I selected this picture to represent our class theme for this year because it represents the idyllic quest that I think is emblematic of life in general. Here is the quote posted in our class about how life is a quest:

Life Is a Quest

Life is not one long quest, but many short quests, one after another. We all begin our quest with a question. There are no final answers that end our quest, but rather we are guided more by the questions we ask than by the answers we discover.

Our class is a series of discoveries, discoveries that we make with our reading and our writing, and perhaps even more importantly, by the questions we ask along the way. This is also nicely stated in our class goals for the school year 2015-16:

  1. Enrich students’ lives by teaching them more about themselves, Western culture, and the world around them.
  2. Sophisticate students’ communication abilities by sharpening their listening, speaking, reading, writing and inquiry skills.
  3. Instill a desire for life-long learning by cultivating the students’ curiosity with literature, inquiry, and formal presentation.

Welcome to our English Class!



Dear English Class Students:

This is an introduction to the class teacher. Each of you need to create a similar introductory page about you, with pictures or even a video clip. Then email it to me at joburke@wsd.net, and I’ll add it to the blog.

I have been teaching English since 1998. I first started teaching in northern Arizona on the Navajo Nation, Chinle High School, until 2000. I also went to Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, and received my MA in English. In 2000 I moved to California, Monterey, and taught English at Gonzales High School for a year.

In 2001 I went into the US Army full-time for four years, spending one year in Huntsville, Alabama, two years in Wuerzburg, Germany, and one year in Tikrit, Iraq. I had previously been Utah Army National Guard as a combat engineer for eight years.

After Iraq I went back to teaching English. This time in Utah for the Tooele School District for two years before coming to Two Rivers High School in 2007.

I have two kids: Sophia, 13, and Kai, 8. My wife also works for Weber School District as the hearing impaired specialist.

Mr. Burke