Cooking project: pasta salad

 Thanks Miss Wendy for an easy, healthy cooking project.  Everyone was able to help cut and mix to prepare the salad if you wanted to try this at home.  Works great as a leftover meal too. Stay tuned for our next project next week.

Community outing: miniature golf

     Thank you Miss Wendy, Jackie, and Erin for taking Spencer, Stewart, Andi and Payton on the field trip Friday.  They had a blast!  Check in for our next adventure.

Art project: making a book

PTA volunteers taught our class how to make a storybook.  The students thought of a story and drew four pictures to tell that story.  Watch the clip to see everyone hard at work! The finished product:

Happy Valentine’s Day

Thanks for the yummy valentine’s yesterday for teachers and students.  Hope that wasn’t an overload yesterday when they came home.  And I hope you enjoyed the holiday at home with your families!

Science activity: Germs

  Thanks Erin for teaching us about bacteria and viruses.  We learned that we could all do a better job washing our hands to keep surfaces clean in the classroom.  And covering our mouth with our sleeve also helps keep hands and other surfaces clean!

Social Studies activity: Navajo fried bread

 Thanks Donna for an interesting lesson about the American Indians.  What a great idea to teach us how to make Navajo fried bread. It helped the students see, hear, and taste the Indian culture.  Here’s the recipe if you want to try this at home: Frybread 2 cups flour 3 tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt […]

100 days of school

Today was the 100th day of school. We celebrated by finding hidden objects in the room with numbers 1-100 on them and counting in order together.  Andi was great at keeping track of what number was next as we counted from 1 to 100. We also made a book about what we would buy with […]


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