(Missed worksheets are available in the classroom, and textbooks are available for check-out for missed textbook assignments.)

1st Quarter

Aug. 20

English 7:  Today we got disclosure statements and went through the rules and expectations of the class, and we introduced ourselves to the class. Disclosure statements are to be taken home, read and signed, and returned by Friday to Mrs. Wood.

Aug. 21

English 7:  Today we became familiar with Mrs. Wood’s blog and the “Daily Assignment Tracker.”  We also discussed the Qtr. 1 Independent Reading requirements and went over the Qtr. 1 Reader Response form (due Oct. 15) available on Mrs. Wood’s blog.

Aug. 22

English 7:  We went to the library today to hear Mrs. Hall, the librarian, give us a library orientation, and we were also able to check out a book.

Aug 25

English 7:  Today we reviewed the grammar concept of capitalization, and we did Exercise 1 on p. 766 in the classroom textbook.

Aug. 26

English 7:  We corrected yesterday’s Exercise 1 and handed it in. Then we completed a Personal Questionnaire Packet, answering questions all about ourselves, and handed it in.

Aug. 27

English 7:  Today we talked about the 6 Traits of Good Writing. We discussed all the characteristics that make writing strong or weak, and we looked at some examples of writing, evaluating them for strengths and weaknesses.

Aug. 28

English 7:  We filled out an evaluation form as we evaluated several more pieces of writing for strengths and weaknesses in the 6 Traits of Good Writing.

Aug. 29

English 7:  Today we completed the Lesson 1 Vocabualry/Editing/Writing Prompt worksheet. We corrected it in class and handed it in.

Sept. 2

English 7:  Today we started the novel A Wrinkle in Time. We read the first chapter, and we got the study guide to go along with the novel.

Sept. 3

English 7: Today we got assigned to write a paper about an experience we’ve had involving fear. (See the current blog post.) The rough draft of this paper is due in class on Sept. 11.

Sept. 4

English 7:  We read a story from the textbook called “The Smallest Dragonboy” and answered some questions about it.

Sept. 5

English 7:  We did the Lesson #2 Vocabulary/Editing/Writing Prompt worksheet.

Sept. 8

English 7:  Today we discussed more about capitalization, and we did Exercise 2, p. 779 in the classroom textbook.

Sept. 9

English 7: Today corrected Exercise 2 from yesterday and handed it in, we read Ch. 2 of A Wrinkle in Time, and we answered the question in our study guides,  How would you be considered a “sport” in your family?

Sept. 1o

English 7:  We read the 3rd chapter of A Wrinkle in Time. and everyone was reminded to bring their “Fear” Paper rough drafts tomorrow for the Peer Review activity.

Sept. 11

English 7:  Today we read and reviewed the “Fear” Paper rough drafts of 6 other students, evaluating them for the “6 Traits of Good Writing” and giving comments and suggestions, in our class Peer-Review activity.

Sept. 12

English 7:  We finished our Peer Review activity. Then we read all of the suggestions for improvements from our peers on our own rough drafts. We discussed the “Writing Process” and how our peer-reviewing fits into that, along with the revising of our rough drafts that we are each now going to do this weekend, so that we can bring back our IMPROVED rough drafts on Monday to begin typing our final copy of the paper. We also talked about the MLA writing formatting that we will be using to type the final copy. And we read the story “Girls” by Gary Paulsen, discussing the author’s techniques for using VOICE in personal narrative writing.

Sept. 15

English7:  Today we went to the computer lab to begin typing the final copy of our “Fear” Paper. Mrs. Nielsen, the Lab computer technician, first made sure that we all had signed our AUPs for computer usage, and then she showed us how to set up the required MLA tying format to type our papers. She also showed us how to SAVE what we’d typed to our student accounts, at the end of class. Tomorrow we will pick it up where we left off and continue typing.

Sept. 16

English 7:  We went to the computer lab to continue typing our papers, and Mrs. Nielsen explained how to retrieve, spellcheck, and print our documents, and also how to access the school website, the teacher blogs, our grades on the Portal, and our student email accounts.  We will finish typing our papers in the lab tomorrow; an extra credit lab assignment is available for those finishing early.

Sept. 17

English 7:  We went to the lab to finish typing our “Fear” Papers and hand them in.

Sept. 18

English 7:  We were reminded that everyone’s Qtr. 1 Reader-Response form is due in less than a month! We also reviewed Ch. 3 of A Wrinkle in Time. We filled out more questions in the study guide, and then we read Ch. 4.

Sept. 19

English 7:  Lesson 3 Vocab./Editing/ Writing Prompt worksheet.

Sept. 22

English 7:  We read Ch. 5 of A Wrinkle in Time.

Sept. 23

English 7:  We read Ch. 6 of A Wrinkle in Time.

Sept. 24

English 7:  Today we discussed reading strategies used in informational reading, and we did the Sample Lesson of the “Aliens” Critical Reading Series.

Sept. 25

English 7:  We did Lesson #1  from the “Aliens” Critical Reading Series.

Sept. 26

English 7:  We looked at a powerpoint about some of the mistakes many of us are making with conventions, etc., in our writing. Then we did the Lesson #5 Vocab./Editing/ Writing Prompt worksheet, which included a “pre-test” (in the writing prompt) on argument writing, using claims and evidences.

Sept. 29

English 7:  We discussed using commas, and we did Exercise 3, #9 & #10 and Exercise 4, #1- #10 on p. 776-777 in the textbook.

Sept. 30

English 7:  We read Ch. 7 of A Wrinkle in Time.

Oct. 1

English 7:  We did the “postcard from Father” in the study guide, and we read Ch. 8 of A Wrinkle in Time.