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MB Weekly Rehearsal Schedule

The following link will take you to a word doc of this weeks rehearsal.    Please review it and be ready for each rehearsal.   At the bottom of the document is a list of goals and announcements for the week.


Warrior Marching Band Rehearsal sep 16 — Marching Band rehearsal schedule for week of 12 – 16 Sep.




You will receive info for uniform checkouts this week.

Itineraries for competitions will be posted this week.

We are in need of trailer haulers for our competitions.   I will be emailing parents this week for volunteers.

WHS Concert Band Seating Test, Fall 2016

Good Evening Warriors, following is the information for your seating test for Concert Band.   This will take place this FRIDAY, 2 September during class.

SCALES:  Bb and Ab Concert.   at least one octave – more if you can.   This is your chance to show off your skills
Chromatic Scale.   Showcase your range.   How high/low can you go!!

With scales — looking for a steady tempo, correct notes and great tone.


Selected from “Gettysbury:  The Third Day”     Will be chosen from 120 to the end.   You will be asked to play 8 measures.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Windsor.    We will review these items on Wednesday and will also hand out new music that day.   Stay tuned for recordings of each song.

WHS Marching Band Drill Positions

The following link will take you to the document (word) that shows your drill positions/numbers.    Drill camp starts on MONDAY!!    We will meet in the band room at 7 am.    Remember to have the following with you:





snacks for the day.


The goal is to set 15 pictures each day, by doing this, the entire show will be on the field by Thursday.   Come with a positive attitude and all will go great!!!

2016 WHS Field Show Drill Assignments

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