Kinder News September 17, 2018

We are finished with the color days and wow what a hit they were.  The children loved the delicious and creative snacks brought each day. Big thanks to everyone that helped with our color day treats.  We will not be having snacks at the end of the day anymore, unless there is a birthday treat brought or some other special occasion.   

This week we will be working on recognizing the letters in our name,  beginning sounds of words as well as continuing to work with words that rhyme.  The letters this week are Bb, Tt, Uu, Ll and and Hh . We have begun our Writers Workshop routine, learning that writing is just telling a story on paper. We have started by using labels for our pictures.  If your students want to write at home, encourage them to do so.  If they asked how to spell something, stretch or say the sounds slowly in the word and have them practice writing the letter they hear for each sound. If it is not spelled correctly that is okay. At this point in their development we are working on having confidence in hearing the sounds and spelling it phonetically.  

Several of you have already signed up or asked about volunteering in the classroom.  I will be sending out a volunteer calendar soon. I generally do not have volunteers come until about October to allow for the children to gain their independence from parents and become comfortable and confident in the classroom.  If you have not already signed up and would like to volunteer in the classroom, send me a note or email letting me know which day and time would work best for you. If you are wanting to go on field trips with us, I will send a permission slip about two weeks prior to the trip, you can note on the permission slip your intent to attend.  

Thank you for your patience in sending your students to you.  I am beginning to recognize faces more quickly and the students are beginning to understand/remember the routine.  Also thanks for helping your child understand by sending them back if they happen to leave before I have dismissed them.  Enjoy your week.  

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Kinder News September 10, 2018

Each week just keeps getting better.  I am amazed at how much your children can absorb.  We are beginning to pick up the pace and they are keeping right up.

Last week we began to introduce a letter a day, which entails learning the name of the letter, the sound it makes, and an action to go with it, how to write the letter and things in our world that begin with that letter.  The letters last week were, Mm, Aa, Nn and Ss. This week they will be Ff, Dd, Rr and Ii.  We will finish our color days with black (Monday), brown (Tuesday), white and gray (Wednesday), pink (Thursday) and rainbow (Friday).  For math we have begun to discuss same/different, various ways to sort and counting to sort into the correct group, learning how to organize our counting and hidden partners in a five frame, which will continue in to this week.

You all should have received the homework folder.  Please send this folder back to school with your child every Wednesday.  I be placing the current weeks information in it and your child will bring it home with them on Thursdays.

Last Wednesday was our first PLC rotations that consist of computers, library and PE.  Please send them in sensible shoes and clothing on that day, to help them more easily participate in the PE activities.

Reminders/Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, September 114th: Individual Student Pictures: please send payment envelope with your student.  If paid online, send confirmation with student as well.
  • Friday, September 14th: Professional Development Day, Early Out Schedule.  Morning 8:20 – 10:25, Afternoon 11:05 – 1:05.

We are looking forward to another great week, and I hope yours is just as good.

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Kinder News September 5, 2018

What a great first week!  Your children are doing wonderful.  They are listening well and learning so many things each day.  It is fun to see the friendships that are blossoming already.  Keep up the positive “goodbyes” it is helping your children with separation, eventually they will be coming in without hesitation and not needing help in finding where their things belong.  Thank you for your smiles and positive words of encouragement.

This week we will be continuing the color days with blue (Tues), green (Wed), orange (Thurs) and purple (Fri).  They have been doing great with learning the procedures and rules of the classroom, as well as practicing what it looks like, sounds like and how to be a great student.  With it being a long weekend, we will continue to practice these things to help us remember what is expected.  We have also begun to practice handwriting, learning and practicing control and proper position, always beginning at the top of the line when forming the letters.

Wednesdays each week is our show and tell day.  This month we highlight each student by reading the “All About Me” page that you were given at the back to school night.  If your child has not turned it in, please send it to school this week with the information filled out and, if one available, a photo pasted in the square.  If your child does not have the paper, let me know and I will be happy to send a new one home.  Once all children have been highlighted, the pages will be complied into a book and placed in our classroom library for the children to look at throughout the school year.  Also starting tomorrow on Wednesdays we will be having PE, Library (story only, no checkout this year) and Imagine Learning on the IPads.  Please send your child in shoes that tie and are appropriate for PE.

I want to celebrate all students’ birthdays at school, even the ones that are during summer break.  To allow me to do this I will be celebrating August birthdays during September, June birthdays during April and July Birthdays during May.  I will send a note home with the students that fall in this category of the date we will be celebrating it.  You are welcome to send a treat if you want but are not required to do so.  If you choose to, all items must be store bought and in its original package.

I wanted to thank you all for your patience in picking up your child.  It takes a little more time but I just want to make sure that I am connecting faces in who is picking up your child.  Eventually I will be able to send them out more quickly but for the time being safety is my first priority.  If an older sibling is picking up please ask that they not take your child without me seeing them first.  I become quite alarmed when I don’t see that the correct person has picked them up.  It has been asked that we remind all of you that when picking up your kindergarten student, you park in the lots east or west of the kindergarten playground.  The lot directly north of the playground is for faculty and staff and only daycares can drive up to the curb to pick up students. All d aycares also need to have some kind of visible signage so that it does not look like a personal vehicle is picking up.

Thank you for all your continual support and devotion to your child’s education.  Have a wonderful week.


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Welcome to Kindergarten

It was a great first day in Kindergarten.  The students began making friends quickly.  We discussed the rules and practice those rules as well as various routines of the day.

Quick reminder, tomorrow is Wednesday and is an early out schedule.  That means morning class will get out at 10:25 and afternoon class will come at 11:05 and get out at 1:05.

We will see you all tomorrow for a great second day of school!!!