About Me

I am Mr. Sampson. I am in my 7th year teaching Spanish at Fremont High School. I have been married for 9  years and have a 8 year-old daughter Kambria, a 4 year old son Kyden and a 3 year old Korven. My family is my bliss in life. I am a sports addict and if I am not playing sports you can probably find me watching them or at least talking about them.

I love the Spanish language. I have a passion for teaching it and learning more about it all the time. There is a saying that is something like “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I love this work. I expect a lot out of my students. More than anything I want them to TRY! If you don’t try, you cannot succeed. If you live life in fear of trying to do something, you will not accomplish much. If you come to class each day with the idea of doing your best, you will succeed.


Transitional Phrases


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