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17th August 2009

Lunch With Mr. Demtrak

22 August, 2008


Dear Parents,


Some students also demonstrate an inability to follow classroom procedures and rules. We are all here attempting to help your child achieve the greatest success possible.  My goal is to keep all students in the classroom and keep them on pace with their peers.  My goal remains the same but individual students will not be allowed to interfere with the education of others by their behavior.  Therefore, I am telling you, in this letter, they will be shown how to exercise personal responsibility.  After-school detention gets too complicated with who takes the bus and who does not.  Thus, I shall be inviting your child to:


Lunch with Mr. Demtrak.


Students will pick up their lunches and eat with me or if they choose not to show I will escort them.  If they have second lunch they will eat in my room, the main office, or the hall outside my door.


For most of my students this is not a problem; however, it is pertinent to make this disclosure to all.  Please sign below; this is one of the first assignments of the semester. Your signature signifies that, when necessary, I have your permission to invite your child to Lunch with Mr. D.  If you have concerns or would prefer your child to have after-school detention, contact me at:  476-5277.  Thank you for your cooperation.




Jay Demtrak                                                            Signed_______________________

                                                                                           Parent/ Guardian


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15th August 2008

Making a PowerPoint Presentation

how to do PowerPointThese are some directions to make a PowerPoint presentation the kids can use to help with their classes throughout school.

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15th August 2008

FF Powerpoint

FFL PowerPointHere’s a powerpoint to help you and your student.

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15th August 2008

Welcome to Mr. Demtrak’s Blog!

Here is the place to be if your student has a class with me.  Will everything rhyme?  Not all the time.  English 8 and Math 7;  fewer papers to carry is a little bit of heaven. 

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15th August 2008

Fantasy Football

Here are some things to use for FF.  Also, on the blogroll you can click the links to go to or to get statistics.

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