Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Superintendent Reading Awards


Congratulations to our fabulous students who kept track of their summer reading! We are so proud of you!

Mrs. Porter from the District Office came and read us the wonderful story “Rosie Revere, Engineer.”  It was a great story about never giving up !

Our Class



 We had such fun last day before Winter Break. The kids sang “The 12 Dogs of Christmas” at the sing-a-long.  (I tried to record it, but there was an error with the ipad and it was deleted) We had a multiplication snowball fight, built snowmen and ended our day with an elf scavenger hunt! Thanks for sharing your wonderful students with us! We wish you a happy holiday season! 20151222_113158 20151222_113201 20151222_113202 20151222_114328 20151222_114332 20151222_114334 20151222_114336 20151222_114338

Superintendent Reading Awards

 We had the opportunity to have our  Superintendent, Dr. Stephens come and present some of our fabulous students with the Summer Reading Award.  We are so proud of our students for reading over the summer! Way to go!20150930_101501

While he was here, he shared a fabulous story with us called “Giraffe’s Can’t Dance.” From this story, we talked about the importance of being kind to everyone and never being a bully.  We also talked about how it is important to be yourself and it is okay to be unique! I am so glad we got to listen to this wonderful story and message!

20150930_095734 giraffes


First Day of School

These first few weeks of school have been fantastic! We have loved getting to know your students!


It’s Been Fabulous!

We have had a fabulous year! Thanks to our students for coming to class ready to learn and grow! We are so proud of all of you! Thanks to the parents who supported us and helped in any way you could! We really have enjoyed getting to know these wonderful kids and we know they will all have a FABULOUS future!

20150522_131025-ANIMATION 20150522_131107 20150522_131113

Attendance Awards

These students received awards for having perfect attendance for part or even the whole year! Great job guys!!

20150521_113337 20150521_113348 20150521_113437 20150521_113311 20150521_113250

Chalk Art Designs

These students participated in the Chalk Art contest on Field Day.

Sadly the rain washed most of art away as school got out.

I’m glad I got a picture of their wonderful work! Great Job! 20150521_093607




Valentine’s Day

Our fabulous students created some of the most adorable Valentine boxes!

We are so proud of them for all their hard work! A big “Thank You” to all the parents who helped support us with this project!

20150213_111449 20150213_111453 20150213_111515 20150213_111521 20150213_111532 20150213_111544 20150213_111557 20150213_111604 20150213_111614 20150213_111619 20150213_111643 20150213_111649 20150213_111703 20150213_111725 20150213_111735 20150213_111739 20150213_111751 20150213_111757 20150213_111805 20150213_111827 20150213_111848 20150213_111852