Welcome back to band!!   The year is looking to be very successful!   Marching Band is performing music from “Newsies!!”    Concert and Jazz Band Members will have the opportunity to tour to “Disneyland” in March of 2015!!    Details of the tour can be found on each classes page on this blog.    For those enrolled in 2nd semester concert/jazz bands – I will be mailing/emailing information home prior to September 1st.    Please note the message below concerning tour…..

DISNEY TOUR INFO WILL BE POSTED SOON.   You must pay your deposit by  October 1st ($150.00).  Details will be mailed home before September 1st.   Students must be a member of Jazz or Concert Band during the 2nd Semester in order to be eligible to attend.   All details will be covered in class the first week of school.


Also, all disclosures for WHS Bands and Music Appreciation can be found on the class pages on this blog.

All band members –  a Band “Calendar of Events” can be found on your blog page as well.  Please make sure you schedule your work etc around these performances.   Marching band members, you will find al schedule of competitions and football games on this calendar as well.


As always, the band webpage  www.weberbands.com  has a calendar of ALL band events on the home page.   This calendar is updated often with new information.   Please check it often.   Also, you will find on the website, links to help you improve and other helpful information.