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(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom or under “Make-Up Assignment Archive” on this blog, and textbooks are available for check-out, if necessary,  for missed textbook assignments.)

3rd Quarter


Jan. 19

English 7:  Today we re-organized our classroom folders. We looked at the 3rd Qtr. Reader Response Form, and we got the due date for that– Mar. 11. We assigned new class jobs, and we looked at some book trailers (online) and heard some stories/poems from previous years’ literary magazines, and we were reminded that all English Fair projects are due Feb. 5. Then we worked some more on our Crispin study guide covers.

Adv. Reading:  We got our class disclosure statement, due signed by Friday. We introduced ourselves to the class, and we heard some book talks from Mrs. Wood.

Jan. 20

English 7: Today we discussed verbs– action and linking and helping verbs. Then we did Exercise 2 on p. 714-715 in the classroom textbook.

Adv. Reading: We each got a copy of the novel Airborn checked out to us today. We made a response journal to go along with the novel, and we wrote our first response in it, answering the question, What do you know about pirates? Then we together up to about p. 18. Now everyone is to be up to Ch. 6 by next Thursday!

Jan. 21

English 7:  We read in Crispin through Ch. 14 and wrote a Summary #3 in our study guides.

Adv. Reading: We discussed the Reader Response Forms again. These are found on the blog. Students have 3 due by Mar. 11. Then we read for Daily Reading Points (DRP).

Jan. 22

English 7:  Today we discussed Using Text Evidence Effectively in Writing Argument Essays. We looked at a powerpoint on the process, and together we wrote an essay on “Should Kids Play Football?” using the article we were given for text evidence. Only two more weeks before all English Fair entries are due!

Adv. Reading: DRP!  Mrs. Wood also showed us some examples of Reader Recommendation Posters. We will all be making one of those next week, and are to bring whatever materials we need to do so next Tuesday.

Jan. 25

English 7:  Reading in Crispin up to Ch. 20 and writing Summary #4 in your study guides.

Adv. Reading: Going to the Library to hear Mrs. Hall talk about some new releases and to check out books and read. Bring Reader Recommendation Poster materials to class tomorrow!

Jan. 26

English 7: Quick review of using text evidence in argument writing. Then students were given an article called “Is Technology Killing Our Friendships?” and assigned to write an effective argument essay on the subject, using the text evidence from the article provided to them.

Adv. Reading:  Students were provided with a poster board and used the the class period to create a Reader Recommendation Poster for the school’s English Fair, using additional materials they brought from home for their poster.

Jan. 27  (Late-Start Day)

English 7:  Finishing our argument essay on “Is Technology Killing Our Friendships?” Students finishing early began working on our next argument essay– “Does Bullying Happen in Our School?”

Adv. Reading:  Finishing our Reader Recommendation Posters. Everyone is to be up to Ch. 6 in Airborn by tomorrow! And bring markers or colored pencils tomorrow.

Jan. 28

English 7:  We reviewed the “Bullying” Argument Essay, and we discussed adding personal experiences into our essays when the question allows for that. Then as we wrote the “Bullying” Essay, Mrs. Wood called some students back to conference with them about any editing needed on their “Technology” Essay.

Adv. Reading:  We discussed the first 6 chapters of Airborn, and we wrote our Response #2 in our Response Journals. We watched a clip of the Hindenburg disaster from 1937. Then we worked on our own “Cloud Cat” creation, drawing, coloring, and explaining a creature we made up that could have possibly evolved on an uncharted island, as happened in our novel, Airborn.

Jan. 29

English 7: We continued working on the “Bullying” essay and handed it in. Then we discussed our practice SAGE Writing test that we will be take next Monday and Tuesday. We looked at a sample argument-essay test question, and we also looked at a sample essay written for it. ALL English Fair entries are due in one week!

Adv. Reading:  Daily Reading Points!

Feb. 1

English 7:  Quick review in classroom of the day’s assignment. Then go to the lab to do the Argument-Essay portion of the SAGE Practice WRITING test.

Adv. Reading: Take a look at the website of Kenneth Oppel, author of Airborn. (Tuesday we will go to the lab to look up and rate 5 authors’ websites for content and interest.)  Reading for Daily Reading Points. Be up to Ch. 12 in Airborn by Wed.!

Feb. 2

English 7: Finish the Sage Practice WRITING Test.

Adv. Reading:  Go to Lab to look up and rate five authors’ websites fill out the Author Websites Scorecard handout.

Feb. 3

English 7:  We reviewed what we’d read in Crispin previously. Then we read Chapters 20-24 in the book, and we wrote a Summary #5 in our study guides. ALL English Fair entries are due this Friday!!!

Adv. Reading: We discussed chapters 6-12 of Airborn, and we wrote our Response #3 in our Response Journals. Then using the chapter title “The One That Fell” from the novel, we wrote a poem (of at least 12 lines) with that same name.

Feb. 4

English 7: Today we got the 3rd Qtr. writing assignment, which is to write a research report on the Middle Ages (see the current post on the blog for details). We looked at the format of the paper, which will include sub-titles. We discussed plagiarism and citing our sources. We discussed using VOICE in informational writing. Then we used the school’s ASUS tablets to begin our research, accessing links (on Mrs. Wood’s blog) to sites on the Middle Ages, and beginning our research note-taking.

Adv. Reading:  We finished writing our “One That Fell” poems, and then some of us shared them aloud with the class for extra credit. Then we read.

Feb. 5

English 7:  Lesson #13 Vocabulary worksheet. ALL extra credit English Fair project entries are due TODAY!!!

Adv. Reading: DRP!

Feb. 8

English 7: Discuss sentence fragments and complete sentences. Do Exercises 7 & 8, p. 718 in the classroom textbook.

Adv. Reading: DRP!

Feb. 9

English 7: Discuss citing sources and typing a Bibliography page. (Some examples on the board.) Then use ASUS tablets or Mrs. Wood’s books on Middle Ages to continue researching and taking notes on the Middle Ages for our research reports. Be sure to copy all source-citing information from each source we take notes from!  Rough draft of Middle Ages Report will be due for Peer Review on Feb. 18 for 50 pts.!!!

Adv. Reading: We got the Recommended Books List assignment– prepare a list of at least 10 books/authors we recommend and do a write-up of each to post in “Comments” on the associated post on Mrs. Wood’s blog on Feb. 22. (We will go to the computer lab on Feb. 22 to do that.)  Be up to Ch. 18 in Airborn by tomorrow!

Feb. 10

English 7:  Review formatting of the Middle Ages Report (see example from the blog post on overhead). Read in Crispin up to Ch. 30 and write Summary #6 in our study guides.

Adv. Reading:  Discuss Ch.12-18 of Airborn and write our Response #4 in our Response Journals.

Feb. 11

English 7: Read in Crispin up to Ch. 34, and write Summary #7 in our study guides.

Adv. Reading: DRP!

Feb. 12

English 7:  Go over instructions for English Fair activities next week. Then do the Lesson #15 Vocabulary worksheet.

Adv. Reading: DRP!




















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