7:  We started the novel Far North by Will Hobbs today, and we read the first 3 chapters.

Adv. Reading:  DRP! (Wednesday has been added as a reading day to give us extra time to get  through the challenging text in our new novel, Murder on the Orient Express.)

Creative Writing:  A paper was passed out for use to write up our detailed description of the setting of the imaginary world we came up with. We handed the paper in at the end of class.

Nov. 17

English 7:  Discuss the traditional story plotline and its various parts, and about where we were, so far, on the plotline in our new Far North novel (– the “exposition”). Then make our study guide to use for this novel, and write a Response #1 in it– What Do I Know About Canada?  Share what we know about Canada as a class. Then read the next 2 chapters of the book. Reminder:  Your rough draft of your Argument Paper is due next Tuesday!

Adv. Reading:  Discuss writing an effective book review. Read two examples of book reviews and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Get the Book Review writing assignment (see handout for details).  Book review rough draft needs to be ready for typing in the lab and turning in on Nov. 29 (for 50 pts.), so that Mrs. Wood can edit it and students can go back to the lab on Nov. 30, fix their errors, and send the revised copy of their Book Review in an email to Mrs. Wood, to be posted on Mrs. Wood’s blog.

Creative Writing: Discuss “fractured” fairy tales.  Look at “The Paper Bag Princess” on overhead, along with some other printed versions of fractured fairy tales.  Brainstorm using a list of familiar fairy tales on overhead, and write an original fractured fairy tale of our own. Include a cover-illustration page (provided by Mrs. Wood), stapled on the front of our fairy tale.  Fairy Tale is due next Tuesday.

Nov. 18    (Incentive Activity– 2nd- 4th periods)

English 7:  Aliens and UFOs Lesson #17. Rough of Argument Essay Paper is due TUESDAY for Peer Review– 50 points!

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Creative Writing:  WCD!  (Journal Check on Monday!)

Nov. 21

English:  Read p. 32 – 50 of Far North and write a Response #2 in your study guides– a) How do you feel about what happens to Clint? (Did he deserve it?),   b) What 5 items would you want to have with you if you ever found yourself in the situation Gabe and Raymond are now in. Explain. Rough of Argument Essay Paper is due TOMORROW for Peer Review– 50 points!

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt # 13, and Midterm Journal Check (for prompts 9-13)– 50 points!

Nov. 22

English 7:  Peer Review activity (50 points) , using rough drafts of Argument Essay Papers! Now everyone is to take their papers home for revision, and then bring them back next Tuesday to type the final copy for 100 points.

Adv. Reading:  Work on Book Review and/ or DRP! 

Creative Writing:  Finish Fractured Fairy Tale and hand it in!

——————Happy Thanksgiving!!!———————————-

Nov. 28

English 7:  Discuss writing dialogue and using quotation marks, and do Exercises 13 and 14, p. 785 in the textbook. Bring your Argument Essay Paper tomorrow to type the final copy in the Lab!

Adv. Reading: DRP! (Typing your Book Review in the Lab tomorrow– 50 points!)  Be up to Part 2 in Murder on the Orient Express by Thursday!

Creative Writing: Journal Writing-Prompt #14.

Nov. 29

English 7:   Discuss formatting of Argument Essay Paper. Then go to the computer lab to type the final copy of our Argument Essay.

Adv. Reading:  Go to the computer lab to type and print our in-depth Book Reviews (50 points)and hand them in to Mrs. Wood for editing.

Creative Writing:  My-Future-Novel Project:  we discussed how most of us had little “idea-novels” working in our brains all the time, and we discussed all that was involved in writing a novel. Then Mrs. Wood assigned the My Future Novel Project to inspire and motivate us to BEGIN that novel! (See the blog post for details.) We went through the 5 parts of the project, and then we discussed the PLANNING of a storyline, as we looked at an overhead of the story plotline of the Cinderella story, and then we took out some paper and did some brainstorming for our own novel ideas.

Nov. 30

English 7:  Go to the lab to finish typing our Argument Essay final copies and hand them in. Extra-credit opportunity in the lab will be available to those finishing early.

Adv. Reading:  Go to the lab to make editing corrections to our Book Reviews. Then email them to Mrs. Wood (50 points), along with a color choice for the font, for publishing onto her blog.

Creative Writing:   Novel project:  continue the plotline-planning and brainstorming for our Future Novel. The “Overall Plan” worksheet was also handed out for us to fill out.

Dec. 1

English 7:  Read in Far North up to p. 63, and do Response #3 (Write about the coldest you’ve ever been!) in our study guides.

Adv. Reading:  Discuss Part 1 of Murder on the Orient Express. Look at a power point on the famous Lindburgh baby kidnapping case and discuss the connection to the novel. Now everyone is to be up to Ch. 8 in Part 2 by next Thursday.

Creative Writing:  My Future Novel Project:  Hand out the Table of Contents form for everyone to complete after completing the Overall Plan worksheet.

Dec. 2

English 7:  Correct the textbook grammar exercises from Monday and hand them in. Then do Vocabulary Lesson #11 worksheet.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Creative Writing:  WCD!

Dec. 5

English 7:  Period 1–Discuss verbs (action, linking, and helping), and do Exercise 2 on p. 714 in the textbook.   Periods 3,4,6– Discuss punctuating titles, and do the overall punctuation review Exercise 17 on p, 787 in textbook.

Adv. Reading: DRP!

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt # 15.

Dec. 6

English 7:  Read in Far North chapters 9 and 10.

Adv. Reading:  “Inflated English” activity / worksheet.

Creative Writing:  My Future Novel Project–  Writing our Chapter One or working on our Book Jacket.

Dec. 7

English 7: Read in Far North chapter 11, and do Response #4  (Write about a time when YOU made the wrong decision) in the study guide.

Adv. Reading: DRP!

Creative Writing:  Novel Project-  Working on Chapter One or Book Jacket.

Dec. 8

English 7: Discuss writing haikus! Look at some examples, and write 3 winter haikus of our own in our Far North study guides.

Adv. Reading: Discuss the first 8 chapters of Part 2 of Murder on the Orient Express. Now everyone is to be up to Part 3 by next Thursday!

Creative Writing: Novel Project– Working on Chapter One or Book Jacket.

Dec. 9

English 7:  Vision testing / Read “The Christmas Day Hunt,” p. 354 in textbook and answer questions.

Adv. Reading: DRP!

Creative Writing:  WCD!





































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