Art project: Kaleidoscopes

  The kids LOVED this project. Thank you Donna for all your preparation. Next week’s project will be postponed until April 14th due to the field trip on Monday April 4th.  Miss Wendy is preparing a science project. Stay tuned.

Social Studies activity: maps

  Thanks Erin for a great interactive lesson on how to read a map.  She also made a book for the class to remember our adventure.  Stay tuned for our next activity on Monday the 28th.

Science project-Coke & Mentos experiment

Thanks Miss Claudy for an interesting science experiment.  Here’s the how and why to the experiment: The carbon dioxide in the soda is reacting to the “nucleation sites”, or small pores on the mentos, which releases the carbon dioxide causing it to fizz.  Moral of the story-don’t drink soda while eating a mentos. Stay tuned for […]


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