2017-2018 School Year

Posted on August 28th, 2017 in by jahadley

Please feel Free to contact me for any reason or any class at jahadley@wsd.net

7th Grade Math

Please go to Mrs. Holtry’s Blog for everything. http://blog.wsd.net/anholtry/

Academic Support

Please see Disclosure and feel free to e-mail me at jahadley@wsd.net.

8th Grade Co-taught with Mr. Hanes

Please go to Mr. Hanes’s Blog for everything.  http://blog.wsd.net/jahanes/

9th Grade Math Co-taught with Youngberg

Please go to Ms. Youngberg’s Blog for everything. http://blog.wsd.net/nayoungberg/

8th Grade Resource Math Class

Please e-mail me at jahadley@wsd.net if you have any questions.



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