(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom, and textbooks are available for check-out for missed textbook assignments.)

2nd Quarter

Oct. 27

English 7:  Today we got new seating charts and got assigned new class jobs. New job-holders were given a few minutes to pass out folders and such.   We were also reminded about the due date (Dec. 22) for the Qtr. 2 Reader Response form, along with the due date for the REFLECTIONS contest “Literature” entries (Oct. 31) for those wanting 50 pts. extra credit in English.  Then we discussed colons and semicolons, and we did Exercise 8 on p. 781 in the classroom textbook.

Oct. 28

English 7:  We corrected and handed in Exercise 8 from yesterday. Then we discussed creation myths and their characteristics, and we read a couple examples from Greek mythology, “Prometheus” and “Echo and Narcissus,’” and a couple examples from Native American mythology, “Raven and the Coming of Daylight” and “Strawberries,” from our classroom textbooks.

Oct. 29

English 7:  Today we got the big 2nd Quarter writing assignment, which is to write an original fictional story (see the current blog post for specific details). The peer review due date for the rough draft is Nov. 6 (50 pts.).

Oct. 30

English 7:  Since the paper we were assigned yesterday includes the requirement of some dialogue, today we discussed writing dialogue and using quotation marks, etc., correctly, and we did Exercises 13 and 14 on p. 785 in the classroom textbook.

Oct. 31

English 7:  Correcting Exercises 13 and 14 and handing them in, looking at the blog post about the Fictional Story assignment (along with the Sept. 2 post on the  “Fear” Paper example paper which includes great examples of dialogue passages), and completing the Lesson 9 Vocabulary / Editing/ Writing Prompt worksheet.

Nov. 3

English 7:  We discussed using tense correctly in writing and not jumping back and forth between past and present tense in the fictional stories that we are writing. Then we discussed apostrophes and did Exercise 10 on p. 783 in the classroom textbook.

Nov. 4

English 7:  Today we started the novel Far North in class. We read the first three chapters together.

Nov. 5

English 7:  We made the Reading Response Journal study-guide for Far North, and we wrote Response #1  (What do you know about Canada?)  in it. Then we read Ch. 4 and 5.

Nov. 6

English 7:  Peer Review Activity using our rough drafts of our Fictional Stories. Students now have until next Thursday to make any revisions or improvements to their stories, based on their peers’ suggestions. Thursday and Friday next week we will be typing the final copy of our stories.

Nov. 7

English 7: Vocabulary/ Editing/ Writing Prompt Lesson #10 worksheet.

Nov. 10

English 7:  We read Ch. 6 and 7 of Far North and wrote Response # 2 (Explain what 5 items would you want to have with you if you ever found yourself in the same situation that Gabe and Raymond find themselves in at the end of Ch. 7) in our study guides.

Nov. 11

English 7:  We read Ch. 8 of Far North and wrote Response #3 (Write about the coldest you’ve ever been) in our study guides.

Nov. 12

English 7:  Late-Start Day–   We reviewed the last 3 chapters of Far North and finished up the last two responses in our study guides. Some of us shared what we’d written with the class. We were all reminded to bring our rough drafts tomorrow so that we can typed the final copy in the lab.

Nov. 13

English 7:  We went to the computer lab to type and hand in the final copy of our fictional stories (100 points).

Nov. 14

English 7:  Finish typing our story. Extra credit (typing a personal letter) available to those finishing early.

Nov. 17

English 7:  We discussed punctuating titles, and we did the Review Exercise #17 (on commas, end marks, apostrophes, colons, semicolons, quotation marks, and punctuating titles) on p. 787 in the textbook. Students were also reminded to get their independent-reading done and fill out and turn in the Reader Response form (due Dec. 22).

Nov. 18

English 7:  We corrected and handed in yesterday’s Exercise 17. We discussed using hyphens correctly. Then we read Ch. 9 & 10 of Far North.

Nov. 19

English 7:  We discussed haikus and read a few examples of some haikus. Then we wrote 3 winter haikus in our Far North study guides, and those students wanting extra credit got up and shared theirs with the class. Students that needed to also were took time to finish reading Ch. 10 of Far North.

Nov. 20

English 7:  We read Ch, 11 of Far North and did Response #4 in our study guides– Write a paragraph about a time when YOU made the wrong decision.

Nov. 21

English 7:  We did the Lesson #11 of the “Rescued” Critical Reading Series set. (Incentive Activity: periods 2-4).

Nov. 24

English 7:  We were reminded that our Qtr. 2 Reader Response forms were due in less than a month, now (Dec. 22). We discussed subjects and predicates, and we did Exercise 1 on p. 713 in our classroom textbooks. Mrs. Wood also did a “book-talk” for us on Funeral for a Teacher, by Richard Peck.  (Bring markers or colored pencils to class tomorrow!)

Nov. 25

English 7:  We did some decorative stamping and coloring on our Far North study guides, and we read Ch. 12 of the novel.  Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Dec. 1

English 7:  We discussed the current blog-post about the end-of-quarter due dates (Qtr. 2 Reader Response form and ALL 2nd qtr. make-up work due by Dec. 22). Then we discussed making inferences while reading and looked at a power point on making inferences. Then we discussed prepositions and did a Prepositions Worksheet. (An extra credit assignment on “Commonly Confused Words” was also made available on the overhead, for those students that were interested.)

Dec. 2

English 7:   MIDTERM!   Today we read Ch. 13 and 14 in Far North.

Dec. 3

English 7:  We discussed the meaning of Johnny Raven’s letter (in Far North), and we wrote a Response #5 in our study guides: Write about a family tradition from your own family that means a lot to you and that you hope will continue to be passed on.  Some students shared what they wrote with the class. Then we read Ch. 15 of the novel. Some students continued working on coloring their study guide covers.

Dec. 4

English 7:  We discussed what a summary was, and we read chapters 16 and 17 in Far North and wrote a summary of each chapter in our study guides.

Dec. 5

English 7:  Lesson #11 Vocab./Editing/Writing Prompt worksheet.  Some students finishing early also used their time today to finish up the summaries from yesterday or do some more coloring on their study guide covers. Remember that your Reader Response form and ALL Qtr. 2 make-up work is due Dec. 22!

Dec. 8

English 7:  Today we discussed argument writing, which will be our writing focus for the next quarter. We looked at a power point with student-written models of the writing prompt we had several weeks ago, “Does bullying happen in our school?” and we critiqued whether or not there was a strong, clear claim (opinion statement) in each and whether or not each piece had at least 3 strong, clear evidences to support/ prove the claim. Then we read about the issue of security cameras in schools, and we each wrote an argument paragraph explaining our position about the issue. Some students shared their paragraphs with the class. Then we wrote an argument paragraph for Response #6 in our Far North study guides, answering the question “Is it important for young people today to know how to “live off the land,” survive in the wilderness, and have respect for nature?”  and some students shared what they wrote with the class, and others finished up any coloring they had left to do on the cover of their study guides. Remember that your Reader Response form and ALL Qtr. 2 work is due in two weeks!

Dec. 9

English 7:  We read Ch. 18 and 19 of Far North.

Dec. 10

English 7:  Late Start Day!  Reading Ch. 20 of Far North. Finish any coloring, etc., that still needs to be done on your study guide!

Dec. 11

English 7:  Finish reading Far North. Do Response #7 in the study guide: “Explain what makes a true friend, and then write about a time when you were a true friend to someone or about a time when someone was a true friend to you.”  Make sure the study guide is complete and hand it in.

Dec. 12

English 7:  We discussed the author for our next school SKYPE session (Jan. 8), Roland Smith, and some of his books. Then we did the Vocabulary/ Editing/ Writing-Prompt Lesson #12 worksheet.

Dec. 15

English 7:  The Qtr. 2 Reader Response form and ALL Qtr. 2 work is due in one week!!!  We discussed writing stamina, and in preparation for all of the writing we will be doing the next few months with the upcoming SAGE Writing Test, we wrote 6 paragraphs today on New Year’s Resolutions!

Dec. 16

English 7:  Discussed the English author Charles Dickens (see the current blog post) and his story “A Christmas Carol.” We read passages from the story, and we started watching the movie, A Christmas Carol.

Dec. 17

English 7:  Continuing to watch A Christmas Carol.

Dec. 18

English 7:  Finished watching A Christmas Carol. The Qtr. 2 Reader Response form and ALL Qtr. 2 work is due on Monday!!!