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Music Appreciation Program Assignment

Here are the details to complete this assignment (we talked about this in class today)


Design a concert program for a Symphony Orchestra.


PG 1:  must include, date/place/time of your concert.   Also must include the Orchestra Name.   A picture for the front is optional

PG 2:  A program order of the music to be performed.   Must be “real” music.   You are to list the titles and composers.   Your total concert length should be between 45 – 60 minutes of music.

PG 3:   A short bio of each song to be performed.   This will require you to research the song to give the “listeners” an idea of what the song is about.


MUS 1010 Mid Term Review Notes

the link below will take you to the info needed for review for the Mid Term Exam.

Mid Term Review MUS1010 spring 17

Baroque Powerpoint

Baroque Era Instrumental Era Powerpoint     MUS 1010 Baroque Era INSTRUMENTAL

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