Pride of Weber On this page you will find information, handouts and other important information for the members of the WHS Jazz Band.  You can download/print the files you need.

ALL MEMBERS of the Jazz Band are members of the WHS Basketball Pep Band and will participate with the WHS Concert Band in their concerts/festivals. .   Details will be covered in class.

Private Lesson Instructors – This link will show you instructors in the Ogden area who are very proficient on their instruments and are willing to do private  lessons.    The list was provided to us by South Ogden JH and North Ogden JH.   If you have questions about an instructor, please see me and I will assist you.   Private lessons are a great way to increase your abilities and progress further on your instrument.

Practice Log Link – Use this link to electronically submit your practice logs – REMEMBER, they are due EVERY FRIDAY

Scale and Chord Sheet (All Instruments)

Treble_Clef_Blues_Scales – All Treble Clef Instruments should download this file.

Blues Scales – Bass Clef – All Bass clef instruments should download this file

Natural Minor Scales – Treble Clef – All Treble Clef instruments should download this file

Natural Minor Scales – Bass Clef – All Bass Clef instruments should download this file.



Tiger of San Pedro – click on “listen” on second listing
God Bless the Child – trombone feature
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes


Senior selected song