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MUS 1010 Final Presentation Info

The following link will take you to the info for your presentation that was given in class.



Leadership Training/Intern Interviews

All those, marching or not, who are interested in learning more about Group Leadership.   A meeting will be held on:

APRIL 18th @ 3 pm in the WHS Band room.

If you are interested, please email Mr. Windsor   — —–

If you are interested (graduating Seniors) in serving as a Marching band intern, see below:   See Mr. Windsor for details.


Drumline and Guard Auditions Announced

Auditions for the 2017 Colorguard and 2017 Warrior Drumline are coming up fast.   You will find the details listed below:   Please meet in the Band Room PRIOR to each session.

APRIL 25, 26, 27 FROM 4 PM TO 5 PM

APRIL 25, 26, 27 FROM 3:30 PM TO 5 PM


Marching Band Step Off Meeting

Our annual “Marching Band Step Off Meeting” has been scheduled for —   MONDAY, 1 May 2017 @ 6 pm in the WHS Band Room.

This meeting is for ALL students who are participating or interested in participating with the WHS Marching Band.    The meeting should last approximately 1 hour.   We will cover the summer schedule, fall schedule, introduce the Staff members and cover the costs involved with the WHS Marching Band.    The information here is extremely important for all to know — VETS and ROOKIES — we look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions – please contact Mr. Windsor.     Invite everyone you know to come check out what the marching band is all about!!

2017 Warrior Marching Band Staff Announced

Following are those who will be working with the Warrior Marching Band next year:

Jeff Johnson — Assistant Director/Leadership
Shamra Johnson — Colorguard
Ian Marshall — Percussion Caption Head
Bert Whitt — Assistant Percussion Caption Head
Chris Bowler — Brass Caption Head/Drum Majors
Jared Windsor — Marching/Low Brass/Visual

We have assembled a great staff and I am looking forward to seeing what they can do to help you.   Remember, the staff and I are here to serve you.

2017 Field Show Announced

For the 2017 Season – The WHS Warrior Marching Band will present – – – – — (Drum roll!!!)


Music from the Musical ——–   (more drum roll!!)


“Little Shop of Horrors!!!!”

This show is full of fun moments for each section AND will allow us to really add visuals and the GE element of our show!!  We have hired a guard routine designer (they are working on the routines already!!) and the drill is almost complete!!     Now it is up to us to RECRUIT!!, RECRUIT!! and RECRUIT!!

We, the WHS Band Staff, is excited at the possibilities of this show and are looking forward to working with you to showcase your “Inner Audrey!!!”

If you have questions, please see Mr. Windsor

2017 Field Show MP3’s

Below are the recordings/mp3’s for the 2017 Show.   Use them to practice/listen as we prepare for the season.   Music will be available within the next 10 days.


Mvt 1 — Prologue/Little Shop of Horrors


Mvt 2 —  Dentist!/Suddenly Seymour


Mvt 3 — Don’t Feed the Plants



MUS 1010 Decade/Performer Report Guidelines

Please use the link below as a guideline as you prepare your report.   You can do a powerpoint, etc for your presentation.   Please note:   ALL PRESENTATIONS ARE DUE TO MR. WINDSOR by MONDAY, 17 APRIL

MUS 1010 Decade report 2017

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