Parents, these questions may help you and your child work through homework.  Too often parents (and their teacher–I do it, too) do the work for the students.  These will help them gain a better understanding of the lessons they may be required to do, and a sense of relief for you, now that your math skills are not put on the spot!


Question prompts for Parents When Helping with Math Homework

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Many basic word problems follow common set-ups, depending on the story line:

Combining (Adding): a + b + c =d

Separating Information (Subtracting): c – a = b, or c – b = a

Comparing Information (later times – earlier times, larger – smaller, etc.): Subtraction


Solving through Multiplication/Division: (number of groups) x (number in group) = total

(For example:  In the auditorium the chairs were arranged in rows with 15 chairs in each row.  If there were 360 chairs, how many rows were there?  15r = 360



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In order to access the Saxon Algebra book that we sometimes use in class, go to this link:

If this doesn’t work, Google “vanguard school Saxon Algebra”– this will also take you to the site.

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In order to access the Saxon Course 3 book that we sometimes use, Google Saxon Course 3.  Scroll down to the website “Course 3 Student eBook- The Vangard School” and click on the link.

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For a copy of the student edition of the math book, Google Big Ideas Math and click on the “Student Edition.”  On that site, click on the little “Go” button; this will take you to a copy that DOES NOT need a password.  You can then choose your book from the 4 options provided (Integrated I for Secondary Math I, Red for Math 7).

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Workshop 1- New Immigrants

Workshop 1- Expository Response to New Immigrants

Workshop 3- Louisa Please Come Home

Workshop 1a- Eyes on the Graduation Prize

Workshop 2a Tsunami

Workshop 2a Literary Response to Tsunami

Workshop 2a Word Challenge

Workshop 3a- Long Journey to Justice Vocab and Story Guideline

Workshop 3a- Long Journey to Justice

Workshop 3a Literary Response to Long Journey

Workshop 3a Mandela





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penmanship #1

Penmanship #2

penmanship #3

penmanship #4

penmanship #5

penmanship #6

penmanship #7

penmanship #8


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Decimals and Fractions

Evaluating Expressions

Converting practice ws

combine like terms

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The most common reference pages– those for Properties, Formulas, and Measurements– are pp. 884-888.

Student BK Alg1-Skills Bank

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Need a little more assistance on a certain concept or want to play some fun math/puzzle games?  Her are a few options:

Good resource and tutorial websites for students

Click here for Math Is Fun

Click here for Cool Math

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