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7th Grade Language Arts

This course focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  The students will understand academic as well as conversational and standard English.  Throughout the year, the students often complete the following projects:  participate in a book club and/or read class novels, write a personal narrative, write a research paper, read short stories from their literature book, and read assigned articles of the week.


This class focuses on silent reading, character education, and remediation.  The students use this class to support all of their other classes.  Each week, there is an opportunity in this class to participate in Rewards & Remediation (R&R).  On R&R days, all students are required to get notes from teachers telling me what class they will be attending during this time.

Digital Literacy

This course is a foundation to computer literacy.  Students have opportunities to use technology to develop skills that encourage creativity, critical thinking, productivity, and collaboration in the classroom and in day-to-day life.  This course is aligned with the International Society for Technology in Education for Students, the K-12 Computer Science Framework, industry standards for Digital Literacy Certification, and the Utah Core.  The alignment to these national and international benchmarks will ensure that students complete this course with a prerequisite to transition successfully to the 9-12th grade digital studies courses.

Creative Writing

In this course, students will lean the skills and strategies necessary to write creatively.  Topics generally studied and/or practiced in creative writing include the following:  writing, keyboarding, collaboration, short stories, genre, plot, poetry, journalism, setting, character, conflict, and theme.

Contact Information

E-mail:  Jeduke@wsd.net

School Phone: 801-452-4600

Room Numbers:  10E & 23 E

Halloween 2018

BrainBlast Technology Conference 2018

Brainblast 2018 BreakoutEDUBrainBlast2018(Learning & Collaborating About Canvas)



BreakoutEDU:  We Broke Out!

School Lagoon Day 2018

(Video Credit:  Video created by Leslie Wadsworth-Smith)

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Lagoon Day 20182010 Farewell Assembly T.H. Bell (Thanking Teachers)

No Fun Party March 24, 2017 (Syracuse Rush Funplex)

No Fun Party March 24, 2017 (Syracuse Rush Funplex)


All About Me

I grew up in Huntsville, Utah in a family of four kids.  I am the oldest.  In junior high and high school, I was not very athletic but I participated in the following things:  choir, cheerleading, the junior high school melodrama, the school play “West Side Story,” the high school choreography dance group, MESA, and Honor Society.  I first began working as a teacher at T.H. Bell Junior High School in August 2005.  I’ve taught English, Computer Technology, and Keyboarding.  I also teach the Digital Literacy course for 8th graders & 7th Grade Creative Writing.  I’m also endorsed to teach Basic Reading and ESL and have become Level 1 Google Educator Certified.

Some of my hobbies are scrapbooking (digital and non-digital), ice skating, volleyball, hiking, writing, watching T.V., and reading.  One of my favorite books is Christy, by Catherine Marshall, which I first read in junior high school.  Some of my favorite T.V. shows were or are “Little Big Shots,” “Grimm,” “Who Dunnit?,” “The Middle,” “My Wife and Kids,” “Duck Dynasty,” “America’s Got Talent,” “Young Sheldon,” “Christley Knows Best,” “Studio 5,” “Fox 13 News,” “Big Bang Theory,” and “Channel 5 News.”

Student Appreciation Day 2016

       Student Appreciation Day 2016

If I were given the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, I would first go to Hawaii to see the ocean.  I love the outdoors, nature, creatures, reading, writing, crafting, listening to various kinds of music, and relaxing.

In 2012, I graduated from Weber State University with a Master’s Degree In Education:  Curriculum and Instruction.  I’ve also enjoyed participating in a professional learning conference for a few days at St. Joseph’s High School during the summer of 2016, which was put together by “HEART” (Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers) as well as attending the STEM Conference at the Davis Conference Center during the summer of 2018 as well as Weber School District’s Brainblast Conferences most summers.  I love learning new things and enjoy following educational groups on the internet as well to become inspired by others.

Graduation By Design


Me graduating with my

Master’s Degree from Weber State.





“Graduation by Design”

Star Minuteman Award January 2018 Student Appreciation Day 2018

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I collect BoxTops For Education to purchase materials for the classroom.  If you collect or have BoxTops at home, you can turn them in to Ms. Duke to support English.



“Star Minuteman Award” January 2018

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