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March 26th Drumline Competition Itinerary

Here is the schedule for Saturday, March 26th, Drumline competition at DAVIS HS.


10 am – 12 pm:   Practice at WHS

12 – 1245 pm:  Load trailer/lunch

1 pm:   Load bus to travel to DAVIS HS

309 pm:  Performance at DAVIS HS

Immediately following the performance we will load trailer and return to WEBER HS.   Anticipated arrival time is 4 pm  – 415 pm.



MUS 1010 – Assignment for TUESDAY, 22 MARCH

Here are the details for the assignment due on MARCH 22nd

Find the linking theme of the following songs.   Also, give details to why this theme applies to each song.

  1. 2 — “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”
  2. William Billings — “Chester”
  3. “Star Spangled Banner”

this is due at the FIRST of class on TUESDAY, 22 MARCH

MUS 1010 Mid Term Study Guide

MUS 1010 Students.   Following are the topics that you should be familiar with for the Mid-Term Exam.     The exam covers chapters 1-19.

Chapter Bolded Terms
Composer bios
Era Year Spans
Listen to the songs – be familiar with the tune
Phantom of the Opera – know the songs, story line,
Opera terms
What are the differences of each Era — For example:  what are the music differences of each period/era
9 Elements of Music

We will conduct a review on Monday in class.    The information can be found either in your notes from class or in your text.    MId-Term is scheduled for WEDNESDAY of next week

Winterline Provo Competition Itinerary — 12 March


The above  link will take you to the schedule for this Saturday’s competition at Provo HS.


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