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7th grade office

Thank you to all those students who ran for 7th grade office.  The 2018 Wahlquist Jr. High 7th grade officer is Kaden Cook. Congratulations Kaden.

7th Grade Officer Elections

Thank you to all those who ran for 7th grade office.  Every year at Plain City we have great applicants.  Those moving on to the final election are the following:

  1. Kale Brian
  2. Kaden Cook
  3. Ava Costley
  4. Camryn Meyerhoffer
  5. Conner Smedley
  6. Reese Wilson



Measurement Conversion

Measurement Conversion

I Am President Poem

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Super Hero Art Example

Super hero Art

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Cholera Test-Text Evidence

Economic Fair Flyer

The flyer must fit on one page and contain the following information.

  • Plain City Elementary Halloween Carnival
  • October 26th
  • 5:30-7:30
  • Pizza, Breadsticks, Donuts, and Drinks will be available
  • Tickets are 4 for $1 or 24 for $5
  • Over 25 games and prizes
  • Wear Halloween costumes

Include some clipart.  Make sure to space your information out so that it fills the entire page.