(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom, on google classroom, or under “Make-Up Assignment Archive” on this blog, and textbooks are available for check-out, if necessary,  for missed textbook assignments.)

1st Quarter

August 22

English 7:  We went through the class disclosure statement (due Friday, signed), and we introduced ourselves to the class.

Creative Writing:  We went through the class disclosure statement (due Friday, signed), and we introduced ourselves to the class.

August 23

English 7:  We discussed what it was that made writing “good.” We looked at a couple of pieces of student writing, and we evaluated what was strong and/or weak in them. Then we discussed and got a handout on The 6 Traits of Good Writing.

Creative Writing:  Introduce ourselves in writing today, in an Auto-Bio Poem (to be hung up in the classroom)!

August 24

English 7:  Look at more pieces of student writing and discuss how each of the 6 Traits of Good Writing are represented in each.

Creative Writing:  Discuss the usual plan for Fridays: Writer’s Choice Day.  Discuss tomorrow’s evacuation procedures.  Then discuss ADJECTIVES– the building block of writing! Talk about how one adjective– one word– is powerful and can communicate so much. Choose an adjective that describes a significant part of your personality, and use it to write an “Explain Yourself” Poem.

August 25

English 7:  District CIPA training ( lessons concerning internet safety, etc.) in each period. Also, sign the AUP contract using the classroom chromebooks.

Creative Writing:  School evacuation drill. Afterward, sign the AUP on the classroom chromebooks.

August 28

English 7:  We did the Lesson #1 Vocabulary / Editing / Writing Prompt worksheet.

Creative Writing:  Discuss the value of journal-writing, and do Journal Writing-Prompt #1. Also discuss tomorrow’s Titan Time and how that will work, along with tomorrow’s first Writer’s Choice Day.

August 29

English 7:  We filled out a Personal Questionnaire packet all about ourselves and handed it in.

Creative Writing:  Writer’s Choice Day (WCD)!

August 30

English 7: We evaluated several pieces of writing for the 6 Traits on a “Evaluating for The 6 Traits” worksheet.

Creative Writing:  We discussed the craft of writing and how a writer deliberately inserts passages of alliteration and great description in writing. Then we did the “Applications in Alliteration” worksheet. Then we got a homework assignment to sit and “creatively eavesdrop” and observe for 10 or 15 silent minutes between now and class tomorrow, using all of our 6 senses to observe, so that tomorrow we could “Describe the Moment” in writing.

August 31

English 7:  Go to the Library to check out a book and for library orientation.

Creative Writing:  We took 30 minutes to “Describe the Moment” based off of our creative eavesdropping homework assignment from yesterday. Mrs. Wood also discussed self-editing and talked about Anne Frank and her famous diary (which you can see in the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam) in which every page displays tons of Anne’s self-editing– all kinds of scratched out lines and words, along with better choices re-written in above and below the scratches. Great writers EDIT their own work. It’s part of the WRITING PROCESS.

Sept. 1

English 7:  Look at Mrs. Wood’s blog again, so everyone knows where to find the Daily Assignment Tracker, Make-Up Assignments, and the Reader Response Form. Discuss capitalization, and do Exercise 1 on p. 766 in the classroom textbook.

Creative Writing: Writer’s Choice Day!

Sept. 5

English 7: Begin reading the novel A Wrinkle in Time in class. Read Ch. 1.

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt #2.

Sept. 6

English 7: Get the Qtr. 1 writing narrative assignment,  which is to write about an experience you’ve had involving FEAR. (Rough draft due Sept. 13 for 50 points!) Read an example with using strong WRITING TRAITS, and do some brainstorming for our own paper.

Creative Writing:  Discuss poetry. Look at several examples. Students assigned to write 3 poems (at least one rhyming) and have them ready for peer review by next Tuesday.

Sept. 7

English 7: Read Ch. 2 of A Wrinkle in Time. We got the study guide to go along with the novel and we answered 3 questions in it. Then we assigned some students some class jobs for the quarter for extra credit.

Creative Writing:  Read the poem “Volcanic Activity in My Backyard” by Cameron Blake. Then work on our poems.

Sept. 8

English 7: Hand back some papers, and put them and our study guides in our folders. Discuss more about capitalization. Do Exercise 2, p. 769 in textbook.

Creative Writing:  Read the poem “What If?” by Shel Silverstein. Then WCD!

Sept. 11

English 7:  Correct and hand in Exercise 2.  Do Vocabulary Lesson #2 worksheet. Discuss the school “Reflections” contest –25 points for turning in a project in the Literature category–due Oct. 6. Remember that your FEAR Paper rough draft is due Wednesday for the Peer Review activity (50 points)!

Creative Writing: Read a couple of “color poems” by Mary O’Neil. Then do Journal Writing-Prompt #3.  (Be aware: We will have a Journal check next week for points!)  Remember that your 3 poems must be HERE tomorrow for the Peer Review activity!

Sept. 12

English 7: Discuss and list in the study guide the unique characteristics of the 3 main characters in our novel. Then read Wrinkle in Time Ch. 3.

Creative Writing:  Peer Review activity using our 3 poems! Now, time for revision, based on the suggestions of our peers. We will type the final copies next week to hand in.

Sept. 13

English 7: Peer Review activity using our “Fear” Paper rough drafts!

Creative Writing: Discuss benefits of yesterday’s Peer Review activity– why it’s important to get feedback on your writing and also to read the writing of others. Look at examples of Concrete Poetry. Write a Concrete Poem using chromebooks.

Sept. 14

English 7: Finish peer review. Discuss benefits of reading the writing of your peers and having them read and make comments on YOUR writing. Now make any revisions or improvements you want to on your FEAR Papers, based on the suggestions from your peers. Discuss MLA formatting, required for tying the final copy of the paper.  (Bring rough draft and revisions Monday for typing final copy. We will be typing M. – W.  Typed paper is worth 100 points!) Read Gary Paulson’s “Girls” on page 131 of Holt textbook, and review VOICE in 1st-person narrative writing. Then we watched some book trailers of Jennifer Nielson’s books, for those interested in ordering her books before she comes and speaks at our school on the 26th of this month. Reminder: Midterms are next week!

Creative Writing: Discuss “Reflections” contest (50 points extra credit for Literature-category entry! Due Oct. 6).  Finish concrete poems. (Typing/ printing/ handing in poems in lab next Tuesday (100 pts.), and compiling our Writing Portfolios, so far, on Wed., so bring your BINDER! And we’ll do a Journal check on Monday (40 pts.), so have all your writing-prompts with you !)  Reminder: Midterms are next week!

Sept. 15

English 7:  Read Ch. 4 of Wrinkle in Time.

Creative Writing:  WCD! (Finish concrete poem, if necessary.)

Sept. 18

English 7: Go to computer lab to type the final copy of our FEAR Papers.

Creative Writing: Journal Writing-Prompt #4  and Midterm Journal Check!  (Bring all poems for typing/ printing in the lab tomorrow and Wednesday. And bring your Writing Portfolio binder to class Thursday so we can begin organizing and compiling that!)

Sept 19

English 7:  Continue typing our “Fear” Papers in the Lab.

Creative Writing: Go to the Lab to type / print / hand in our final copies of our 3 poems and our Concrete Poem.

Sept. 20

English 7:  Finish typing and hand in “Fear” Narrative Paper.

Creative Writing: Finish typing/ printing/ handing in our 4 poems. Bring your binder and markers to class tomorrow!

Sept. 21

English 7: Read Ch. 5 (and a couple pages of Ch. 6) of Wrinkle in Time, and discuss tesseract, dimensions, and “string theory.”

Creative Writing: Organize and compile the work we’ve done so far into our Writing Portfolio binders, and color a cover page for the binder. And tomorrow is the first day of Fall, so we also all got a “My Thoughts on Fall” handout to complete/ color and add to our binders.

Sept. 22

English 7: Review capitalization rules, and do the Capitalization Review Exercise 4, p. 771-772.

Creative Writing: WCD! (Continue organizing and completing the stuff in our Writing Portfolio binders.)

Sept. 25

English 7: Talk about grading on “Fear” Papers. Discuss instructions for tomorrow’s author-visit.  Read Wrinkle in Time, Ch. 6.  Discuss the word aberration.

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt #5.

Sept. 26

English 7:  Go to the Library to see a presentation from author Jennifer Nielsen!

Creative Writing:  Discuss short stories and look at overhead of all that is involved in writing great ones, and read some examples (“Spelling Bee,” “After Twenty Years,” “Zoo,” “The Elevator”), and discuss their strengths and the varying genres.

Sept. 27 (Early Out for P/T Conferences)

English 7:  Reading Ch. 7 of Wrinkle in Time. (Bring markers or colored pencils tomorrow!)

Creative Writing:  Review requirements for writing a great short story. Look at an overhead about brainstorming for writing short stories. Assignment: everyone is to now write  2 short stories on chromebooks from 2 different genres by Wednesday / Thursday for Peer Review. Students began brainstorming/writing short stories.

Sept. 28

English 7: Read Ch. 8 of Wrinkle in Time, and do “postcard from Father” in study guide. *Reminder: Your Reader Response Form is due in 3 weeks from yesterday!

Creative Writing:  Writing short stories.

Sept. 29

English 7:  Discuss commas used in compound sentences, interruptive phrases, direct addresses, and introductory clauses. Do Exercise 3 (#9 & #10) and Exercise 4 (#1-10) on p. 776-777 in textbook. *Reflections entries are due in one week!

Creative Writing:  WCD! (Work on short stories?) Reflections entries are due in one week!

Oct. 2

English 7:  Vocabulary Lesson #5 worksheet.

Creative Writing:  Discuss “relatable” writing (writing that “rings true”), and then do Journal Writing-Prompt #6.

Oct. 3

English 7:  Read Ch. 9 of Wrinkle in Time.

Creative Writing:  Writing short stories.

Oct. 4

English 7:  Read Ch. 10 of Wrinkle in Time, and begin picture in study guide. (Bring markers or colored pencils on Friday.)

Creative Writing: Peer Review of Short Story #1.

Oct. 5

English 7:  Discuss choosing AND STAYING IN one tense (past or present) when writing. Then discuss using commas direct quotes, addresses, and dates, and do Exercise 5 on p. 779 in the classroom textbook. Reflections entries are due tomorrow for extra credit!

Creative Writing:  Peer Review of Short Story #2. Reflection entries are due tomorrow for extra credit!

Oct. 6

English 7: Finish coloring picture in the study guide, and read Ch. 11 of A Wrinkle in Time.

Creative Writing: WCD! (Make any desired revisions and improvements to our two short stories, based on the peer reviews from the last two days.)

Oct. 9

English 7:  Lesson #6 Vocabulary worksheet. Remember: Reader Response Form is due NEXT Wed., along with ALL make-up work from this quarter!

Creative Writing:  Journal Writing-Prompt #7. Bring markers or colored pencils tomorrow!

Oct. 10

English 7:  Discuss themes in literature. Fill out the front page of our study guide.  Finish reading A Wrinkle in Time. Fill in the last section in our study guide, “Lessons Meg Learns.”

Creative Writing:  Discuss graphic novels and how to create humorous comic strips. Begin creating a humorous comic strip of our own.

Oct. 11

English 7:  Test on A Wrinkle in Time.  Turn in our study guides. Discuss the Wrinkle in Time series and the novel When You Reach Me.

Creative Writing: Work on our comic strips.

Oct. 12

English 7:  Discuss Washington Irving, one of our country’s first fiction writers and author of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Read passages from “Sleepy Hollow,” and discuss the evolution of language. Watch animated version of the story, and listen for the original-text narration throughout.

Creative Writing: (Those who still need to, finish and hand in our comic strips.) Discuss how writers will keep idea-folders and /or will often re-use and re-tool  pieces of their writing. Then discuss a “writer’s workshop.” Select one of your previously written Journal Writing-Prompt pieces to do a Writer’s Workshop on (on Chromebooks).

Oct. 13

English 7:  Review Exercise 7, p. 779-780.  Your Reader Response Form is due Wednesday!!!

Creative Writing:  WCD! (Work on Writer’s Workshop piece?)

Oct. 16

English 7: Vocabulary Lesson #8 worksheet. Your Reader Response Form is due Wednesday!!!

Creative Writing: Journal Writing-Prompt #8.

Oct. 17

English 7:  Discuss how author’s use “suspense” in writing. Read the story “Three Skeleton Key.”

Creative Writing: Finish / print Writer’s Workshop piece. Make sure you are SPELLCHECKING/ GRAMMARCHECKING! (And paragraphing, double-spacing, and using size 12 font!)

Oct. 18

English 7:  Read the suspense story “Duffy’s Jacket,” and answer some questions.  YOUR QTR. 1 READER RESPONSE FORM and ALL make-up work IS DUE TODAY!!!

Creative Writing:  Get the Qtr. 1 Portfolio Checklist, and spend class organizing and compiling our portfolios for the Qtr. 1 Portfolio Turn-In next Monday (worth 250 points!). Offer the Qtr. 1 Extra Credit Writing Prompt to anyone interested.

********HAPPY FALL BREAK!*****************

Oct. 23

English 7:  Go through the Qtr. 2 Reader Response Form (due Jan. 5 for 100 points!). The discuss colons and semicolons, and do Exercise 8, p. 781 in the textbook. Discuss the Language Arts Benchmark testing for the rest of the week.

Creative Writing: Turn in your Writing Portfolio for the Qtr. 1 Portfolio check! (250 points!)  Then do Journal Writing-Prompt #9.

Oct. 24

English 7:  Language Arts Benchmark testing.

Creative Writing: Read Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies. Do “Literary Haunts” Puzzle.

Oct. 25

English 7: Language Arts Benchmark testing.

Creative Writing: Read some spooky poems and some urban legends. Write a spooky poem.

Oct. 26

English 7: Finish Language Arts Benchmark testing.

Creative Writing:  Finish / hand in spooky poem and “Literary Haunts” puzzle.







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