Aug 27 2015

German Class resources

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German Disclosure 2017-18

1st year vocab cards
2nd year vocab cards
3rd year vocab cards
link to textbook

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  1. Austin Nebekeron 01 Sep 2015 at

    Period 3
    we read the disclosure.
    Jenny Nebeker
    Austin nebeker

  2. hzentzon 14 Sep 2015 at


  3. logan tubbson 07 Oct 2015 at

    Hallo herr Zentz

  4. Ryan Angleseyon 20 Nov 2015 at

    Du bist die beste leher in der wald. Danke fur alles.

  5. Benjamin Burrupon 10 Mar 2016 at

    Hallo Herr Zentz!! du bist sehr toll!!

  6. ADOLFon 08 Sep 2016 at

    hallo herr zentz

  7. hzentzon 19 Sep 2016 at

    Guten Morgen Adolf! Wie geht’s?

  8. rory woodwardon 15 Sep 2016 at

    Hallo herr zentz! guten morgen

  9. hzentzon 19 Sep 2016 at

    Guten Morgen! Viel Spass in der Deutschklasse!

  10. cooper clarkeon 16 Sep 2016 at

    Guten tag Herr Zentz! Du ist meine lieblings lerher!

  11. hzentzon 19 Sep 2016 at

    Danke, Cooper! Deutsch macht mir auch Spass!

  12. Caydenon 20 Sep 2016 at

    Guten Tag Herr Zentz mien lieblings classa ist duetsch
    (I forgot how to say class in German)

  13. Kyra Wrighton 20 Sep 2016 at

    1st period
    Hallo Herr Zentz! Wie gehts?

  14. ADOLFon 23 Sep 2016 at

    sehr gut, danke. und dir?

  15. hzentzon 26 Sep 2016 at

    Auch gut! Danke. Viel Spass beim Oktoberfest!

  16. Adolfon 29 Sep 2016 at

    danke. ich werde. gleichfalls!

  17. Maikon 29 Sep 2016 at

    Gutenmorgen, Herr Zentz! Oktoberfest ist super!

  18. Mitchellon 03 Nov 2016 at

    Ich geh’ mit meiner Laterne
    und meine Laterne mit mir.
    Dort oben leuchten die Sterne,
    und unten,da leuchten wir.
    Mein Licht ist aus,
    ich geh’ nach Haus,
    Rabimmel, rabammel, Rabum

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Oct 14 2011

Intro Page

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Willkommen zu Herr Zentz’s Blog!

Deutsch ist Wunderbar! Super Toll! Ausgezeichnet!

Click here first for all students!

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  1. tucker stuarton 11 Mar 2013 at

    german rocks

  2. isaac okelberryon 09 Apr 2013 at

    Isaac Okelberry
    41,500 died in one day at a death camp
    200,000 were captured all over Europe
    extermination camp were place all around Europe to kill the rest of the Jews.
    2.1 to 2.5 million killed in gas chambers, 2million of them were Jews.
    the main camp was named Auschwitz.
    they used Zyklon-B poison gas and three crematoria.
    Adolf Hitler was ruler of Germany during the world war 2.
    he tried to wipe out the entire Jewis population in Germany.

  3. Chase Carveron 09 Apr 2013 at

    Chase Carver
    41,500 died in 1 day.
    There were up to 7 gas chambers in the camps.
    Auschwitz was divided in three camps.
    They would use Zyklon-B poison gas.

  4. bryson hesson 09 Apr 2013 at

    Bryson Hess
    On March 22, 1933 after Adolf Hitler was appointed they made a camp that held prisoners. This camp was the model for all later concentration camps. In the twelve years of this camp 200.00 people and some were also in some of the subsidary camps. 41,500 were murdered, then american troops came and saved them. The Auschwitz camp was set up in three parts. The first part is the entrance. The second part is the place where they sent people to other camps to work. The third is the last and they would have slave labor for the factory plant.

  5. Beau Herrickon 09 Apr 2013 at

    Beau Herrick P.1 4/9/13
    There was a concentration camp in Dachau. 200,000 people were sent to the camp, 41,500 people were murdered of them. On April 29, 19 troops
    liberated the living.

    Next is Auschwitz, is was located in Poland. And established on May 26th 1940. The liberation happened on January 27th 1945. It has been estimated that this camp has seen 2.5 to 4 million deaths. This was no concentration camp it was a death camp. Just to get rid of people. An example would be all of the different gas chambers. First the Jews would be undressed and put in the chambers. In about 20 min. it was over. Then they were taken to giant oven and burned, first all of the valueables were taken off of them before hand.

  6. Mitch Henrieon 09 Apr 2013 at

    Mitch Henrie
    In Auschwitz 2.1 to 2.5 Million people died! I just think that’s crazy because that was just at one camp, That means if I were to Kill 100 people an hour every day for an etintire year or even five years that still wouldn’t even be half the people that were killed at this one camp.
    Auschwitz had 3 parts to the camp. First they had stammlager and this was the main camp and where they did a lot of the killing. The second part of the camp was called Birkenau and this was called the extermenation part of the camp and this was where most of the killing was. The last main section of the camp was called monowitz and this was where the Jewish were kept to work.

  7. jaxon crowtheron 09 Apr 2013 at

    Jaxon Crowther
    On May 26, 1940 the Auschwitz or “Death Camp” was created. In just two years they killed 2.1-2.4 million in gas chambers 2 million of those were Jews, and Poles, Gypsies,and Soviet POW’s. And 330,000 other cases of death. The main camp population in December 1942 went from 18,000 to 30,000 in March of 1943.

  8. chandler clarkon 09 Apr 2013 at

    Chandler Clark
    there were more than 4 million
    the main camp had 30 thousand in 1943
    200,000 people passed through Auschwitz and survived
    they had many gas chambers
    348,820 men’s clothing items were found in a pit
    41,500 were killed on April 29 1945
    about 10,000 Pows died in process of construction
    there are 41,000 camps

  9. Carter Langon 09 Apr 2013 at

    Carter Lang

    Camp called Auschwitz-Birkenau-name means the death factory
    many gas chambers
    2.1 to 2.5 million deaths
    330,000 other deaths of other causes
    over 42,000 camps that formed the nazi regime
    auschwitz, warsaw, treblika, dachau were all common camp names
    between july 22 and september 12, 1942, german authorities murdered aroud 300,000 jews in the warsaw ghetto
    they used tattooing to mark the jews numbers on their left breast and then moved it to the inner forearm

  10. cooper clarkeon 09 Apr 2013 at

    The Dachau camp was a training center for SS concentration camp guards, and the camp’s organization and routine became the model for all Nazi concentration camps. The camp was divided into two sections–the camp area and the crematoria area. The camp area consisted of 32 barracks, including one for clergy imprisoned for opposing the Nazi regime and one reserved for medical experiments. The camp administration was located in the gatehouse at the main entrance. The camp area had a group of support buildings, containing the kitchen, laundry, showers, and workshops, as well as a prison block or bunker(call it what you will) . The courtyard between the prison and the central kitchen was used for the summary execution of prisoners. An electrified barbed-wire fence, a ditch, and a wall with seven guard towers surrounded the camp.
    i adapted this from adapted by dr ron kraus
    credit to ron kraus

  11. Austin Hoggeon 09 Apr 2013 at

    Austin Hogge
    3rd Period
    The Nazis tested on the Jews in their concentration camps. They tried to regrow nerves and perform bone transplantions. They tried poisoning the prisoners. They also froze them to death and put them into pressure chambers to imitate the effects of extremely high altitudes. They burned Jews with Incendiary Bombs to find out ways to help their own soldiers, they did the same with Lost or Mustard Gas. They tried to find the cure for malaria by getting the prisoners sick with malaria, unfortunately most of the Jews that were tested on died.

  12. Emily Ruppon 09 Apr 2013 at

    Auschwitz is one of the most known death camps. When it was first built most of the inmates were Polish, but then later it became a prison mostly for Jews. In a little over a year at Auschwitz 175,000 Jews were gassed to death. After they gassed them, sometimes they would put all their bodies in pits and burned their bodies. It’s estimated that only 200,000 people passed through Auschwitz and lived. There are many stories of people being kidnapped and taken to concentration camps. There are also many stories of people being told they were leaving the camps and actually being taken to gas chambers. The Holocaust was an awful event and it should have never happened.

  13. Kenzie Deanon 09 Apr 2013 at

    the camp was divided into 3 seections there was alot of deaths they also had alot of locked or seald rooms auswitez did alot of terible experements to the jews and alot of them died and the rest had tarable injuries and suferd greatly there were 43525 pairs of shoes the jews had very harsh lifes and were not treated right they had little to no food and at the death camps your objective was not to work they would just kill you insted
    the leader of most of the experaments name in the main camp was joesph mengele
    he did very creul experaments to the jews one involved 3000 children and almost all of them died others sufferdby injuries or sever pain

  14. sydnee chuggon 09 Apr 2013 at

    I think that is very sad how they would kill so many Jews every day. I think it is weird how they would let some stay in the Ghetto and then kill others. Why would they even do that to them it is so sad. I can’t even believe they would even do that to little kids. It was divided into 3 main camps. The camp population was 10,900. 2.5 million were gased and killed and 2 million was jews. Murdered around 300,000 Jews in the Ghetto.

  15. alex schmidton 09 Apr 2013 at

    the camp was divided into 3 seections there was alot of deaths they also had alot of locked or seald rooms auswitez did alot of terible experements to the jews and alot of them died and the rest had tarable injuries and suferd greatly there were 43525 pairs of shoes the jews had very harsh lifes and were not treated right they had little to no food and at the death camps your objective was not to work they would just kill you insted
    the leader of most of the experaments name in the main camp was joesph mengele
    he did very creul experaments to the jews one involved 3000 children and almost all of them died others sufferdby injuries or sever pain

  16. Joeon 09 Apr 2013 at

    After 2 weeks of being the Reich chancellor Adolf Hitler set up a concentration camp in Dachau. During the 12 years of binging around it held over 200,000 persons from all over Europe 41,500 were murdered on April 29, 1945 american troops liberated the survivors.

  17. Talon Smouton 09 Apr 2013 at

    Talon Smout
    It happened march 22 1933.
    It went on for twelve years.
    Over 4 milion people were captured.
    4 milion of the people were murdered.
    In april 1945 America finally helped.
    They used a gas chamber to kill them.
    In three months the population grew from 18,000 to 30,000.
    2.5 milion got murdered in gas chambers.
    There were over 40,000 camps.
    There was alot of slavery.

  18. Brayden Buehleron 09 Apr 2013 at

    Brayden Buehler
    It started march 22 1933
    Many of the jews were experimented on.
    About 6,250,000 jews were killed by the nazis.
    2.5 million jews were killed in gas chambers.
    The final solouton involved making jews line up and shooting them, and then they drop into massive holes.
    In polish alone there was about 3,000,000 jews killed about half of the entire slaughter.
    They would experiment on the jews with incendinary bombs and much more.
    There were six death camps alone in poland.
    They nearly made the jews in poland go completely extinct.
    Denmark had very few jews killed due to that they hid all of them.
    Dachau was the first concentration camp for political prisoners.
    Auschwitz had three camp sections.

  19. Jurgenon 26 Aug 2013 at

    i have read the disclousere and i agree to it

  20. loganon 26 Aug 2013 at

    you are my farorite class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Kandenon 10 Sep 2013 at

    Yo hablo español sólo porqueno soy un alemán

  22. hzentzon 11 Sep 2013 at

    No habla espanol. Aber ich spreche deutsch.

  23. Austin Hoggeon 11 Sep 2013 at

    hi Mr. Zentz

  24. hzentzon 12 Sep 2013 at

    Hallo Austin! Wie geht’s?

  25. zachon 11 Sep 2013 at

    one thing of beer costs 29 dollars

  26. zachon 11 Sep 2013 at

    every year they have beer tents that people go and by beer

  27. zachon 11 Sep 2013 at

    the biggest tent is 8450 people

  28. zachon 11 Sep 2013 at

    109 oxen where roasted one time

  29. brendanon 11 Sep 2013 at

    Brendan pereiod 1
    1. About one million liters of beer and about nine oxen have already been sold.
    2. Designed by art-student Aki Sämmer, the official Oktoberfest 2013 logo can also be found on the official collectors’ mug.
    3. “Everybody can see his own Oktoberfest in this illustration”, remarked the head of the Oktoberfest committee Dieter Reiter.
    4. It is true that the Oktoberfest-visitor doesn’t have it easy: with 14 tents to choose from, and each one more awesome than the other!
    5. Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival celebrating beer held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Running from late September to the first weekend in October
    6. Horse races in the presence of the Royal Family marked the close of the event that was celebrated as a festival for the whole of Bavaria.
    7. From 1914 to 1918, World War I prevented the celebration of Oktoberfest. In 1919 and 1920, the two years after the war, Munich celebrated only an “Autumn Fest.”

  30. zachon 11 Sep 2013 at

    ther are 7 million people that attend it each year

  31. cooper clarkeon 11 Sep 2013 at

    guten tag

  32. cooper clarkeon 11 Sep 2013 at

    guten morgen,tag,nacht
    the beer pric has changed to 950 dollars this year

  33. cooper clarkeon 11 Sep 2013 at


  34. Beau Herrickon 11 Sep 2013 at

    1.Over 4000 things are lost each year at Oktoberfest (phones, wallets, glasses, and somtimes a pair of dentures.)
    2. Beer at Oktoberfest, isv35 cents more than last year.
    3. The 2013 Oktoberfest, is the 180th Oktoberfest.
    4. There is 7.1 million liters of beer is gone through during Oktoberfest.
    5. There is 980 toilet seats in Oktoberfest.
    6. 119 units of Oxen is eaten at Oktoberfest.
    7. Over 103 acres is used for Oktoberfest.

  35. chandler clarkon 11 Sep 2013 at

    the october fest has been going scince 1908.
    there are 78 tons of garbage every year.
    6.4 million visitors each year.
    they have 16 million leters a year.
    there a 600 lost cruches every year.
    4,000 things are lost each year.
    there are 34 beer tents.
    the largest tent can hold over 8400 people inside at once.
    they lost one set of denchers.
    early one day day they take 1600 preschoolers
    there are 1678 tons of human waist every day

  36. Talon Hullon 11 Sep 2013 at

    oktoberfest has its very own collectors mug. 15 percent of people at the festival
    are from foreign countries. the festival is spread out over 103 acres. there are nearly 100 tons of waste created from oktoberfest. there are almost 300,000 pork sausages eaten at the festival. there is 7,100,000 liters of beer at the festival. the festival has over 6.4 million visitors.

  37. izaak gon 11 Sep 2013 at

    1.over 4000 things are lost and found at oktoberfest each year,
    2.most people say that the beer is the most important part,
    3.oktoberfest is the biggest people fest in the world,
    4.more that 7 million liters are drunken at oktoberfest, takes 10 weeks to set up oktoberfest.

  38. Talon Smouton 11 Sep 2013 at

    2010 is the 200th anneversary, a pipe bomb was set off in 1980, in 1999 6.5 million people came, in 2004 there was 678 tons of trash.

  39. Gracie Ballardon 11 Sep 2013 at

    1. Traditional bavarian Costumes are worn
    2. 116 oxen, 57 calves, 6.9 million liters of beer are consumed each year
    3. 6.4 million visitors
    4. its held in theresienwiese
    5. The “historical okttoberfest” only occurd in 2010 because the 200 hundreth anniversiry.
    6.”wiesn” is quiet with special beer
    7. 4,00 euro entry fee

  40. Jennifer Keeneyon 14 Sep 2013 at

    Guten Morgen Herr Zentz! Oktoberfest was so AWESOME!!!!! I loved it! I soo can’t wait for next year!

  41. taylor chuggon 30 Sep 2013 at

    Gutentag Herr. zentz i have read the disclosure statement and i agree to it.

  42. emily jacksonon 02 Oct 2013 at

    du klasse ist toll

  43. Kellan Munoon 12 Dec 2013 at

    thanks for making class intresting always sincerly kellan ps i like short letters/ comments

  44. talon smouton 20 Dec 2013 at


  45. cooper clarkeon 31 Jan 2014 at

    how do we get our grade up in this class

  46. hzentzon 03 Feb 2014 at

    Cooper, come talk to me! Just do the work and make up what you have missed!

  47. cooper clarkeon 12 Mar 2014 at

    danke herr Zents, deutsch class ist sehr toll ich liebe deine class

  48. KELLAN MUNOon 15 Apr 2014 at

    im so excited for PYSANKI…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Gustavon 05 May 2014 at

    Gustav war hier!

  50. Jordan Curranon 10 Sep 2014 at

    Deutsch klasse ist die beste!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Elisabeth Tayloron 22 Sep 2014 at

    Halo Herr. Zentz, I was wondering what we did on fritag… I wasn’t here, and I can’t find it on the calender.


  52. Jordan Curranon 01 Oct 2014 at

    Hey Herr Zentz is there a way I can get an A+ In this klasse? I know you have to get 103% to get it up how do I get extra credit???????????

  53. Svenon 26 Aug 2015 at

    Ich bin cool, bist du cool?

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Aug 23 2011

Deutsch Comics

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Hier is a link to a  short video with several Garfield Comics.  They are in German, but are easily understood if you know a little German.  Enjoy!

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Aug 22 2011


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This page is only for Orion Jr. I will tell you if you need to look for materials on this page…

Contact Herr Zentz at 801-452-4700 ; Fax # 801-452-4777
I am here shortly after 7 am until about 11 am. If you need to reach me later, contact North Ogden Jr. High.

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Aug 22 2011


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This page is only for North Ogden Jr. I will tell you if you need to look for materials on this page…

Contact Herr Zentz at 801-452-4800 ; Fax # 801-452-4839
I am here shortly after 11am until about 4 pm. If you need to reach me earlier, contact Orion Jr.

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Aug 22 2009

Resources…all paperwork!

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German Disclosure 2016-17


German Unit Outlines for all levels


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Aug 07 2008

About Herr Zentz

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If you are looking for info on Herr Zentz, you should ask one of his 6 children or his wife, or even better, his new granddaughter!  They’ll probably say he loves teaching German, that he likes to do stuff outside, and that he wishes he could get his bees to work a little harder!

He’s at least 3 times as old as his students.   He forgets names.  He likes the two jokes he can still remember.  Otherwise he seems to be an okay guy.  Sign up for his German class and see for yourself.  Auf Wiedersehen!



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