I Am President Poem

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Super Hero Art Example

Super hero Art

Ism Art

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Cholera Test-Text Evidence


Economic Fair Flyer

The flyer must fit on one page and contain the following information.

  • Plain City Elementary Halloween Carnival
  • October 26th
  • 5:30-7:30
  • Pizza, Breadsticks, Donuts, and Drinks will be available
  • Tickets are 4 for $1 or 24 for $5
  • Over 25 games and prizes
  • Wear Halloween costumes

Include some clipart.  Make sure to space your information out so that it fills the entire page.

Disaster Jigsaw


2017 Panther Partners

Thank you to everyone who applied for Panther Partners.  We had so many great applicants.  The following are our 2017-2018 Panther Partners.

  • Hinckley Alexander
  • Payton Bennett
  • Kale Brian
  • Abby Burton
  • Brynlee Clawson
  • Kaden Cook
  • Ava Costley
  • Alyssa Hanks
  • Anna Walker
  • Reese Wilson
  • Brianne Young
  • Morgan Hinds
  • Kaycee Housley
  • Kyler Klomp
  • Sarah McBride
  • Camryn Meyerhoffer

Freak the Mighty

  • What life lessons can be learned from “Freak the Mighty”? Use evidence from the story to explain your thinking.
  • How would this story have been different if the book had been written from Freak’s perspective?
  • Compare and contrast Kevin and Maxwell. How are they different and alike? How do each of their unique qualities enhance the story?
  • Think of how Max felt about himself at the beginning of the story compared to the end. How did things change? What caused it to change?


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Math Assignment—Sept 7th

Ratio Question Set #2