Pride of Weber
PLEASE NOTE:   All Members of the Jazz/Concert Bands are members of the WHS Basketball Pep Band.   Details on this assignment will be covered in class.   You will be emailed a link to access the pep band songs.   A schedule is posted on the Band Room Door




PITCH TENDANCY CHARTS (How to keep your instrument in tune!!)


Band Webpage:       Here you will find helpful information concerning the Band Program.  Concert Dates, Calendar of events and other important information can be found here.


Practice Log Link — This link will take you to the online practice log.  These are due on FRIDAY of each week.


Weber High School Band Letter Award Requirements –  Details will be covered in class.


Private Lesson Instructors –  This link will show you instructors in the Ogden area who are very proficient on their instruments and are willing to do private  lessons.    The list was provided to us by South Ogden JH and North Ogden JH.   If you have questions about an instructor, please see me and I will assist you.   Private lessons are a great way to increase your abilities and progress further on your instrument.


Scale and Chord Sheet

Major Scale sheets can be found at   –  search “Major Scales”

March 12th Concert Music Links:

Bonnie Annie Laurie March – this link takes you to a download link for recording and your part (if you need it)

Gently Blows the Summer Breeze – youtube link (Univ. of Northern Colorado Symphonic Band)

Dawn of a New Day— Click on “listen”   on third entry on page

Children of Sanchez (select members w/WHS Orchestra)  click on “listen”