Preparing for End of Level Testing – A Few Suggestions
Mar 28th, 2013 by Mrs. Eastman

During the last week of April students will begin end of level testing. Kindergarten through third grade will be tested on reading proficiency. Third grade through sixth grade will be testing on proficiency in language arts, math, and science. The information from these tests is used to guide and evaluate instruction. Because of their importance, these tests have garnered the term, “high-stakes.”
You can help your student prepare in many ways. First, help your student develop stamina in reading by having your student read 20-30 minutes each day. Much reading is required on the end-of-level tests.
Secondly, consistently praising effort over ability is a simple practice that can have important payoffs. You student will learn that effort and persistence through academic challenges will lead to success. Remember, the brain can grow like a muscle through effort.
Thirdly, help your student set high goals and develop a healthy attitude of optimism in working to reach those goals. Provide the support and environment that will enable the achievement of those goals.
Parents, your students are absolutely awesome! We love them and want the best for each one of them. As home and school work together, incredible things take place!  Thank you for your support!

Safety in our Schools
Mar 20th, 2013 by Mrs. Eastman

In the desire to increase the safety of our students in our schools, Weber School District is doing a fundraiser during the week of March 18-22.  Our goal at Majestic Elementary is to raise $2,000.  This amount will be matched by a grant from the Weber Foundation.  The money raised will go toward surveillance cameras in the school.  Thank you for your contributions.  So far we have raised $1,000.

Literacy Night at the Treehouse
Mar 20th, 2013 by Mrs. Eastman

Majestic families, thank you so much for your attendance at the Treehouse for our Literacy Night! It was a wonderful event and we appreciate so much your support!

Raise a Responsible Student Who Takes School Seriously
Feb 8th, 2013 by Mrs. Eastman

One of your child’s biggest responsibilities is being a good student. Doing well in school is a key to enjoying life! It’s hard to imagine paying bills without knowing math, for example, or voting in an election without understanding history.
In order to be effective students, kids must take the job seriously – and that requires parents’ support. It’s important to:
– Make learning a priority. Explore the world with your child. Visit the library, try new foods and take nature walks. Play games (such as Monopoly) to build important skills. Show your child that learning is actually fun.
– Encourage perseverance. Kids need parents’ encouragement to keep trying when homework and other tasks are tough. When your child is tempted to give up, provide guidance and a positive outlook. “Let’s review the instructions again. I know you can do this!” Compliment effort and progress.
– Enforce routines. Kids need help creating and sticking with routines that lead to success, such as going to bed, waking up, reading and studying at the same times each day.
– Wonder together. Instead of providing answers, let your child take charge sometimes. If he asks you, “Who was the second president?” help him/her find the answer. Use it as an opportunity to learn about other things, too. “I wonder who the second vice president was. Let’s find out.”
Source: L. Markham, “How Your Child Can Be an A Student,” Aha! Parenting,

E-books in the classroom and at home!
Jan 15th, 2013 by Mrs. Eastman


Exciting news!  Now our students can check out e-books from the school library.  Please visit the school website for detailed instructions.  E-books can be checked out for two weeks at a time and can be viewed on a Kindle, Nook, or even a home computer.  The school district has invested into over 3,000 e-books.  Go to the district website and look on the lower right under the heading “Quick Links” and browse the e-book titles.  The student will need a log-in number which can be obtained from his/her classroom teacher.  First classroom I-pads and now e-books.  Wow, are classrooms changing fast!



Author Talk with Judy Dodson – Reading and Background Knowledge
Dec 5th, 2012 by Mrs. Eastman

Author Talk with Judy Dodson

Parent Helps for Language Arts Core Standards
Oct 2nd, 2012 by Mrs. Eastman


You can make a difference in your child’s education as you provide activities that support the standards that are taught in the classroom.  Student achievement is accelerated with your help.  There are many parent resources available to assist you in your quest to help your child in mastering the new state language arts standards.  Click here to access some brochures with information which should help you in working with your student to master the grade level expectations as outlined in the new language arts core standards. We know that parent involvement in education is a vital part of the home/school connection.  Majestic families are the best!   Your dedication is felt every day in this building.  Thank you so much for all your do for our school and our students.

Mrs. Eastman

IPADS in the Classroom
Aug 30th, 2012 by Mrs. Eastman

Technology is a tool that teachers have at their disposal to improve learning. This year, each of our classrooms will have the opportunity to run small group instruction using IPADS. This will allow teachers to differentiate instruction in the classrooms. It is an exciting development in our school. Tools are extensions of the communities they serve and in most of our students’ communities, there is a heightened expectation that technology will play a critical role in their lives and in the lives of their parents and other adults. If school is presumed to be an extension of the communities they serve, then our students’ experiences have to be authentic, and include the use of technology. IPADS will serve as a mechanism to supporting stuent learning. In my view, technology expands teachers’ capacity to personalize, customize, and differentiate instruction and to help prepare our students for the future.

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