(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom, on google classroom, or under “Make-Up Assignment Archive” on this blog, and textbooks are available for check-out, if necessary,  for missed textbook assignments.)

2nd Quarter

October 30

English 7:  Today we did the Lesson #9 Vocabulary / Editing/ Writing Prompt worksheet.

Creative Writing:  Today we did Journal Writing-Prompt #10.

Oct. 31

English 7: Discuss argument writing and “well-constructed” paragraphs. Write a paragraph about the issue of security cameras in schools. Look at some students samples from the “bullying” writing prompt we had a while ago, and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

Creative Writing: Discuss “literary essays.” Read some examples of literary essays (“That’s Cheez with a Z,” “The Sting of Lying,” “Finding my Family” from p.150 in Writer’s Inc., and then four more), classifying them on the 4-category Brainstorming Essays handout. 

Nov. 1

English 7:  Discuss the components in argument paragraphs. Write one together as a class (Locker Organizers), and then write one on our own (Bug Dishes). Then discuss the components in an explanatory paragraph, and write one together as a class (Objects in Space).

Creative Writing:  Brainstorm for writing Literary Essays– 2 due by next Tuesday for Peer Review. Write literary essays on chrome books.

Nov. 2

English 7: Review the components of explanatory paragraphs. Write an explanatory paragraph on our own (How Snowflakes Are Formed). Then write the Mastery Argument Paragraph (Deformed Frogs).

Creative Writing: Writing literary essays. Review the requirements of Writer’s Choice Day, which is tomorrow.

Nov. 3

English 7:  Ten -15 minutes to finish the “Deformed Frogs” Mastery Argument Paragraph. Then look at a some previous students writing samples of this paragraph, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses. Five minutes to revise / improve our mastery paragraphs. Then hand them in. Hear about a writing contest from Scope magazine.

Creative Writing: Writer’s Choice Day (WCD)!  (Work on literary essays?)

Nov. 6

English 7: Vocabulary Lesson #10 worksheet.  *Bring markers or colored pencils to class tomorrow!

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt #11. Your 2 literary essays must be ready for Peer Review tomorrow! (50 points!)

Nov. 7

English 7: Discuss “argument paragraphs” that we’ve been working on and how we can extend those into argument essays. Read an example (School Daze). It will then be passed out to all, and we will use colored pencils or markers to color code the various required components within it of an effective argument essay. Then we will each get an argument essay template with some articles about “Athletes Charging Fans for Autographs,” and we will be assigned to read the articles and underline any especially good lines or quotes that support our own opinion on the topic, that we might want to use when we write our own argument essay on the issue tomorrow.

Creative Writing:  Peer Review of our 2 Literary Essays!

Nov. 8

English 7: (7th grade eye-checks today). Finish reading the articles. Review the components of the Argument Essay. Write our Argument Essays on “Athletes Charging Fans for Autographs.”

Creative Writing: Make revisions to our literary essays (based on comments from our peer-reviews), print our essays, and hand them in.

Then discuss the importance of setting in writing and what details make effective settings. Read exemplary examples, from Star Wars, The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, and Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day.”

Nov. 9

English 7: Finish writing argument essays. Do a quick partner peer-review on them, and hand them in.

Creative Writing:  Create an original setting (science fiction or fantasy), and describe it in detail.

Nov. 10

English 7:  Discuss apostrophes, and do Exercise 10. p. 783 in the textbook.

Creative Writing:  WCD! (Finish writing about your setting?)

Nov. 13

English 7:  Get the Qtr. 2 Writing Assignment, which is to do  the Mastery Argument-Essay Paper (typed). Review parenthetical citing.  Decide on the topic for our essay from 3 choices, and use the chrome books to research/ type out paper. Review MLA formatting required for the paper. (Rough draft due next Monday for Peer Review– 50  points!)

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt #12. (Journal Check next Monday!)

Nov. 14

English 7: Typing our Argument Papers. (Finish at home, if not done by the end of class today. Rough draft due next Monday!)

Creative Writing: Discuss naming literary characters and how authors often create names with memorable sounds or that allude to something about the character’s personality or physical description. Students each come up with 15 such character names.

Nov. 15

English 7: Discuss the strategies used in informational reading. As a class, do the Sample Lesson of the “Aliens and UFOs” Critical Reading Series set.

Creative Writing: Read The Paper Bag Princess, and discuss the characteristics for Fractured Fairy Tales. Brainstorm for writing ideas. Then each student will write an original fractured fairy tale (with a colored cover page).

Nov. 16

English 7:  Lesson #1 of the “Aliens and UFOs” Critical Reading Series set. Remember that Peer Review (50 points!) is Monday!

Creative Writing:  Writing our fractured fairy tales. Hand them in. Remember that you have a Journal Check on Monday!

Nov. 17  (Incentive Activity day)

English 7:  Free Work Day!–  Announce latest writing contest opportunity (Why I Like My Community essay). Then work on Argument Essay paper, or read, or finish yesterday’s “Aliens” Lesson #1, or work on writing contests, etc.

Creative Writing: WCD! (Work on fractured fairy tale?)

Nov. 20

English 7: Peer Review of Argument Essay Paper.

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt #13, and Midterm Journal Check (of writing prompts #10-13). Reminder: Your Fractured Fairy Tale must be finished and handed in tomorrow!

Nov. 21

English 7:  Go to the computer lab to make any desired revisions to our Argument Essay Papers, based on our peers’ comments from yesterday’s Peer Review activity. Then print and hand in our papers. (Also may print a Qtr. 2 Reader Response Form and/ or bring a book to read.)

Creative Writing: Finish / hand in the Fractured Fairy Tale w/ colored cover page.

**********HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!*****************

Nov. 27

English 7: Begin a new class novel, Far North, by Will Hobbs. Read up to Ch. 4.

Creative Writing: Journal Writing-Prompt #14.

Nov. 28

English 7: Review the traditional “plotline” of a story. Make the study guide for Far North, and write Response #1 (What do you know about Canada?)  in it. Read in Far North to Ch. 6.

Creative Writing:  Get the “My Future Novel” Project assignment.

Nov. 29

English 7:  Read up to Ch. 8 in Far North, and write Response #2 (What 5 survival items would you want to have with you if you ever found yourself in the same position as Raymond and Gabe are in at the end of Ch. 7?) in it.

Creative Writing: Finish and hand in the Overall Plan worksheet for the “My Future Novel” Project.

Nov. 30

English 7: Read Ch. 8 in Far North, and write Response #3 (Write about the coldest you’ve ever been!) in the study guide.

Creative Writing: Create and hand in the Table of Contents (chapter titles) for the “My Future Novel” Project.

Dec. 1

English 7:  Review colons, semicolons, apostrophes and hyphens. Do Exercises 11 and 12, p. 783-784 in the textbook.

Creative Writing: WCD! (Finish Overall Plan and/or Table of Contents for the “My Future Novel” Project?)

Dec. 4

English 7: Discuss quotation marks and punctuating direct quotes, and do Exercises 13 and 14, p. 785 in the textbook.

Creative Writing: Journal Writing-Prompt #15.

Dec. 5

English 7: Read Ch. 9 and 10 of Far North.

Creative Writing:  Begin working on Chapter 1 for our “My Future Novel” Project (must be typed, at least 3 pages, size 12 font, double-spaced).

Dec. 6

English 7: Discuss the components of haikus! Look at some examples. Write 3 winter haikus in our Far North study guides.

Creative Writing: Working on Ch. 1 of the “My Future Novel” Project.

Dec. 7

English 7: Read Ch. 11 of Far North, and do Response #4 in the study guide ( Write about a time when YOU made the wrong decision.).

Creative Writing: Working on / printing and handing in our Ch. 1 of the “My Future Novel” Project.

Dec. 8

English 7: Punctuation review exercise #17, p. 787 in textbook.

Creative Writing:  WCD!  (Printing and handing in our Ch. 1 of the “My Future Novel” Project /  Starting the book jacket for our “My Future Novel” Project).

Dec. 11

English 7:  Vocabulary Lesson #11 worksheet. *Bring markers or colored pencils tomorrow!

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt #16.

Dec. 12

English 7: Decorate (using decorative stamping of nature and Native American designs)  and color our study guides, and read Ch. 12 of Far North.

Creative Writing: Work on the book jacket for our “My Future Novel” Project).

Dec. 13

English 7: Read Ch. 13 and 14 of Far North, and do some coloring on our study guides.

Creative Writing:  Finish / hand in Book Jacket for the “My Future Novel” Project.

Dec. 14

English 7: Write Response #5 (Write about a family tradition or skill that you hope continues to be passed down in your family.), and read Ch. 15 of Far North.

Creative Writing: Work on the illustration for the “My Future Novel” Project.

Dec. 15

English 7: Read the story “The Christmas Day Hunt,” p. 353 of the textbook, and answer questions.

Creative Writing:  WCD / Finish and hand in the illustration for the “My Future Novel” Project.

Dec. 18

English 7: Learn about English author, Charles Dickens, and how his childhood experiences influenced the themes in his writing when he grew up.

Creative Writing: Select a previously written writing prompt to do a “Writer’s Workshop” on. Work on that piece all period. *Your Reader Response Form is due Jan. 5!

Dec. 19

English: Review themes from Dickens’ literary classic, “A Christmas Carol.”

Creative Writing: Finish “Writer’s Workshop” piece and do a partner-peer-review of our pieces. Bring markers or colored pencils tomorrow!

Dec. 20

English 7:  Review themes from Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” *Your Reader Response Form is due Jan. 5!!!

Creative Writing:  Fill in / color the “I Can’t Imagine Life Without…” page. (We will be compiling  and handing in your Portfolios the day you get back from the break– Jan. 3!)

Dec. 21  (School Talent-Show Assembly / Early Out)

*************************Have a Happy Holiday Break, Everyone!!!*************************

Jan. 3

English 7:  Write 6 paragraphs, answering questions about the new year and your New Year’s resolutions. *Your Reader Response Form is due this Friday!

Creative Writing: Get the Portfolio checklist, and work on compiling / completing our portfolios, including the “Why I Write” page.

Jan. 4

English 7: Read Ch. 16 and 17 in Far North, and write summary of those chapters in your study guide.

Creative Writing: Finish compiling / hand in Portfolio. (Extra credit writing prompt offered to anyone interested.)

Jan. 5

English 7:  YOUR READER RESPONSE FORM IS DUE TODAY!!!  Read Ch. 18 and 19 of Far North.

Creative Writing:  WCD! (Work on Extra credit writing prompt?)

Jan. 8

English 7: Read Ch. 20-21 in Far North.

Creative Writing:

Jan. 9

English 7: Finish reading Far North. Write Response #6 (Write about what a “true friend” is, and write about a time when you were a true friend to someone or about a time when someone was a true friend to you.) in our study guides. Make sure the study guide is complete, and hand it in.

Creative Writing:

Jan. 10

English 7: Discuss the Middle Ages. Begin reading the novel Crispin; The Cross of Lead.

Creative Writing:

Jan. 11 (Early Out)

English 7: Go over the Qtr. 3 Reader Response Form (due March 9 for 100 points!).

Creative Writing:










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