This class is a concurrent enrollment course through Weber State University (Jr/Sr may enroll for this credit) — HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Text Information    STUDENTS ARE TO PURCHASE THEIIR OWN BOOKS: Mark Evan Bonds, Listen to This, 2nd Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2011
               can be ordered thru numerous online sites

WHS Music 1010 Dislosure 2016-2017 – Please return by Friday, 26 August 2016


MUS 1010 Intro Medieval –  for UNIT 1 TEST – Test will be on FRIDAY, 3 FEB 17


MUS 1010 Term 3 2017 Assignment Sheet – This link will take you to your list of assignments for the 3rd Term.   Please note due dates and the brief explanation.   These will also be covered in class PRIOR to being due.




GUIDELINES FOR LIVE CONCERT CRITIQUE – Please read BEFORE attending/completing this assignment.   This semester you will need to attend 2 live concerts.    Following is the breakdown.

3rd Term:   You can choose ANY concert that you attend DURING this Term.   Any genre OR you can attend either the WHS Choir Concert (date to be announced) OR the WHS Band Concert (March 14th)

4th  Term:  See term 3 explanations..   Whichever concert YOU DID NOT ATTEND 3RD Term – You may attend this term.   Details to be covered in class