(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom, on google classroom, or under “Make-Up Assignment Archive” on this blog, and textbooks are available for check-out, if necessary,  for missed textbook assignments.)

3rd Quarter

Jan. 16

English 7:  New seating chart. Assign new class jobs. Discuss subjects and predicates. Do Exercise 1, p. 713.

Adv. Reading:  Class disclosure statements (due by Friday for 20 points). Introduce ourselves to the class. Discuss some favorite books.

Creative Writing: Class disclosure statements (due Friday for 20 points). Introduce ourselves to the class. Discuss favorite authors and what makes “good” writing. Read/discuss “A Day for Two Zingers.”

Jan. 17

English 7: Review-discussion about the Middle Ages and illuminated manuscript. Make a cover for your study guide by designing/coloring one of your initials in illuminated manuscript style on a piece of white paper.

Adv. Reading:  Go to the Library to hear about great books from Mrs. Hall and to check out books!

Creative Writing:  Look at “Is This By a WRITER?” powerpoint, and discuss the telltale signs of “good writing” in a written piece. Introduce yourselves as WRITERS to the class in an Auto-Bio Poem.

Jan. 18

English 7:  We put together our study guides (illuminated initial cover page stapled on top of 4 or 5 pieces of lined paper for writing summaries), and on our lined pages, we wrote our Summary #1 (a paragraph covering the main ideas/events from the first section of the book we’ve already read). Then we continued working on our cover pages while Mrs. Wood read aloud the next section (Ch. 5-8). Then in our study guide, we wrote our Summary #2 of that section.

Adv. Reading:  We took a look at Mrs. Wood’s blog, and we went over then Qtr. 3 Reader Response Form, three of which are due in this class (for 100 points each!) by March 9. Then we read our new books that we’d checked out from the library for the rest of the period.

Creative Writing: Discuss adjectives, the building blocks of writing, and all that a single word can communicate. Choose an adjective that communicates the most about YOU, and write an “Explain Yourself” Poem based on that adjective. Then discuss tomorrow’s Titan Time and “Writer’s Choice Day.”

Jan. 19

English 7:  Discuss verbs, helping verbs, and verb phrases, and do Exercise 2 on p. 714 in the textbook.

Advanced Reading:  Read our novels for Daily Reading Points (DRP)!  *Signed disclosure statements due today!

Creative Writing:  Writer’s Choice Day (WCD)!  *Signed disclosure statements due today!  Bring your Portfolio binder by Monday!

Jan. 22

English 7:  Vocabulary / Editing / Writing-Prompt Lesson #12.

Advanced Reading:  Sign up for the google classroom. Then read for  DRP!

Creative Writing:  We discussed the benefits of writing-prompts, and we did our Journal Writing Prompt #1.  Everyone should have brought their Portfolio binder by today!

Jan. 23

English 7:  Read Ch. 9-14 of Crispin, and do Summary #3 in our study guides.

Advanced Reading:  Today we discussed making inferences while reading, and we looked at several text examples (stories, poems, etc.), stopping occasionally to identify the facts from the pieces and the inferences we were making based on them. Then we read a story by Ray Bradbury, “There Will Come Soft Rains,” and completed a Google Class document on it, listing the facts and inferences as we read.

Creative Writing: Today we learned about the writer’s tool of alliteration, and we filled out a form using Alliteration on Adjectives for all the letters in the alphabet. Then we discussed using all 5 senses in order to accurately detail things in writing, and we were given a “creative eavesdropping” assignment to just sit and observe EVERYTHING around us for 10 minutes or so, sometime before class tomorrow, when we will write about what we observed.

Jan. 24

English 7: Read Ch. 15-19 of Crispin, and do Summary #4 in our study guides.

Adv. Reading:  Finish the “There Will Come Soft Rains” assignment and review the story.

Creative Writing: Describe the Moment” writing assignment, based on yesterday’s creative eavesdropping homework.

Jan. 25

English 7:  Discuss prepositions/ prepositional phrases. Do the Prepositions worksheet. Extra Credit assignment (To/Too/Two) also available.

Advanced Reading:  DRP!

Creative Writing: WCD! (Continue writing “Describe the Moment” piece, and hand it in.)

Jan. 26  (English Dept. teachers in CFA meetings all day)

English 7:  Do a Critical Reading Series lesson– “Rescued” Lesson 12.

Adv. Reading:  Read the story “Bargain” on p. 369 in the Holt text, and answer questions on the “Making Inferences” worksheet.

Creative Writing: “Famous Authors” crossword puzzle.

Jan. 29

English 7:  Vocabulary Lesson #13 worksheet.

Adv. Reading:  Look at the website of author Kenneth Oppel.  Then, DRP!

Creative Writing: Journal Writing-Prompt #2.

Jan. 30  (7th grade registration for 1/2 of all English classes)

English 7:  Read Ch. 20-22 of Crispin, and do Summary #5 in our study guides, during the half of the period we are in the classroom.

Adv. Reading: Do “Author-Websites Scorecard,” perusing and rating 5 different authors’ websites.

Creative Writing: Discuss poetry and its many genres and qualities, and look at many examples on overhead. Then spend some time writing poems. Four poems due (2 rhyming) by next Tuesday for Peer Review.

Jan. 31

English 7: Discuss plagiarism. Discus using Voice in informational writing. Then discuss the Qtr. 3 writing assignment (see the blog post), which is to research and report on 3 topics from the Middle Ages in a Middle Ages Research Reports. This report must include a Bibliography page. Then spend some time researching on the chrome books (at least getting our 3 topics chosen) and taking notes. Discuss the importance of FOCUS and tuning out distractions during online research, as distracting  advertisements and pop-ups can often be an annoying reality of online work. Rough draft of report due for Peer Review on Feb. 8 (50 points!). Final draft due on Feb. 9 (100 points!).

Adv. Reading:  Begin reading the novel Airborn (everyone will be issued a copy). Make a Response Journal for the book, and write Response #1 (What do you know about pirates?).Everyone is now to be up to Ch. 6 by next Thursday.

Creative Writing:  Read the poem “Volcanic Activity in My Backyard.” Then writing our poems.

Feb. 2

English 7:  Discuss formatting of the Middle Ages Report Bibliography page. Discuss citing the information we use in our report. Format /type a Bibliography page. Do more research on chrome books, taking notes. Cite any sources we use for information on our bibliography page.

Adv. Reading: “Recommended Books List.”

Creative Writing: Read the poem “What If?” Discuss the use of “near-rhymes.” Then, continue writing our poems.

Feb. 3

English: Read Ch. 23-29 of Crispin, and do Summary #6 in our study guides.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Creative Writing: WCD! (Work on poems?)

Feb. 5

English 7:  Discuss/ type formatting (and name set-up, illuminated letter, etc.) of the Middle Ages Research Report. Begin typing our report (and continue any additional researching/ taking notes).

Adv.  Reading:  DRP!

Creative Writing: Look at “color poem” examples from Hailstones and Halibut Bones by Mary O’Neill. Then create a color poem of our own for Journal Writing-Prompt #3.

Feb. 6 ( 7th Grade Incentive Activity, 8:30 -12:30)

English 7: Typing our Middle Ages Research Report.

Adv. Reading: Typing/posting our Recommended Books List in the Comments of the “Recommended Books List” post on Mrs. Wood’s blog. If finished, add another comment about a peer’s Books List.

Creative Writing:  Peer Review activity on our 4 poems. Revise poems, if desired, and hand in final copies.

Feb. 7 (9th grade Weber High experience, after lunch)

English 7: Review the closing paragraph for our Middle Ages reports. Finish typing our Middle Ages Research Report (or finish at home). Hand out Book Fair fliers. Discuss upcoming visit from author Scott Savage, and offer order forms for his books.

Adv. Reading: Discuss the first 5 chapters of Airborn.  Do a Response #2 in our Response Journals. Discuss the historical Hindenburg crash. Create an imaginary creature picture (like the “cloud cats in Airborn). Now everyone is to be up to Ch. 12 by next Wednesday!

Creative Writing:  Look at examples of concrete poetry on overhead. Then create a concrete poem of our own.

Feb. 8 (8th and 9th Grade Activity, 8:30 – 12:30)

English 7:  Peer Review of Middle Ages Research Reports (with Bibliography page) on chrome books.

Adv. Reading: Finish up on posting our Recommended Books Lists and comments, and on our creature pictures.

Creative Writing:  Look at examples of diamante poems on overhead, and create two of our own. Discuss some writing contest opportunities.

Feb. 9

English 7: Go to the computer lab to make any final revisions to our Middle Ages reports, based on our peers’ suggestions from yesterday’s Peer Review activity. Print our reports (staple our Bibliography page to the back),  and hand them in. *Your 3rd Qtr. Reader Response Form is due in one month!

Adv. Reading: DRP! (Finish any posting of Recommended Books Lists and/or comments?) *Your 3 Reader Response Forms are due in one month!

Creative Writing: WCD! (Finish any poems?) *Have your Portfolio binder by Monday!

Feb. 12

English 7: Vocabulary Lesson #15 worksheet.

Adv. Reading:  DRP!

Creative Writing: Journal Writing-Prompt #4 (and we did a midterm journal -check for 40 points!).  Discuss some writing contests that are available. You must have your Portfolio binder here tomorrow!  And bring markers or colored pencils to class!

Feb. 13

English 7:  Do student surveys on the school website. Review Crispin, and then read Ch. 30-33 and do Summary #7.

Adv. Reading: Do a Romance-Novels word-search puzzle, in honor of Valentine’s Day!

Creative Writing: Pass back previously completed work. Compile and organize our Writing Portfolio binders with all of our work so far, section divider pages, a cover page, and a new poem entitled “My Thoughts on Spring.”

Feb. 14

English 7:  Read Ch. 34- 37, and do Summary #8.

Adv. Reading: Discuss Ch. 6-11 of Airborn. Do Response #3 in our Response Journals. Then do a poem entitled “The One That Fell,” in reference to the one that fell  from Airborn.

Creative Writing: Journal Writing-Prompt #5, and finish compiling portfolios.

Feb. 15

English 7:  Discuss the upcoming visit of author Scott Savage (hand out fliers) and the associated contests our school will be having for that. Then read Ch. 38-41 of Crispin, and do Summary #9.

Adv. Reading: DRP!

Creative Writing: WCD! (Finish organizing our portfolio binders?)

Feb. 20

English 7: Read in Crispin, Chapters 42-47, and do Summary #10. Everybody check out the Book Fair this week!!!

Adv. Reading: DRP! Be up to Ch. 18 in Airborn by tomorrow!

Creative Writing:  Discuss writing short stories. Read some examples (“Spelling Bee,” “After Twenty Years,” “Zoo,” and “The Elevator”), and look at an overhead about how to write great short stories. Now everyone is to write TWO short stories (at least 2 pages each) in TWO different genres to be ready for Peer Review next Wednesday.

Feb. 21 (Early out for Parent/Teacher Conferences)

English 7: Read Ch. 48-55 of Crispin, and do Summary #11.

Adv. Reading: Discuss Chapters 12-17 of Airborn. Do Response # 4 in our Response Journals. Now everyone is to FINISH the book by next Wednesday!

Creative Writing: Brainstorm for writing short stories. Then begin writing our two short stories.

Feb. 22

English 7: Finish reading Crispin. Do a Summary #12. Then do a final entry in our study guides, answering the following questions:  What does Crispin GAIN at the end of the book?  What does he have to GIVE UP?   Make sure your study guides are complete and colored, and hand them in.

Adv. Reading: Discuss making inferences again, and read the story “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl.

Creative Writing: Writing our short stories.

Feb. 23

English 7:  Discuss complete sentences vs. sentence fragments, and do Exercises 7 and 8 on p. 718 of the textbook. (Your Reader Response Form is due 3 weeks from today!)

Adv. Reading: DRP! (Your 3 Reader Response Forms are due 3 weeks from today!)

Creative Writing: WCD! (Work on short stories?)













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