(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom, and textbooks are available for check-out for missed textbook assignments.)

4th Quarter


Mar. 16

English 7:  Today we continued working in our groups, finishing reading/ taking notes on/ discussing our assigned chapters from Chew on This, and preparing our poster and class presentation of our chapter. Assignments were made within each group for bringing markers, glue, pictures, etc., for working on the poster tomorrow.

Adv. Reading: Today we went to the library to hear Mrs. Hall tell us about some new books, to participate in a “Book Pass” activity which introduced each of us to some books we may not have previously been aware of, and to check out books.

Mar. 17

English 7:  Finish preparing (and timing) our group presentations and posters on our assigned chapter from Chew on This.

Adv. Reading:  Daily Reading Points!

Mar. 18

English 7:  Group presentations! We had 10 minutes to get ready, and then all 5 groups presented their chapter-presentations from Chew on This. Everyone also handed in their Group Reading Guides that they took notes on, along with their posters.

Adv. Reading:  Today we read in I Am the Cheese up to p. 136 and did Journal Entry #6 which, again, was to determine What is past and what is present– the bike trip or the therapy sessions? We discussed what we knew and what we’d inferred up to this point, and after the revelations in today’s section of reading, we theorized more about what was really going on in this story.

Mar. 19

English 7:  We each filled out little Group-Work Evaluation forms, rating each of our Chew on This group members on their contribution to our group presentation.  Then we read the science-fiction story “Lose Now, Pay Later, a literary text with the similar themes of watching calories and not eating what is not good for you as our informational text of Chew on This. After reading, we answered questions about the story from the overhead.

Adv. Reading:  We read in I Am the Cheese up to p. 168 and wrote a Journal Entry #7 in our journals.

Mar. 20

English 7:  We did the Lesson #15 Vocabulary/ Editing/ Writing Prompt worksheet.

Adv. Reading:  Reading for Daily Reading Points, taking A.R. tests. getting Genre Passports stamped, etc.  Remember that you need to be done with your checked-out book (Tisha or House of the Scorpion) by next Thursday!

Mar. 23

English 7:  Today we started the novel Okay for Now in class. We got the study guide for the novel, and we read up to p. 21 in the book.

Adv. Reading:  DRP! (Remember to be done with Tisha or House of the Scorpion by Thursday!)

Mar. 24

English 7:  We discussed John Audubon, his life, his paintings, and his Birds of North America. Then we read in Okay for Now up to p. 45.

Adv. Reading: Students read as far as they could from p. 168 in I Am the Cheese  (Cheez-Its were distributed to fortify and sustain the readers!),  and tomorrow they will finish the book and answer questions for the final journal entry. 

Mar. 25  (Late-Start Day)

English 7: We read in Okay for Now to p. 69.

Adv. Reading: We finished reading I Am the Cheese, and we did a final journal entry from the overhead and handed in our journals. We also discussed the ending to clear up any confusion. Remember to be finished with Tisha or House of the Scorpion by tomorrow, and bring the book to class!

Mar. 26

English 7:  We wrote in our Okay for Now study guides about how Doug personally connected with both the paintings of the Red-Throated Divers and the Arctic Tern. Then we read up to p. 92 in the book.

Adv. Reading:  We were assigned small Book Forum groups to sit with today and discuss the book (Tisha or House of the Scorpion) we’d read for class. First we filled out the first half of a Book Forum Questions paper, responding about we felt about the book we’d read, and then we discussed in our groups how everyone felt about it, and we filled out the second half of the paper with the responses of the other members of our group. Then some of us filled our pages in our Genres Passports on the book we read, along with I Am the Cheese, and some of us turned the book in.

Mar. 27

English 7:  We did the Lesson #18 Vocabulary/ Editing/ Writing Prompt worksheet.

Adv. Reading: Daily Reading Points and AR testing!  We discussed the results of yesterday’s Book Forum discussions; students were complimented on their thoughtful and intelligent comments yesterday.  Advanced readers recognize when a book is worth reading, even if they don’t find it particularly enjoyable. And it’s always a great opportunity when we get to hear how others feel about a book we each experienced maybe a little differently. Today students were also reminded to hand in their books (Tisha or House of the Scorpion) and to fill out a Genres Passport page on that book and on I Am the Cheese and get their passports stamped, and also that they could complete Reader Response Forms on both books.


April 6

English 7:  Discussion of sentence fragments/ complete sentences. Then: Exercise 7 & 8, p. 718 in classroom textbooks.

Adv. Reading:  Daily Reading Points!