Drama II -Portfolio and extra credit opportunity

We finished the portfolios in class today.

2.C (Use your lyric rewrite connections as evidence)

3.A (Should already have the rubric from research presentation at least as evidence. Pick one bullet point from the Theatre Foundations 1 outline to write about on your blue 3.A objective paper)

3.B (The portfolio is your evidence on this one. Reflect on your accomplishments this semester on the blue 3.B objective paper)

*If you have missing portfolio entries, complete them as well. I will not be checking portfolios again unless asked by a student. So if you have completed or will complete missing portfolios by Monday, you need to speak with me directly

*EXTRA CREDIT OPTION: Monday will be your last chance to turn in the extra credit option handed out at the beginning of May. Click here to see the assignment

Drama I: Mime

Click here to watch Marcel Marceau’s mime sketch The Masks 

After viewing the video write down the literal events of the mime story on a plot line. Then, write down what  you think was the theme of the story or what you think the story means. What is the metaphor?

Now watch ET the Mime’s sketch The Car. 

Hopefully you’ve seen enough inspiration because now it’s your turn. Write down a theme and a plot line for a 1 minute mime story to perform for the class on THURSDAY 5/18. You will perform on that day, so be sure to rehearse and memorize your mime story – no verbal sounds, only imaginary objects, your movement tells the whole story. Here’s a link to the rubric

Drama I – Pantomime Vs. Mime

Click here to see the PANTOMIME VS. MIME table. Rewrite the table in your own words in your journal to demonstrate your mastery of the concepts.

Click here to watch the video SILENT STORYTELLING, THE ART OF MIME and write down the symbolism of the white makeup, the black eyebrows, and the black tears.

Drama I – Pantomime Day

If you were absent today, please get all notes from a classmate’s journal and watch the following 3 videos. Watching the videos will help you understand the notes. We will be referencing Damir Dantes for the next few days and he will be on the test, so it’s important to view the clips.

Drama I pre-assessment

Click here to take the “move it, move it!” pre-assessment

(if link above won’t work, try copy and pasting this into a new tab:    https://goo.gl/forms/OhrGt3C4IfiDYiGp1   )


Lyric rewrite assignment and portfolio

Click here to view the assignment. Read all directions carefully.


Also, we updated the portfolio with 2.D (use Newsies notes as evidence) and 2.E (pick a favorite warm up and write down the directions for how to play it. Use this as evidence)

Drama I

Update portfolio standard 2 Acting with the following objectives

  • 2.c (use script with notes on emotions of character for evidence)
  • 2.d (use character sketch and scene it rubric for evidence)
  • 2.e (write about the rehearsal process and basic staging and active listening skill. We will use the letter you wrote to next year’s Drama I student as evidence)

Drama II

Don’t forget to bring your physical copy of the lyrics/scene script on Tuesday 5/9 (they were due yesterday, this is just a reminder)

Drama I letter writing assignment

Click here to view the assignment and grading rubric.

NEWSIES assignment

Click here for assignment: Newsies song and character analysis 

Song list: Carrying the Banner, Santa Fe, The World Will Know, Seize the Day, King of New York, High Times Hard Times, Seize the Day (chorale), Santa Fe (reprise), Once and for All, The World Will Know (reprise), Carrying the Banner Finale


EXTRA CREDIT click here for extra credit assignment