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Parents please take just a couple of minutes and check the 2 math problems your child brings home – they are scored like a quiz BUT you can check them and they can fix them – so hopefully every child is getting 100% and mastering the skills.  THANKS


QUARTER ENDS Jan.11th – ALL missing/unprepared work due by Jan. 10th for credit!!




2 thoughts on “News and Updates”

  1. Hello Mrs Porterfield!
    Delilah Brown is going to be in your classroom this year and we are so excited for the school year. My name is Lorrie and I’m her mom. I am available and would love to volunteer on Mondays if you need any help. I look forward to meeting with you on Monday back to school night. PS we received your info in the mail.
    Lorrie Brown :)

  2. So good to hear from you and know that the letter arrived. See you on Monday :)
    And, yes we would love to have you volunteer on Monday’s! It usually takes a few weeks to get ready for our Monday volunteer routine. THANKS so much!
    Mrs. Porterfield
    Tell Delilah Hello for me!!!!

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