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Oct 2011

To draw into, to involve, to attract and hold, is a short definition within Webster’s Dictionary, the word being defined is: ENGAGEMENT. It sounds plain as day, easy to do, right?. Ignoring the references to marriage, courtship and matrimony the reader can gain an understanding that engaging a person, or in this writing a student, […]

Aug 2010
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Is the term “DRAFTSMAN” a 1955 term?    This term might even be sexist, outdated, silly and irrelevant.  it has been replaced in most progressive companies with “Designer”.  The term “Draftsman” is about as relevant as the term “Blacksmith”, “Shoe cobler” or “Milkman”.   At best, entry level employees are called “Drafters”.  Most large companies promote their people to […]

Sep 2009

As a CTE Coordinator responsible for the initiation and sustainment of the Project Lead The Way program here in Weber District, I have been made aware of statistics that support our student populaton growth over the last five years.  A growth rate of some 142% in Weber District since the program’s inception in 2004-05!  At this time I would […]

Mar 2009

Relevance is a term often used to refer to the ability to connect one concept to another fact or information  previously known to a person.  Defined, it is stated as something that is comparative, meaningful only in relationship to something else, corresponding to; in proportion to; that the basis of judgement is relative, differing according to events, persons, etc.   It […]

Jan 2009
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     The start of a new school year brought about many new things to incorporate within the confines of our daily classrooms.  Video capabilities, blog sites, student feedback systems (clickers) to name a few.  The most notable has been Weber District’s and CTE’s desire to create a greater awareness towards the use of math skills within courses.   Math Coaches were assigned to quarterly […]

What do kids need?   What a question and to who are you asking it?  If you ask the kid on the front row of your class today it would stimulate a variety of responses dependent on the time or season at hand.   More holidays, more cell minutes or even tickets to Stephanie Myer’s Twilight .   I was prompted to bring to your […]

Nov 2007
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ITEA conference:  Opportunity extended to Physics/TechED. instructors in the jr.High’s to attend ITEA conference.   Conference to be held February 21,22, and Saturday the 23rd.  CTE will cover the costs of membership, registration, mileage and educational leave for conference attendance.   No overnight stays are covered!. In the past, this has been a great conference and we feel […]