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(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom or under “Assignment Archive” on this blog, and textbooks are available for check-out, if necessary,  for missed textbook assignments.)

1st Quarter

Aug. 25

English 7:  We went through the class disclosure statement together and then took it home to be signed. Then we did class introductions.

Adv. Reading:  We went through the class disclosure statement together and then took it home to be signed. Then we did some class introductions.

Aug. 26

English 7:  We discussed how we each improved in our writing last year in school. We discussed what it was that made writing good. We looked at a couple of examples of student writing and identified what was strong or weak in each. Then we learned about the 6 Traits of Good Writing and received a handout detailing the 6 Traits.

Adv. Reading:  We looked at some release dates for some novels that are coming out soon that a lot of us are looking forward to. Then we looked at the Qtr. 1 Reader Response form online and went through all of it so everyone knew how to fill it out this quarter. Then we started a Response Journal for the new novel that we are going to be reading, Airborn, and we did the first entry in the journal:  What do you know about pirates?

Aug. 27

English 7:  We reviewed the 6 Traits of Good Writing, and we looked at 5 pieces of student writing and discussed how they were effective or ineffective and in which of the 6 Traits they were strong or weak.

Adv. Reading:  Students were each issued a copy of the novel Airborn. We began reading it together, and students were instructed to be up to Ch. 6 by Sept. 9.

Aug. 28

English 7:  Today we filled out an evaluation form as we read several pieces of writing and then evaluated them for the 6 Write Traits. Then we handed in the form.

Adv. Reading: Today we looked at Mrs. Wood’s blog and discussed the Daily Assignment Tracker on it. Then we read our own books for the whole period for our Daily Reading Points (DRP).

Aug. 31

English 7:  Look at Mrs. Wood’s blog and go through the Qtr. 1 Reader Response Form, so everyone knows how to fill it out. Then discuss the rules of capitalization and complete Exercise 1, p. 766 in the classroom textbook.

Adv. Reading:  Take a look at Kenneth Oppel’s (author of Airborn) website on the overhead. Discuss author websites, in preparation for tomorrow’s activity in the computer lab, evaluating and rating the websites of various famous authors. Then read for DRP!

Sept. 1

English 7:

Adv. Reading:


























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