Student-View Scholarship Program

Grade: 12

Deadline: 04-22-18

The Student-View Scholarship Program is offering $11,000 worth of scholarships to high school seniors who plan to attend a four-year college, community/junior college or career school. It’s quick and easy to apply: No minimum SAT/ACT score or grade point average, no essay required, no lengthy application form, no application fees. Simply log on: SURVEY and complete a 15-20 minute application survey about colleges in your area. The scholarship will be awarded via a random drawing of all completed applications. The scholarship winner will be announced in May.

Ogden Noon Exchange Club

Deadline: 09-10-17

Grade: 12

The Ogden Noon Exchange Club is pleased to announce that the Student of the Month award is again being offered to Weber area High Schools. If you have been heavily involved in extracurricular activities, ie; student government, club offices, class government, theatre, musical groups or athletics or you are a great student, please apply by turning in a resume to Julie Mattson in the counseling center as well as an essay on a theme, “to be determined” On your resume please include all of your community service (list dates and hours), special achievements and awards are important as well. Please make your resume as detailed as possible. The student who is picked, will receive a certificate and be presented this certificate at an assembly. The students will then be interviewed at the end of the year by a committee at the Ogden Noon Exchange Club for a scholarship.

Latino College Dollars

Deadline: ?

Grade: 12

Please visit a free online scholarship guide for Latino students featuring: complete and up-to-date information on over 300 scholarships for Latino students attending or applying for admission to community colleges, undergraduate colleges and universities, and graduate schools across the United States. Visit: Latino College Dollars .

Walmart Golden Key Scholarship

Deadline: 09-19-17

Grade: 12

The Golden Key Awards are now accepting applications for the  Walmart Golden Key Scholarship. Eligible students are 17-22 years old with a disability that is verifiable by a qualified professional, mental health provider or medical professional. Please go to: GOLDEN KEY to apply