February 11th-14th

Happy Valentines!! :) No School on Friday or Next Monday for Presidents Day.

We will be having our Valentines Party at 10:45 A.M. on Thursday, February 14th. Students can bring boxes to collect valentines. If students would like to bring Valentines for classmates, we have 26 students in our class.

Monday: Math Module 5 Lesson 19

Tuesday: Math Module 5 (touching on Lesson 20-21) Lesson 22

Wednesday: Math Module 5 Lesson 23

Thursday: Math Module 5 Lesson 24

Friday:  No School

Reading: 20 mins. each night


Vocab and Spelling Test will be Next week.


Apply Vocabulary Knowledge

Classroom Collaboration Read aloud each of the following questions. Have students discuss their answers. Allow several students to

respond to each question to provide a variety of possible responses for discussion. ELA L.4.6

1. What kinds of organisms would you see at an aquarium?

2. How could you directly help the environment?

3. How would too much rain affect an environment?

4. Where might you find traces of animal tracks?

5. How would you feel if you had to cross a vast field on a rainy day?

6. What kind of habitats could a squirrel live in?

7. Where could you find a variety of fruits and vegetables?

8. Where might you see different species of fish?

9. Should campfires be banned during a dry summer? Why or why not?

10. How is the Earth protected from too much radiation 

Spelling Words:

1. tiniest 2. hobbies 3.copied 4.countries 5.pitied 6.easier 7.laziest

8.families 9.spied 10.happiest 11.ladies 12.friendlier

13.studied 14.busier 15.breezier 16.prettiest 17.noisier 18.healthier 19.butterflies 20.funniest

Challenge Words: 

heaviest, categories, communities, multiplied, qualities


February 4th-8th


Dear Parents,

We have Parent teacher Conferences, this Wednesday and Thursday. If you haven’t been able to sign up please let me know and I can schedule a time! :) I can’t wait to talk to you about your amazing Children! I so enjoy their fun and cute personalities! Due to us having Parent Teacher conferences, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be early out days. Please plan accordingly.

Monday: Module 5 Lesson 15

Tuesday: Module 5 Lesson 16

Wednesday: Module 5 Lesson 17

Thursday: Module 5 Lesson 18

Friday: Module 5 Lesson 19 

Reading: Please have your students read 20 mins every night :)


turkey lonely colony steady hungry valley hockey

starry melody movie duty drowsy chimney plenty

daily alley fifty empty injury prairie


1. What are some examples of social animals or insects you have seen?

2. What places do you go where exchanges of information take place?

3. If you have excess food in your lunchbox, what do you do?

4. What activities reinforce your friendships with others?

5. What are some storage spaces at your school?

6. When have you had to transport things?

7. What do houses have that resemble chambers?

8. What equipment or supplies are scarce in your school?

9. Why might obstacles occur on a street or highway?

10. Who do you know who transfers knowledge and skill to others? Describe what he or she does.

*Our spelling and Vocab Test will be on Friday :)

January 22nd-25th

Math : Module 5

Tuesday: Lesson 8

Wednesday: Lesson 9-10

Thursday: Lesson 11

Friday: Lesson 12

Reading: Reading 20 mins. each night


1. If a vase on a counter suddenly trembles, what might be the cause, other than an earthquake?

2. Where might you see wreckage?

3. What are some things that have the shape of a slab?

4. Which two possessions are most valuable to you?

5. How is a single-family home similar to and different from a tenement?

6. What foods or drinks are made by crushing the ingredients?

7. Where have you seen piles of rubble?

8. What should people do with household debris, such as garden clippings, food scraps, and old appliances?

9. Have you ever seen a building made of timbers? Describe it.

10. When have you constructed something? Tell about it.


rising traced stripped slammed dancing striped winning

snapping bragging handled dripped begged dared skipped

hitting spotted raced dimmed spinning escaped

Spelling and Vocab Tests will be on Friday 

January 14th-18th

Math Lessons for this week: Fractions :)

Math module 5 Lesson 4 homework

Math module 5 Lesson 5 homework

Math module 5 Lesson 6 homework

Math module 5 Lesson 7 homework

Math module 5 Lesson  8 homework

I’ve asked students to finish their vocabulary, slide show, presentation.



somebody fireplace nearby toothbrush homesick make-believe anything all right

goodbye forehead classmate flashlight haircut twenty-two driveway

alarm clock baby-sit airport forever mailbox

VOCAB: whirling, rapidly, condense, source, rotating, rage, ancient, predict,                       registered, experience

Help for vocab discussions:

1. What kinds of things might you see whirling in the wind?

2. What is something that should never be done rapidly?

3. When does water condense on the outside of a glass?

4. What is the source of the food you ate for breakfast?

5. What is something that is constantly rotating?

6. Describe a time when you saw a storm rage. What was it like to experience that force of nature?

7. What would you like to know about people who lived in ancient times?

8. Were you ever able to correctly predict an event? Describe that time.

9. If the air temperature registered 102°, what would you want to do?

10. Describe an experience where you have seen some pretty bad weather.

January 7th-10th (No School on Friday)

Monday: Module 5 Lesson 1 Fractions

Tuesday: Module 5 Lesson 2 adding unit Fractions

Wednesday: Module 5 Lesson 3 Multiplying Fractions

Thursday: Module 5 Lesson 3&4 Fractions

Friday: Module 5 Lesson 5 Fractions

Every night:

Reading 20 mins.

We can always always use practice on our Multiplication facts and Division!

Students will not be having the usual spelling test or Vocabulary Test this week.

January 3rd-4th

Welcome Back! Ready or not here we go :)

*We will be having our Vocab Test, from a couple of weeks ago, tomorrow (Friday, January 4th (Lesson 10).

*Thursday: Students have 20 mins. of reading, 15 mins. of Times table practice, Paragraph and Brainstorm, and Spelling in cursive work page, and Planner.

* Friday: Students have 20 mins. of Reading, 15 mins. of Times table or division practice.

December 17th- December 21st

Happy Holidays!

It’s almost Time for our Break! :) Boy are we ready!

Friday will be our Sing-along- Christmas program at 9:00 A.M. Friday is also early out.


Monday- Friday: Students will be working on Module 4 of Eureka math Learning about Geometry


Students will be taking their vocabulary Test on Wednesday (words from last week).

Please make sure students are filling out their Reading 30 books challenge!

Each night Students are assigned to read 20 mins.

Please make sure students are continuing to study multiplication and division facts.

See you all next year! 😉

December 10th-14th

We are wrapping up our division, students just finished their division test and we are moving on to Geometry. Division and Multi-digit multiplication is a big feat in fourth grade! Way to go 4th Graders! :) We are continuously working every night on our Basic multiplication facts and basic Division facts.

Monday: Math Module 4 Geometric vocabulary

Tuesday: Module 4 Lesson 2

Wednesday: Module 4 Lesson 3

Thursday: Module 4 Lesson 4

Friday: Module 4 Lesson 5

Spelling and Vocabulary: (*Test will be on Friday)


  1. Debut
  2. Stubborn
  3. Permission
  4. Hauling
  5. Mournful
  6. Towered
  7. Triumph
  8. Discouraged
  9. Border
  10. Toured


  1. learn
  2. worth
  3. dirty
  4. early
  5. worn
  6. return
  7. sore
  8. thirst
  9. pure
  10. world
  11. burn
  12. search
  13. record
  14. worse
  15. cure
  16. thirteen
  17. board
  18. sport
  19. course
  20. current

December 3rd- December 7th

Math: Students will be taking their math Division test on Wednesday

Reading: Students will be taking their Vocabulary tests on Wednesday as well. The vocabulary words will be the same words as last week

Vocabulary for Lesson 9 :

  1. reference used for information
  2. borrow use for a while
  3. local in a nearby area
  4. fault a mistake
  5. apologize say “I’m sorry”
  6. insisted said firmly
  7. fainted passed out
  8. proof showing truth
  9. Genuine honest, real
  10. slimy thick and slippery

***Please make sure students are practicing math facts and reading every night for at least 20 mins.



November 26th-30th

For This week Students will be working on Division, We will be getting to the standard algorithm (the way we all learned it) this week, but we are starting with another method called Big 7. This method we will be worked on in class. We will start working on more math homework at home and school around Wednesday or Thursday.

*Please make sure Students are reading 20 mins each night, and spend at least 15 to 20 mins. on practicing times tables.

Vocabulary for Lesson 9 :

  1. reference used for information
  2. borrow use for a while
  3. local in a nearby area
  4. fault a mistake
  5. apologize say “I’m sorry”
  6. insisted said firmly
  7. fainted passed out
  8. proof showing truth
  9. Genuine honest, real
  10. slimy thick and slippery


  1. spark

  2. prepare

  3. cheer

  4. scarf

  5. scare

  6. repair

  7. earring

  8. scarce

  9. weird

  10. sharp

  11. rear

  12. spare

  13. upstairs

  14. gear

  15. tear

  16. hairy

  17. compare

  18. alarm

  19. harsh

  20. square