Math Tumath_symbols 5toring

 Mornings – 6:45 – 7:30
Wednesday – Holtry- Room 105
Afternoons – 2:45 – 3:30
Monday – Kennedy/Hanes –  Room 104/102
Tuesday – Youngberg –  Room 107
                                                 Thursday – Syme – Room 103

                                              Friday – Ward –  Room 302

Extra Credit Opportunity

We are in need of cookies for pi day activities.  1pkg of circular cookies without nuts = 10 pts. You are allowed to bring 2 pkgs maximum.  Cookies are due by March 13.

Goldenwest 5K Run is coming up.  I am giving 20 pts for 3rd quarter for registering by March 13 and 20 pts  for 4th quarter for participating.

After reviewing the disclosure, please follow the link that is on the disclosure, fill out the form and submit it by Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kennedy’s Disclosure 2017-2018

Online Textbook Access

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Secondary 1               Math 8            Math 8 Honors

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Here are a couple of helpful hints:

How to use this blog…

1.Check the appropriate page for updates in the class you are in (Math 8 Honors, Secondary I, Secondary I Honors, etc.)

2.  Once you are on the correct page for your class, just look at the posts.  The most recent will be the 1st post you see.  To find older assignments or entries, scroll down until you get to the desired post.

3.  If you need to print anything, there will be a link to print a PDF.  Your computer may ask you to update your Adobe program.  Choose to update before you try to print or look at the PDF.

4.  You are always welcome to leave comments.  All comments will be reviewed before being posted.  Just because you don’t see your comment doesn’t mean I haven’t read it.

5.  Assignments will be posted every day.  If you are absent, you can see what you missed.  All posts will be dated.

Additional Helpful Hints…

ALWAYS bring a pencil, paper, and your book.  Secondary Common Core I doesn’t have a book.  Links to help you will provided with the day’s assignment.

The purpose of homework is to practice.  It doesn’t help to do well on tests if you wait until after the tests to do the homework.  You will have until the 2 days after the Chapter Test is given to turn in any assignments that are missing for that chapter ONLY.  After that NO credit will be given for those assignments.  If you keep up your life will be less stressful and we will all be happier.

There are always extra credit opportunities.  Take advantage of them during the quarter instead of waiting until the last minute.  Boxtops can be turned in any time or several times throughout the quarter.  Progress reports printed from the portal and signed by a parent or guardian can be turned in weekly.  Remember every little point helps.

Most importantly:  Don’t hesitate to ask for help if there is something you don’t understand!