Superintendent Reading Awards with Mike Jacobsen


We Made it to Fourth Grade

This site is currently under construction, and revamping since our recent move to the fourth grade.  Stay tuned for current vocabulary and spelling lists.  The fun game sites are still active though.  Check them out.

Headed Down South

Just a quick reminder that I will be out of town this coming Thursday and Friday.  Don’t forget to bring your Valentine boxes and cards for Friday.  I will leave my Valentine’s for you with Mrs. Ikeda.  You may want to bring something for her as well.

Mrs. Figgins Get An “F” For Blog Updating!!!

Welcome back to our fabulous blog students and parents.  First I need to apologize for taking so long to update.  Thank goodness for teacher work days.  There are a few new things to look at on the site.  I have added all the spelling lists for the entire year.  Also, I will be adding the vocabulary lists each week, incase you don’t have them at home to study.  Don’t forget to play all the fun games listed on the links.  Also, individual grades are now available on “The Portal” which you may link to from this site.  It is located under “Fun Places to Visit.” I will be inputting grades once a week.  Scores will show up the day they are inputted.  Any missing assignments or score will show up on your student’s site.  To login, type your student’s last name and first two initials of their first name.  For example, Kelli Figgins would be: Figginske.  Their password is the last four digits for your student’s identification number.  I will have each student write their number in their planner this week in case you don’t have that number. Also, you will be receiving a letter from the school explaining this in more detail.

February Events:

*Student Market Day will be THIS FRIDAY February 6th.  Let’s make this the coolest one yet!!!

*7’s pass off will be happening this month.
( 7, 14, 21 – I just want to have some fun! 28, 35, 42 – All I want is the sky so blue. 49, 56, 63 – Please come sun come play with me.)

*PLC conferences Feb 25, 26, & 27.  Early out 1:15.  Stay tuned for a list of conference times.

* Leave a comment and get $10 Country View Bucks. (Only one please!)

Don’t Forget Your Goals!!!

Thanks to all you awesome parents and students who came to SEP conferences.  They all went really well.  It is super important that the goals we set are not forgotten.  Please take the time to review the goals each week. Thanks to Mrs. Burgess for taking over when I got sick on Friday!  I guess I should have got a flu shot.  Also, just as a note, I will not be in class Thursday or Friday.  I will be attending a Fine Arts Conference with the other third grade teachers.  Jennifer Carr is going to be substituting.  She will do a great job!  Leave me a message so I know you were here.  Have a great one!!!!!!

Happy November!

Can you believe November is almost here?  I love Fall, so it will be hard to see it go.  I especially love Halloween with all it’s scary fun.  Here are just a few reminders of things needed and going on at school this coming Monday, November 3.

* School Picture Day (If you sent money in for the cancelled picture day I still have it!)

* Bring in 2 empty two-liter bottles of pop.

* October reading charts are due.

* Mrs. Farr is collecting the plastic tops off of six packs of pop.  She will give you a Country View buck for every one you bring in.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!!!

Hello to all my wonderful parents and students.  Our class blog is finally up and running.  I am still learning how to use it, so it is still somewhat under construction.  On the sidebar are many different useful links.  Take a minute to check them out, specially the At Home Fun links.  I will be adding pictures and other fun items as the year progresses.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments.  Most of all, thanks for all you do!!!

Mrs. Figgins