Social Studies: National Parks & Monuments

Thanks Miss Claudy for a fabulous activity about National Parks & Monuments.  The class really enjoyed the memory game. Next Monday Erin has an art project planned. Check back soon.

Science project: Dyeing Easter eggs

  Thanks Miss Wendy for a fun and festive science activity!  We had a blast. Next Monday Miss Claudy has a social studies project prepared. Check back soon.

Speech/language group: prepositions

Miss Rachel taught a great lesson today on prepositions (in front, behind, between, etc.) while they made a mask. 

Community Outing: Ogden Nature Center

The class had such a good time at the Ogden Nature Center. Thanks to Melissa Helmbrecht for coming and thanks to the Weber Foundation for funding the trip.

Pride week: Service project

During pride week our class participated in the school cleanup service project. 


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