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Sep 28 2011

Business Partner of the Month

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Bob Moesinger for President!

Hey, why not? Right now, he gets my vote.  Anyway, maybe we can start a grassroots campaign right here at my blog to launch Dr. Moesinger’s new political career.  I was just perusing his resume and it’s like you’re reading the summation of a person who has lived a couple of lifetimes.  When does the man sleep?  I’ve posted it under his picture if you want to see what an impressive resume looks like.  Oh yeah, and don’t try to e-mail Dr. Moesinger.  He will return the e-mail, but it usually takes a couple of months.  He is “hands down” the busiest person I know.  Other people tell you how busy they are.  They’re not….he is.

Dr. Moesinger and his staff represent a valuable resource to this community.  Their willingness to help patients and students alike is off the charts.  Each semester they take on a Weber School District student who has medical/surgical aspirations and they rub shoulders with one of the finest surgeons in the world (what a tremendous opportunity!).  And witnessing that kind of precision is one thing.  But the interpersonal skills and the empathy coupled with understanding is another kind of training unto itself. 

Finally, there is something you begin to notice about people who are extremely talented.  They can be pretty full of themselves.  I have never heard one word from Dr. Moesinger about him or his accomplishments…and they are many.  You have to kind of pry it out him.  He is really humble.  When I spoke to Shelley Mark (office manager) about Dr. Moesinger she said this and it’s very telling, “Dr. Moesinger is exactly how he seems.”  No facade, pretense or hidden agenda.  He’s all about the work and helping others.  It’s really quite a beautiful thing.  So I refer you back to the heading…Bob Moesinger for President!  Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


Dr. Moesinger Resume

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