Halloween 2010

  Happy Halloween everyone.  The parade at school was a success!

Science project: Five senses

  Thanks Miss Ann for a great hands-on activity.  The class learned a lot about their five senses.

Social Studies activity: Olympics

Cooking project: Chicken noodle soup

  Thank you Miss Wendy for a great cooking project that was warm and healthy!  Next week is a social studies project. Check back for updates.

Next staff meeting 10/27 at 12:45

Thank you for the good discussion yesterday at the staff meeting. Our next staff meeting is Wednesday October 27th at 12:45 p.m.

Social Studies activity: Pony Express

  Miss Donna taught us all about the Pony Express Monday.  We learned that the Pony Express was only around for one year and a half along with many other interesting facts.  She also taught the class how to write and mail a letter.  We hope you are able to talk to your student about […]


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