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Basketball Pep Band – Fanfare

The following links will take you to the new fanfare we will use as the team enters the gym, prior to playing the fight song.   We will only play the first 18 measures.   Drumline parts will be taught without music.   This song is designed to be “big and loud!!”

Fanfare Alto Sax

Fanfare Baritone BC

Fanfare Trombone 1

Fanfare Trombone 2

Fanfare Clarinet

Fanfare Flute

Fanfare Mellophone

Fanfare Tenor Sax/B. Cl

Fanfare Trumpet 1

Fanfare Trumpet 2

Fanfare Tuba

Basketball Pep Band Music – Cinema

Here are the links for your parts to “Cinema” for basketball pep band.  Download/print your part and bring to class.  we will be working on pep band tunes for the remainder of the quarter.


Basketball Pep Band Music

The following link will take you to a new song for the basketball pep band season.  Find your part, download/print it and bring it to class.  We will  be working on pep music for the remainder of the quarter.

Dr Who Tpt 2

Dr. Who – Tenorline

Dr. Who Alto Sax

Dr. Who Baritones

Dr. Who Bass Drums

Dr. Who Clarinets

Dr. Who Cymbals

Dr. Who Horns

Dr. Who Flute

Dr. Who Snares

Dr. Who Tbn 1

Dr. Who Tbn 2

Dr. Who Tenor Sax

Dr. Who Tpt 1

Dr. Who Tuba

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