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Oct 01 2010

Business Partner of the Month: FRESENIUS

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The A-Team at Fresenius: 

 Standing (left to right): Danen Peteren, Kyle Hicks, Dave Harris. 

 Kneeling (left to right): Jim White, Samih Snounou, Joe Hudak

Fresenius embodies all of the qualities you would expect from a 5 star Business Partner in the Weber School District.  They do it all, as we say.  Field trips, student instruction and Internships have all been a part of their contribution to education.  Fresenius is large but works very hard to maintain a family-like atmosphere.  The employees seem truly grateful to be there.  They have shown a willingness to work with our students which has gone “above and beyond” the call of duty.   This willingness is what separates them from just an average company…no wonder they are so successful and good at what they do!  On behalf of Weber School District and with our greatest appreciation, we are honored to call Fresenius our “Business Partner of the Month

Below is an email from Samih D. Snounou, Sr. Engineering at Fresenius. 

I will just refer to this as “The Quote“…it epitomizes the philosophy we espouse to in Work-Based Learning and their approach as mentoring Business Partners.  

“Hello Jeff,
First I would like to thank you for the present and for thinking of our team. With respect to the students, FMC and our management in Ogden/corporate would agree with me when I say it’s our duty to prepare our young and new generation to learn all (skills/experiences/technologies etc…) in order to set the best example possible for now and the future.
Again, thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate and make the difference in these students lives.
Best Regards,
Samih D. Snounou
Sr. Engineering/Maintenance Manager
Fresenius Medical Care”

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