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A Day in the Life of Sixth Grade

March 23, 2017

Morning work – Writing algebraic addition problems

Objective: I can describe and compare data distributions by their center, spread, and shape using box-and-whisker graphs and/or dot plots.

Objective: I can display and analyze data in line graphs.

Homework: Chapter 6 test B

Book Club – working on culminating project

commas – when to use them and where to put them

Building Green Essay – Is it worth it to switch from nonrenewable energy to renewable energy?

Rotations: Computer; Library; PE

Subtraction Timing

March 10, 2017

Morning work Thursday (turned in for a weekly score)

Corrected Statistical/Non-Statistical Questions homework

Objective: I can find the range, mean, median, and mode of a set of data.

No homework: weekly review quiz

Main Idea/Supporting Details “Emperor’s Silent Army”

Computer – Completed Seikan Tunnel, Fractured Fairy Tale, Readworks

Sharpie – warrior art

Science – Mrs. Putnam

Play introduction

March 9, 2017

Daily math review sheet – Tuesday and Wednesday

Objective: I can identify statistical and non-statistical questions

Homework: 6.6 lesson 1 problem set

rotations – review 1/2 step equations; order of operations

Avalanches – Main idea – monitoring comprehension – writing summaries

Argumentative writing – Why do it?

Rotations- library; computer; PE

March 8, 2017

Reteaching/Extension order of operations; 1/2 step equations

Review test – area, volume, surface area

Emperor’s Silent Army – first read

Spelling Test

Revision – Seikan Tunnel

March 3, 2017

Area of a trapezoid – warm-up

Corrected Surface Area packet

Finished Surface area

Quiz EE1, EE 2c, EE8

Book Club

Introductory paragraph Seikan Tunnel

Typed Seikan Tunnel, Book Club Response, DigitalReadWorks

Reflective Journal – Maya Angelou

Science – Mrs. Putnam

Social Studies – Review Fertile Crescent

March 1, 2017

Volume Review

Objective: I can calculate the surface area of prisms and pyramids

Homework: Practice B volume/ENY Volume

What is theme?

Vivid Verbs – thesaurus

Seikan Tunnel

February 27, 2017

Happy snowy Monday!

Writing Equations from words

Review – Area of figures; three dimensional figures

Objective: I can find the volume of rectangular prisms

No homework – unless area paper did not get finished

Florida’s Python Problem – close reading

Magic 3 Smiley Face Tricks – interactive notebook

Vivid Verbs

Science – Mrs. O

Social Studies – presentation of articles

February 24, 2017

Quiz lessons 10.1-10.4

Objective: I can identify 3-dimensional figures.

Homework: pages 562-563 2-24 even 29-34 all

Book Club – Write your information on your forms in your google drive

Dead Words/Dead Verbs (interactive notebook)

Science – Mrs. Putnam


February 16, 2017

Morning Work 2-step equations

Objective: I can estimate the area of irregular figures. I can find the area of rectangles and parallelograms.

Homework: page 536-537 11-20; 25-31

Scholastic News – “Taking Charge” Main Idea

Informative Writing Seikan Tunnel

Spelling Sort

Multiplication Timing

Dance :)

February 13, 2017

Quiz on 2-step equations

Review Inequalities – practice compound inequalities

Reflective Journal

Daily Starter

Subtraction Timing

Non-fiction Text Structures

Word Choice

Valentine Box decorating

Remember to bring valentines tomorrow.

February 10, 2017

Quiz – independent/dependent variables

Objective: I can read and write inequalities and graph them on a number line.

Homework: page 701 22-27

Figurative language review

Figurative language quiz

Graphic organizer – fractured fairytale – have at least 2 similes, metaphors, onomatopoeias, hyperboles, personification examples, alliteration examples, and idioms. 1 example of allusion

Wrote to Owen

Science – Microorganisms with Mrs. Putnam

International News Article Presentations

CNN 10

February 6, 2017

Quiz EP 27

Objective: I can represent linear equations using ordered pairs and graphs

Book Report Presentations

Metaphors – interactive notebook

Quiz – metaphors and similes

Write to Abe

Science – Mrs. Putnam – Microorganisms

January 31, 2017

Quiz: graphing on a coordinate grid

Objective: Review reflections and polygons on a coordinate grid

Readers’ Theater

Similes – about me

Daily Starter

Benchmark Informational Reading

Editing Kevin and the Big Bubble

Science – final day Moon Phases/Seasons/Constellations

Social Studies – Legend of Gilgamesh

January 30, 2017

Division Timing

Objective: Review Concepts related to integers

Homework: math book page 612 1-28, 30

Independent Reading (Book Reports Due Friday)

Rumpelstiltskin’s Daughter Vocabulary

Figurative Language – Similes

Spelling Pre Test

Science – Mrs. Barker

Social Studies – Sumerian Inventions

Please sign up for Parent/Teacher Conferences

January 26, 2017

Writing Equivalent Expressions using common factors

Objective: I can multiply and divide integers

Homework: coordinate grid

Spelling Test

Sentence Fluency

One Point Perspective Art


Class Party Tomorrow

January 25, 2017

Combining Like Terms

Objective: I can subtract integers

Review Number Sense – division of fractions/decimals

Spelling/Vocabulary review

Test – Interrupted Journey

Please sign up for Parent/Teacher Conferences

January 20, 2017

Morning work – using models to divide whole numbers by fractions

Objective: I can use reflections to change the position of figures in the coordinate plane

No Homework

Scholastic News – Our Next President

Benchmark – Number Sense A

Finished typing Explanatory Writing

Science – Constellations

Junior High Registration

January 19, 2017

Morning Work – using model to divide whole numbers by fractions

Objective: I can locate and graph points on a coordinate plane

Homework: graphing on a coordinate plane practice

Read “Interrupted Journey” pages 107-117

Main Idea – 108-109; 111 (last paragraph); 112; 114

First Draft – Explanatory Writing – Something you have experienced or know how to do.

Typed first draft on

Division Timing

**Reminder Junior High Registration tomorrow**

January 18, 2017

Morning Work – writing improper fractions

Correct Homework (Many students were unprepared)

Objective: I can compare and order integers

Homework: Worksheet (front and back)

Writing – explanatory/informative Something you are good at or enjoy doing. Graphic Organizer

January 17, 2017

Review – GCF and Model Drawing

Objective: I can identify and graph integers and their opposites. I can identify the absolute value of a number.

Homework: two-sided worksheet

Test corrections for common assessment

Read pages 104-105

Color-code “Is Your Dog Protected From Fleas?” Essay

Revise Essay – shoot for at least 21

Daily Starter

Art Project Hand Op Art

Science – Mrs. Barker

Social Studies – Fertile Crescent Facts

January 11, 2017

Great Job on science fair projects!

Morning work: Using the distributive property to write equivalent expressions

No Homework

Informative Writing

Biography – tracking information as you read

January 10, 2107

Cumulative Quiz

Objective: I can factor numerical and algebraic expressions and write equivalent numerical and algebraic expressions

interactive notebook

Bug Bites: discussed and turned in

Science Fair

Science Mrs. Barker

Article Presentations

Tomorrow is the LAST day to turn in missing work!

January 9, 2017

Morning Quiz – cumulative

Objective: I can identify parts of an expression and combine like terms

Homework: worksheet 1-10

Write to Elizabeth

Daily Starter

Monitoring Comprehension – UNICEF; Bug Bites

Science – Mrs. Barker

Procedure training

*Remember Science Fair Tomorrow*

**Wednesday is the LAST day to turn in Missing Work**

January 6, 2017

Quiz – Prime Factorization

Objective: I can determine the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) in a set of numbers

Homework: Pages 167-168 problems 12, 16, 17, 18, 24, 28 Test Prep/Spiral Review 43-53

Daily Starter: Cause as a noun and verb

Martin Luther King Jr.

Digital Read Works – Lice

Benchmark Science Standard 3A and 1B

Reflective Journal:

“The most important single ingredient in the
recipe for success is knowing how to get
along with people.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

  1. Do you agree or disagree and why.
  2. Why did I give you this quote?
  3. How does it apply to you in your life?

Science – Mrs. Barker

Social Studies: International News Article Presentations

Science Fair on Tuesday!

December 15, 2016

Morning work – dividing fractions (KEEP, CHANGE, FLIP)

Objective: I can solve whole-number subtraction equations

Homework page 76 16-28 even; 33-41 all

Book Club Day 8

Main Idea – Robots Deep Sea Diving

Fluency timing – addition

Rotations: Computer, library, PE

Christmas Party – Tuesday December 20; Sing-a-long and last day before break December 21

Science fair is coming soon!

December 13, 2016

We just finished taking our math benchmarks – scores will help to determine which math class works best for you next year in junior high.

Objective: I can write expressions for tables and sequences.

Homework: From the math book – pages 60-61 1-7, 16-25

Reading – day 6 book club. Book should be finished by next Tuesday

Science fair is coming soon! January 10th be prepared!~

Fertile Crescent

Wednesday December 21st – last day before break

December 6, 2016


Objective: I can represent numbers by using exponents

Book Club Books

Test Chasing Vermeer

Finish SAGE Ratios and Proportions

Spelling Test ie/ei words

Science – Why do we have seasons?

Test Early People Social Studies

Remember to check the portal for missing work

December 2, 2016

Warm up – multiplying multi-digit numbers

Objective: I can multiply decimals using the standard algorithm

Homework: Lesson 3, lesson 6 ratios and proportions (12 problems total)

Finished Chasing Vermeer

Sage Benchmark C – Ratios and Proportions

Article Presentations (next 5 students due Friday December 9th)

Science – Mrs. Barker


Homework due Tuesday – Poem due Thursday

November 29, 2016

Math Objective: I can write, order, and compare decimals. Assignment Practice B

Reading: Chasing Vermeer chapters 18-19

Photograph writing should now be turned in

Readworks – Why Don’t they fall off – should be submitted

Spelling – retest FRIDAY  study! Spelling page due Friday as well

Catal Huyuk drawing due Friday

Science – Mrs. Barker

Remember News Articles Friday for my first 5 people

Watch for minute homework tomorrow

Poem due December 8th

October 24, 2016

Math Objective: I can find a percent of a quantity

Math rotations

Independent reading/finish Lost City test

Review results of Summer of the Swans test

Scholastic reading – Objective: identify key ideas and supporting details

Be a Detail Detective

Writing – idea development: using intriguing facts and discarding irrelevant or common knowledge details

Golden Toads writing

spelling – review and test

Review; science test astronomy

Preparation for economics fair

October 10, 2016

Morning Work – converting measurements

Objective: I can determine distance, rate, or time using the formula d= r x t

or r = d/t

math rotations

independent reading

Lost City – plot diagram

Little Tommy final correction



October 4, 2016

Quiz Lesson 17

Correct homework

Finish Lesson 19

Vocabulary – Lost City

SAGE math interim

Science – Outer Planets

Masks – finish paper mache

September 29, 2016

Double Number Line – Solve the missing value from the ratio table

Objective: I can find ratios associated with rate.

Homework: Problem set question 2

Independent Reading – Book Report Due October 6

Daily Starter – Diverse

Election Experts – Scholastic Weekly Reader

Reflective Journal – You Never Know

Rotations – Library, PE, Computers

September 28, 2016

Complete Problem set lesson 14

Objective: Given a ratio, I can identify the rate, unit rate, and rate unit.


independent read

spelling test

Little Red Riding Hood – Story Vocabulary (Plot, setting, protagonist, antagonist, complications, problem, resolution)

Close Reading – Chinese Characters

Word Work – miss/mitt = to send (purple paper)

September 23, 2016

Quiz lesson 13

Objective: Given a ratio table, I can represent a ratio as an ordered pair and plot it in the x-y coordinate plane.

Math rotations/independent reading

Daily Starter – Autumn poetry

compare/contrast Protecting the Past & Dogs of Pompeii

Type Little Tommy

Science – Inner Planets & Asteroid Belt


September 22, 2016

Morning Work – ratios

Math Objective: I can use the value of a ratio to problem solve by writing and solving equations

Common Assessment – Ratios

Independent Reading

Daily Starter – Motto

Read “The Dog of Pompeii”

Read “Protecting the Past” Compare/Contrast

Reflective Journal: “With a good beginning, half of the task is done.” (Buen principio, la mitad es hecha) Mexican Proverb.

Addition Fluency Timing

Rotations: Character Education, Computers, Physical Education

September 21, 2016

Morning Work Quiz Lesson 12

Math Objective: I can use the value of a ratio to problem solve by writing and solving equations

Little Tommy typing/Planet Report

Daily Starter

Close Reading

Ped/Pod word work

Scholastic Magazine

**Pictures are FRIDAY

September 20, 2016

Morning work – using ratio language

Math Objective: I can use ratio tables and double number lines to solve real world problems

Homework: (completed in class) Problem Set lesson 12

Small group math – rocket math, xtra math, double number lines

Independent reading

Scholastic daily – Should Teachers Assign Homework?

Fluency/Spelling Practice

Science – Gravity

CIPA training – Scams and Schemes

September 19, 2016

Finish Summer of the Swans test

Scholastic News – Writing a video summary

Quiz lesson 11

Using ratio tables to create double number lines to solve real-world problems

independent reading

Science – Earth’s Nearest Neighbors – Inner Planets quiz

CIPA training day 2

September 15, 2016

Daily starter – unanimous

Critical thinking Summer of the Swans

Vocabulary Skits

Small group math rotations Ratios/Proportions

Quiz lesson 10

Math Objective: I can solve problems by comparing ratios using ratio tables

Revise Little Tommy

Reflective Journal Writing

Rotations: Library, PE, Computer

Remember: Planet Reports and reading papers are due Friday

September 14, 2016

Close Reading

Word Work – Du/Bi words

Small group math

Quiz – lesson 8-9

Math: Structure of ratio tables (additive and multiplicative)

Little Tommy – what to look for when revising idea development

September 12, 2016

Daily Starter – Resilience; fortitude; Johnny Appleseed

Idea Development in Writing

Rewrite sentences – show me don’t tell me

Math Objective: I can understand that if two ratios are equivalent, then their values are the same. I can use the value to determine equivalency.

Minute 5 due Tuesday!

Close Reading Process – “Medical Practices in Ancient Egypt”

Science – last day for research. One page typed Planet Report due Friday

CIPA – Digital Media

September 9, 2016

Daily Starter – gallantly; perilous; Writing about Grandparents

Mood/Tone writing

Small Group Math – Ratios

Ratios Lesson 7 Objective: I can understand the relationship between ratios and fractions

Homework was completed in class

Research – Planets – type in google docs

Social Studies: The New Colossus Poem

Mini Me Art Project

September 8, 2016

Daily Starter – Prodigious

Mood vs. Tone in reading and writing

Math Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of Standard 1 Ratios

Test – Common Assessment for RP 1

No Math homework

Discussed and corrected Scholastic Daily

Science – researched planet

PE and Computer Rotations

Make sure you are reading each night and checking the portal weekly!

September 6, 2016

Daily Starter – National Courtesy Month – writing topic

Story Structure – Sam’s Summer Search – Summer of the Swans

Math Objective: I can use tape diagrams to solve problems when given a ratio between two quantities and a change to those quantities that changes the ratio

Homework: Problem Set Lesson 6 (two questions) If your student is struggling with those questions, have them wait and finish them in class tomorrow

Read – Summer of the Swans

Science – Planet report information

Kick off Fundraiser Assembly

REMEMBER: Book Report book should be finished by September 26; Book Report Presentation October 6

May 2, 2016

Warm up – Percentages

Sprint GCF

Objective: Solve one step equations

Homework: Lesson 25

Jenna and the Black Cat – Theme

Inner Planets reading/review

Mother’s Day Project

Play Practice

Country Reports

April 28, 2016

Warm up – Area

Sprint – GCF

Objective: Explain what the equality and inequality symbols represent. Determine if a number sentence is true or false based on the given symbol.

Homework: Lesson 23 & Practice A

Book Club – Silent Read (Present Friday)

Scholastic “Tracking a Twister”

Reflective Journal – Too much screen time?

Library – All books are DUE

PE – Iron Kid

Play Music

April 26, 2016

Finding percents warm-up

Objective: Translating words to math expressions

Homework: lesson 17-18

Manu – word work

SAGE Language test day 2

Play Practice

April 21, 2016

Language warm up


Penobscot Nation Reading

Exploring the Titanic

Book Club Reading

Objective: Model and write equivalent expressions using distributive property

Homework: Lesson 12 front/back

Library, PE

Play Practice

April 19, 2016











April 15, 2016

Ratios and Proportions Review

Sprint – dividing fractions

Objective: Write expressions in word form

Homework- lesson 9

Silent read – small group


Subject/Object Pronouns

Science – microorganisms test

Play Practice


April 14, 2016

Notes about PAL Camp have been sent home – talk with your student.

Bell work

Exit Ticket – measurement

Homework: Expressions and Equations

Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns


Write to Kathryn

Root words – rota, revol


Book Club Games

April 12, 2016

Ratio and Proportion Daily Problems

Sprint – percent, fractions, decimals

Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of order of operations

Homework: Problem Set Lesson 6 and puzzle

Silent Read – adventure/action book, small group, finish game boards

Finish math tests

Write to David

Theme review

Rotations/play practice

Country Report Sign Ups on Friday

April 1, 2016

Objective: demonstrate knowledge of equations, functions, and inequalities.

Test Ch. 13

Science – Mrs. Heslop

Last day SAGE Writing test

Kickball/hot dog fieldtrip

Have A Fabulous and restful spring break!

See you April 11th

March 30, 2016

Quiz independent/dependent variables

Objective: understand and graph inequalities; solve 2-step equations

Homework: Finish practice B/Review for Mastery; page 716-717 choose 10 problems beginning at #14 (must choose 2 word problems)


Last Day Book Club

March 29, 2016

Quiz 13.2 graphing linear functions

Objective: Create and graph inequalities

Homework: 13.3A Review for Mastery, Practice B (skip the sections that include compound inequalities)

Informative Writing

SAGE Writing Test Day 2

Book Club (Finish books tomorrow)

Science – Last day with Mrs. Putnam

Industrial Revolution – Benefits/Drawbacks

Report Cards were sent home today – also 2 permission slips were attached

March 28, 2016

Objective: identify the independent and dependent variables in real-world situations

Homework: Chapter problems (independent/dependent variables)

Commas/Utahcompose essays

SAGE writing test – day 1

Book Club

Science – Mrs. Putnam

Play introduction (tryouts for main parts will be Thursday)

March 24, 2016

Quiz 11.5, 11.6 Adding and Subtracting Integers

Objective: Represent linear functions using ordered pairs and graphs

No math homework – Work on Aleks

Book Club Reading

Utahcompose Essay

Division Timing

Rotations – Library, PE, Computers

March 23, 2016

Quiz – writing equations for function tables

Objective: adding and subtracting integers

Homework: Fluency 74, 76

Apostrophes – When are they needed

Sparky – writing (Sentence Fluency)

Book Club

March 22, 2016

Multiplication Timing

Objective: Use data in a table to write an equation for a function; use the equation to find a missing value

Homework: Practice B 13.1; review for mastery 13.1

Argumentative Essay – Year Round School

Sentence Fluency

Book Club Reading day 4

Science – Mrs. Putnam – make an instrument

Social Studies – French Revolution

Read Aloud, Art

Writing Test March 28th. Students can bring snacks, water, and headphones

March 21, 2016

Integers – notes in interactive notebooks

Review coordinate planes, absolute value

Homework: Challenge 11

Write to Jaden

Scholastic Weekly – Snakes

Sentence Fluency

Book Club Reading

Science – Mrs. Putnam

Social Studies – Napoleon

Read Aloud, Wrinkle in Time

March 16, 2016

Objective: calculate the surface area of three dimensional shapes

No math or weekly homework – quarter ends tomorrow!

Incentive, missing work – all due today

March 14, 2016

Order of Operations Bell Work

Correct Homework

Objective: determine the surface area of three dimensional shapes by creating nets

Homework: Lesson 79 1-5

Scholastic News – Extreme Weather

Answer questions on back plus History of the Marathon page

Color Code Too Noisy Essay!

Read and answer questions from, “The Allure of Gold”

Science – Mrs. Putnam

Social Studies – Egypt Test

March 11, 2016

Quiz lesson 6

Objective: Calculate volume using real world situations

Homework: 10.7 Challenge

Author’s Purpose – Seeing Things His Own Way

Figurative Language Review and QUIZ

Science – Mrs. Heslop

Social Studies: CNN student news, Article presentations

March 10, 2016

Objective: Calculate the volume of a rectangular prism given the formula

HW: practice A 10.7

Silent Read/Hope is a Thing with Feathers


Revise/Edit Essay and Submit

Rotations: library, PE, & Computers

March 9, 2016

Attended Cinderella play at Weber High

Math: Mid-module assessment (area of triangles, quadrilaterals, composite shapes)

Homework: No homework

There will be no essay this week on homework. Please take time to submit any missing essays. Quarter ends Thursday March 17. Last day for missing assignments will be Friday March 11. Last day for missing tests will be Wednesday March 16.

March 8, 2016

Fluency 71

Objective: Determine area of composite figures in real-life situations

Quiz 5.5

Homework – Lesson 6 problem set

Too Noisy outline and first draft

Science – Mrs. Putnam

Social Studies – Nubia & Kush

March 7, 2016

Practice 70 Area of polygons

Quiz lesson 5.4 – area of triangles

Objective: Find the area of a polygon through decomposition

Interactive notebook

Practice set: lesson 4

Listening Comprehension – ADHD

Vocabulary – Seeing Things His Own Way

Pronoun Power

Weekly Essay (due date postponed until Friday)

Science – Mrs. Putnam

Social Studies – Nubia and Kush

Remember Class pictures and Cinderella play on Wednesday

March 4, 2016

There are many students who are missing work! Please check the portal

Area of all triangles – Quiz 5.3


Presentation of book club story strips

Art Project – 3D hand

Science – Mrs. Heslop

Social Studies – International News articles; Egypt pyramid drawing

March 3, 2016

Sprint 51

Quiz 5.2

Objective: Calculate the area of triangles using the correct formula

Homework: Lesson 5.3 Area of Acute Triangles

Spelling Pretest – spelling sort

Seeing Things His Own Way Read/Partner Read Bethany Hamilton’s Comeback

Write to Rylea

Argumentative Essay – with homework

State Capital quiz

Weekly Homework sent home today

February 26, 2016

Objective: demonstrate knowledge of ratios and proportions

End of Module Test

Perplexing Pronouns

Book Club Project

Science – Mrs. Heslop – Microorganisms – moldy bread

Social Studies – International News Articles; CNN student news; Terracotta Warriors art

February 25, 2016

Objective: Solve problems involving percents; review for end of module test

No Homework

Book Club – Finish Book and complete read and respond forms

Sentence Fluency – yellow

Rotations – Library, PE, Computer

Remember Maturation is Monday 😉

February 19, 2016

Objective: Understand percents are related to part to whole ratios and ratios where the whole is 100; model percents as fractions over 100

Work completed in class and put in interactive notebook

Book Club/Vocabulary review

Emperor’s Silent Army Test

division fluency

Science – Mrs. Heslop Microorganisms

Social Studies – article presentations

February 18, 2016

Objective: Solve constant rate work problems by calculating and comparing unit rates. Homework: lesson 23 problem set

Quiz – lesson 22

Book Club – Vocabulary review

Corrected and turned in packet for Emperor’s Silent Army

Sentence Fluency


February 17, 2016

Objective: Recognize the relationship between distance, rate, and time. Make measurements of distance and time using a constant rate.

Quiz Lesson 21

Homework: Lesson 22 problem set

Vocabulary discussion

Book Club

Color code bully essay

leveled readers

All Work related to Emperor’s Silent Army Due Friday

February 16, 2016

Thanks to the PTA for putting on an AWESOME Valentine’s Day Dance!

Last week’s homework had a misprint – the writing for the week is on not  The poem is also on Because of this mistake I will extend the due date for the essay to Thursday.

Multiplication Fluency

Objective: Use rates between measurements to convert measurement in one unit to measurement in another unit

Quiz – Lesson 20

Homework: lesson 21 Problem Set

Book Club writing in computer lab

Science – Mrs. Putnam

Social Studies – Pharaohs of Egypt notes

February 11, 2016

Subtraction Fluency Test

Objective: solve problems by analyzing different unit rates given in words, tables, equations, and graphs

Lesson 20 practice set homework

Emperor’s Silent Army Vocabulary

Book Club Silent Read

Valentine’s Bags – Students – Joseph, Dallon, Austin, Emilee, Kathryn, Jaden, Bryant, Makenna, Landon, Mariel, Sierra, McKenzee, Leah, Kason, David, Chloe, Evan, Parker, Mason, Cameron, Ethan, Kylie, Kayla, Andy, Catalina, Connor, Abby, Katie, Rylea


February 10, 2016

Subtraction Fluency

Objective: Solve problems by analyzing different unit rates given in tables, equations, and graphs.

Homework: Lesson 19 Problem Set

Emperor’s Silent Army summarizing

Painting Terracotta Warriors

February 9, 2016

China Under Attack reading paper

Math Objective: Convert measurement units using rates

Homework: Lesson 18 Problem Set

Sage Interim Writing – finish Bullying essay on – (due today)

Clark Planetarium Presentation

Complete Word Choice

Read Aloud, Duke  Math fluency practice – subtraction

Science – Mrs. Putnam

Social Studies – finish heiroglyphs

February 8, 2016

Sprint 65

Quiz Lesson 16

Objective: Find ratios associated with the rate including a ratio where the second term is one and a ratio where both terms are whole numbers

Homework: Lesson 16-17 Problem Set

Summarizing – Hurricane Katrina (Interactive Notebook)

Summarizing – Avalanche

Word Choice –

Science – Heat, Light, Sound

Social Studies – Terracotta Warriors

February 5, 2016

Sprint 67

Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of ratios

Mid-Module Test

Lesson 16 understanding Ratios to Unit Rates

No Math Homework – Weekly homework was sent home today. We will be finishing our bullying essay rather than the one listed on the homework.

Corrected and turned in Scholastic News

Presented Biography Book Boxes

Emperor’s Silent Army first read

Eleven completed and turned in

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated Friday February 12 with the dance. Bring valentines to distribute on Friday

February 4, 2016

Every day math 101/100

Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of ratios and proportions – No Homework

Stealing Beauty – finished gist and turned in

Scholastic Reader – Narrow it Down paper/review questions on back

Eleven writing

Passed off European Countries Test

February 3, 2016

Every day math 100/100

Objective: demonstrate ways to represent ratios Homework: Practice Set Lesson 15

Stealing Beauty – getting the gist

Write to Chloe

Emperor’s Silent Army vocabulary reading (316-317)

Voice and perspective – Eleven Writing

Book Reports Due FRIDAY!

February 2, 2016

Every day math 99/100

Understand that there are different ways to represent ratios such as ratio tables, equations, tape diagrams, double number line diagrams, and graphs on a coordinate plan

No Math Homework

Internet Safety Assembly

Sage Interim Reading/Writing Test

Finish Art

Science – Mrs. Putnam Heat, Light, Sound

Social Studies – Mummies, Pyramids

February 1, 2016

Every day math 98/100

Objective: Represent ratios in ratio tables, equations, and double number line diagrams and then represent those ratios in a coordinate plane.

Homework: Lesson 14 practice set; ratios and proportions page

Getting the Gist – Stealing Beauty

To/Too/Two grammar

Color Code Penny Essay

Writing – Eleven Point of View (Teacher)

Science – Day 1 Mrs. Putnam Heat, Light, Sound

Social Studies – Egyptian Cartouche; reading about mummies

January 29, 2016

Every day math 97/100

Objective: Restate ratios In terms of their values, use the value of the ratio to problem solve by writing and solving equations

Homework: Lesson 13 practice set

Building Green Spelling Test

All reading work was turned in today (spelling page, purple root word ben/bene, white vocabulary page, cause and effect page)

small group reading

Point of View Writing – Eleven

One Point Perspective Art

Science – Last day on Moon phases, Seasons, and Constellations

Article Presentations/CNN Student News

January 28, 2016

Every day math 96/100

Objective: Create equivalent ratios using a ratio table and represent these ratios on a double number line diagram; solve real world problems

No Homework – Work on Bullying Essay Introduction and identify your 3 topic sentences for the body of your essay

Scholastic News – Questions – Who Will Be the Next President?

Argument Writing – small group

Division Fluency

Library, PE, Computer

January 27, 2016

Every day math 95/100

Objective: Solve problems by comparing different ratios using 2 or more ratio tables

Homework: Lesson 11 Practice Set

Vocabulary Review – meaningful sentences

Building Green Story Test

January 26, 2016

Every day math 94/100

Quiz Lesson 8

Objective: Understand a ratio table is a table of pairs of numbers that form equivalent ratios; Additive and multiplicative structures of ratio tables

Homework: Practice set lesson 9-10

Cause and Effect – Building Green

Writing a conclusion

Complete Penny Essay on Utahcompose

Spelling Pretest/Spelling Sort

Read aloud, Duke

Science – Mrs. Barker

Social Studies: Notes Lesson 2

Exit Ticket: What is the value of the ratio 7:21?

January 25, 2016

Reminder: Registration due Tomorrow!

Every day Math 93/100

Quiz Lesson 7

Objective: Understand the value of the ratio is A:B is the quotient A/B as long as B is not zero. Two ratios are equivalent when their values are the same. Homework: Practice Set Lesson 8

Building Green Vocabulary introduction

Types of non-fiction text structures

Cause/Effect – Identifying cause and effect in writing

Finished root word (purple paper) bene; bon

Read article – Plastic in the ocean

Small group introductory paragraphs

Completed graphic organizers/wrote 3 body paragraphs for penny essays

Science – Mrs. Barker

Social Studies: finished drawing from lesson 2

Read about Mummification Process

Exit Ticket: 6/8 + 7/8=

January 22, 2016

Bring signed registration forms back by Tuesday. Also, sign up for PTC please

Every day math 92/100

Objective: Understand the relationship between ratios and fractions

Homework: Lesson 7

Argumentative writing – color code (Do I have all the right parts?)

Begin graphic organizer for penny argument

Read aloud/division fluency

Science – Mrs. Barker

Egypt completed notes section 1

Began drawing section 2

January 21, 2016

Remember Registration is TOMORROW!

Every day math 91/100

Objective: Use tape diagrams to solve problems when given a ratio between two quantities and a change to those quantities that changes the ratio

Homework: Lesson 6 (on the back of lesson 5)

Root words – bene, bon (g00d)

Walked to Orion to learn about choir

How to write the body paragraphs in argumentative writing

Multiplication timing

Rotations: Library, PE, Computer

January 20, 2016

Every day math 90/100

Objective: Use tape diagrams to find an equivalent ratio when given the part to part ratio and the total of those two quantities

Homework: Lesson 5 1-4

Scholastic News – RACE questions 1-4 A Lake of Fire responses

Revise introductory paragraph to argumentative essay

Presentation by Orion Junior High German teacher

January 19, 2016

Today is the beginning of 3rd Quarter!

Every day math 89/100

Objective: Understand and identify equivalent ratios using tape diagrams

Homework: Problem Set Lesson 3 & 4

Scholastic News – Read

Penny argument – annotated, listed pros/cons, decided position, wrote and typed introductory paragraph including claim (thesis)

read aloud/fluency (Aleks – quick tables focus on multiplication)

Science – Mrs. Barker

Social Studies – turned in The Gift of the Nile; complete Nile drawing

Exit ticket: 9/12 + 2/12 = 11/12

January 14, 2016

Every day math 88/100

Objective: Understand a ratio is an ordered pair of numbers which are not both zero.

No math Homework – Minute 29 was sent home today – we will be completing the essay at school

Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street – Author’s Purpose

Write to Cameron

Argumentative Writing – what is it?

Subtraction timing

Library – we are reading Biographies Must be finished reading by January 28th

Book Report Options – Digital, first person retelling OR Biography Box



January 13, 2016

Every day math 87/100

Quiz – 7.2

Objective: graph equivalent ratios on a coordinate plane

Homework – Mid-module assessment (6.1)

Argumentative Writing

Spelling Test – Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street

January 12, 2016

Every day math 86/100

Objective: Use a table to find equivalent ratios and rates

Homework: practice B/Practice A 7.2

Author’s Purpose, finished Flea expository writing

Science – Mrs. Barker

Technology lesson 5; Egypt – The Gift of the Nile

January 8, 2016

Every day math 84/100

Read-a-thon for qualifying students

Chapter 6 test corrections Reminder: math homework due Monday

Scholastic Reader

There, Their, They’re grammar page corrected and turned in

Science – Mrs. Barker

News Article presentation (Must be International)

Where in the World Am I game – use for Europe memorization (easy test)

January 7, 2016

Every day math 83/100

Benchmark #2

Math Homework Due Monday – Pages 336-337 1-15 (skip #2)

A Drop’s Journey – Reading

Saving Right Whales – listening activity

Informative writing components – Main Idea, Topic Sentence, Idea Category, Supporting Details (in interactive notebook)


NO HOMEWORK THIS WEEK – Remember science fair.

January 6, 2016

Every day math 82/100

Measures of center/statistical data test

No math homework

Spelling Pretest

Their, There, They’re (Due Friday)

Three Branches of Government Informational Essay – submitted and printed

January 5, 2016

Every day math 81/100

Review concepts from chapter 6

Chapter 6 Interactive Quiz

Informative Writing – Branches of Government/Checks and Balances

Science – Mrs. Barker

Technology Lesson 4 – cyberbullying, upstanders, bystanders, empathy

Reminder: Science Fair is Friday!

January 4, 2016

Wow! This year is flying by! Remember science fair is THIS FRIDAY – SO COME PREPARED!

Every day math 80/100

Review measures of center – box plots/mean absolute deviation

Homework: Lesson 101-102 worksheets

Read – The Secrets to a Happy Life – wrote 1. One thing I am doing well. Explain. 2. One thing I need to work on and why. 3. Quote “Good things simply do not happen overnight. They take time to nurture and cultivate. They take a lot of work. A lot of thought. A lot of trial and error, and learning from your mistakes.” ~ Steven Kobrin.  How does this quote relate to you?

Video Summary – for Meet the Lion

Lions Vs. Humans – group discussion

Scholastic Magazine – 1-10 on the back corrected and turned in

Science – Mrs. Barker

Technology – phishing scams, identity theft

December 22, 2015

Have a very safe and meaningful winter break!


Science Fair is January 8 :)

December 21, 2015

Every day math 78/100

Objective: Make and analyze stem-and-leaf plots; identify misleading graphs; select the appropriate graph

No Homework

Book Club – Plot Diagram turned in today

Science fair walk through – Title Needs to Be Turned In

Great Serum Race Perspective

Holiday Party

December 15, 2015

Every day math 74/100

Objective: Graph ordered pairs on a coordinate grid

Homework:  page 313 23-34, 39-47

Sage Interim

Write to Kayla

Book Club Reading


Mistletoe Practice

December 14, 2015

Every day math 73/100

Objective: Describe and compare data distributions, by center, spread, and shape

Homework: 6.5 Practice B/Problem Solving

Identifying theme in literature

Informational/Explanatory Writing

Science – Mrs. Barker

Singing – Mistletoe

Exit Ticket – 2/3y=18


December 11, 2015

Every Day Math 72/100

Objective: Organize data in line plots, frequency tables, and histograms

No Math Homework – Essay due date is moved back to Friday December 18

Chasing Vermeer – Read Chapter 24

Chasing Vermeer Test

Science – Mrs. Barker

Music – Mistletoe

Exit Ticket: 6p=3/4

December 10, 2015

Every day math 71/100

Objective: Display and analyze data in a bar graph

Homework: 6.4 Practice B, 6.4 Problem Solving

Chasing Vermeer Chapters 22-23

Themes in Literature

Exit Ticket: 18/4 = simplify and write as a mixed number

December 9, 2015

Every day math 70

Objective: Fractions in real world

No math homework

Juan Verdades story test

Read pages 268-271 “In the Days of The Vaqueros: America’s First True Cowboys”

Minute 27 sent home

December 8, 2015

Every day math 69/100

Objective: Calculate, interpret, and compare measures of variation in a data set (IQR and Mean Absolute Deviation)

Homework: Complete 6.3a Practice B and 6.3a Problem Solving

Chasing Vermeer – chapters 20-21

Juan Verdades Spelling test/Vocabulary Test

Computer – entered reading minutes, Aleks/xtramath

Science – Mrs. Barker (Seasons)

Social Studies – Fertile Crescent/Mesopotamia Test (Study guide/Review turned in)

December 7, 2015

Every day math 68/100

Objective: Calculate, interpret, and compare measures of variation in a data set

Homework: Practice B 6.3a 1-5 PS 6.3a 1a

Book report presentations

Ballet (Way to GO Katie!)

Article Presentations

December 4, 2015

Every day math 67/100

Objective: Understand the effect of additional data and outliers

NO HOMEWORK: enjoy your weekend (Keep reading though)

Close read Juan Verdades – complete plot diagram

Origin of the Alphabet writing set up

Presentations of The Surrender of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce

Science – Mrs. Barker

Choir Assembly

Article Presentations

December 3, 2105

Every day math 66/100

Quiz – 6.2 measure of central tendencies

7th grade math placement test





December 2, 2015

Every day math 65/100

Objective: identify range, mean, median, and mode of a set of data

Homework: review for mastery, 6.2/ PS 6.2

Chasing Vermeer Chapter 19

Elements of plot; Juan Verdades

Informational Writing

December 1, 2015

Every day 64

Objective: Find the range, mean, median, and mode of a set of data

Homework: Reading to understand math 6.2

Chasing Vermeer – comprehension questions for chapters 15-18

Story Elements

Book Reports

Science – Seasons

Social Studies – understanding timelines

Remember: Memorization is due Thursday!

The Surrender of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce

Montana Territory, October 5, 1877

I am tired of fighting. Our chiefs are killed;

Looking Glass is dead, Too-hul-hul-sote is dead.

The old men are all dead.

It is the young men who say yes or no.


He who led on the young men is dead.

It is cold, and we have no blankets; the little children are freezing to death.

My people, some of them, have run away to the hills, and have no more blankets, no food.

No one knows where they are–perhaps freezing to death.


I want to have time to look for my children,

And see how many of them I can find. Maybe I shall find them among the dead.

Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired; my heart is sick and sad.

From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.


November 30, 2015

Every day math 63

Objective: review concepts about fractions and decimals

Create tables with information given

Homework: Pages 285-286 1-3, 8-17

Chasing Vermeer chapters 17-18

Juan Verdades spelling pretest, vocabulary introduction

Fluency – math/reading

Onomatopoeia art

Science – Mrs. Barker

Social Studies – Review for test

November 24, 2015

Present Reader’s Theater

I Am Thankful For: entry into reflective journal

Thanksgiving Fact or Fiction

Division Fluency

Book Report Presentations

Fractured Fairy Tales completed

Pie Party

Have a Wonderful and Safe Thanksgiving Break!

November 20, 2015


Every day math 60/100

Objective: demonstrate knowledge of operations with fractions and finding the least common multiple in a set of numbers

No math homework – essay for this week will be pushed back a week while we finish our Fractured Fairy Tales

Play dress rehearsal

Scholastic News – Main idea and Summary of “Great Minds Think Alike”, Video summary of “Amazing Apes”

Science – Oreo moon phases

Social Studies – current events article presentations

November 19, 2015

Every day math 59/100

Objective: Review concepts involving fractions TEST TOMORROW!

Homework: pages 272-274 1-8, 31-47, 49-50, 55-59 odd, 60

Play Practice – Dress Rehearsal tomorrow!

Compare/Contrast Rumpelstiltskin and Rumpelstiltskin’s Daughter

Conventions – Text Language does not belong in formal writing/Spelling Errors

Read Aloud

Library, Computer, PE

November 18, 2015

Every day math 58/100

Objective: Solve equations by multiplying and dividing fractions

Homework: page 268 1-25 all

Partner read vocabulary story

Read Rumpelstiltskin’s Duaghter and compare to the original Rumpelstiltskin

November 17, 2015

Every day math 57/100

Objective: Make models for dividing fractions in word problems

Homework: 5.9 Review for Mastery and PS 5.9 (students only need to complete the review for Mastery, but can attempt both)

Chasing Vermeer Chapter 16

Story Elements: Begin writing Fracture Fairy Tale

Science – Mrs. Barker

Social Studies – Comparing Moses and The Ten Commandments to Hammurabi’s Code (Yellow Paper due Friday)

November 16, 2015

Every day math 56

Objective: Divide fractions by fractions and fractions by mixed numbers

Homework: practice A 5.9

Chasing Vermeer Chapter 15

Introduction to summarizing a video

Figurative Language – alliteration, allusion, onomatopoeia

Science – Moon, Seasons

Social Studies – Assyrian and Babylonian Empire

November 10, 2015

Every day math 52/100

Objective: Find the Least Common Multiple of a group of numbers

Homework: pages 220-221 14-16, 19, 20, 23, 24, 27, 28, 41-49 (with me 14, 16, 24, 32, 41-49

Readers’ Theater – parts (perform on Tuesday November 24th)

Completed Moose Incident and turned in

Science – Moon Phases

Social Studies – Sumerian Inventions

November 6, 2015

Students – keep reading 20 minutes a night and get those pie ingredients signed!

Every day math 50/100

Objective: review chapter 4 concepts

Homework: at home practice A/B

Chasing Vermeer Chapters 10-11

Write to Mariel

Zoo Story generalization DUE MONDAY – pink vocabulary paper, yellow generalization paper, Are Zoos Bad News – questions and answer reading

Sparkle spelling – Spelling Test

Science – correct review  Standard 4 Astronomy

Article Presentations, Study hall

Homework and Zoo Essay due Tuesday

November 5, 2015

Every day math 49/100

Objective: Estimate sums and differences of fractions and mixed numbers

Homework: pages 202-203 8-32 even 37-43 all

Scholastic Weekly – ACE questions

Order of Operations 4/5 ticket to recess

Addition Fluency

Library, PE, Computer

1ST BOOK REPORT: book of your choice.  Finished reading in two weeks (November 19, 2015)

Present Tuesday November 24th

November 4, 2015

Utah Compose information: Username is your ssid number with the leading zeros

Password: was your password last year

Objective: Use pictures and number lines to compare and order fractions

Homework: practice A

Zoo Story – generalizations  ARE ZOOS BAD NEWS?

Typed Moose incident

Remember PE and library are tomorrow.  Also–if you haven’t already–bring back permission slip for fieldtrip


November 3, 2015

Monday was the start of second quarter. Please watch the portal closely so you don’t fall behind.

Every day math 47/100

Objective: Convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions

Homework: pages 188-189 6, 10, 12, 17, 18, 21, 26, 29, 36, 48-58 (don’t estimate the decimals – just add)

Spelling pretest (test will be Friday)

Partner read vocabulary story

Moose Incident

Science – finish review; prepare for test

Fundraiser assembly

October 28, 2015

Every Day Math 44/100

Objective: Convert between decimals and fractions.

Homework Worksheet Converting between decimals and fractions, choose ten for each side

Fraction books

Reteach Chapter 2


Spelling Test

Night of the Pomegranate Story Test

Wear your costumes tomorrow – Remember: no masks or weapons

October 27, 2015

Thanks for a great Economics Fair! Nice work 6th graders

**Since Utahcompose has been a little difficult this week, the essay is not due until Thursday. Students use the ssid number with the leading zeros for the username.  Their password is the same from last year. Students who don’t know their password can get it from me.

Every day math 43/100

Objective: convert between decimals and fractions

Homework: page 177 12-56 even page 178 Test Prep/Spiral Review 67-75 all

Fraction Foldable

Silent Read pages 172-175

Golden Toads writing completed and turned in

Review spelling words

Solar System Review

Economics Fair Wrap up

Technology lesson 2

October 23, 2015

Every day math 41/100

Objective: Factor numerical and algebraic expressions and write equivalent numerical and algebraic expressions

No Homework

Drug/alcohol free pledge – What’s your natural high?

Scholastic Weekly Reader – Would you Eat These?

Typed final draft of Little Tommy

Science – classifying stars

Reminder: homework due Tuesday – essay is to be typed on Utahcompose.

October 22, 2105

Every day math 40/100

Objective: Find the greatest common factor in a set of numbers

Homework: page 167 1-17 odd page 168 Test Prep/Spiral Review

Day 1 Night of the Pomegranate – vocabulary, partner read

Spelling Pretest

Write to Evan

Revise Little Tommy (Final Copy tomorrow)

Fluency this week – Division

Library, PE, Computer

October 21, 2015

Every day math 39/100

Objective: Understand prime and composite numbers; write prime factorizations of composite numbers

Quiz lesson 4.1 divisibility

Homework: page 163 9-24 all PS 4.2

Reteach chapter 1

October 20, 2015

Every day math 38/100

Objective: Use divisibility rules

Homework: divisibility worksheets (2)

Chapter 7 Chasing Vermeer

Interrupted Journey story test

Life of a Star, galaxies, universe

exit ticket 6.6x=26.4

October 19, 2015

Welcome back! Hope you had a relaxing fall break

Every day math 37/100

Identify parts of an equation or expression; combine like terms

HW – like terms worksheet

Chasing Vermeer – chapters 1-6 comprehension check

Comparing/Contrasting projects leopards/Kemp Ridely turtles

Leaping Lizards – practicing main idea

Little Tommy – partner input

Science: stars/asteroids – Standard 3 Astronomy Test

Technology – Lesson 1

Ticket out the door – round 32,720 to the largest place value

October 14, 2105

Every day math 36/100

More than Just the Facts multiplication

Math Benchmark 1

NO HOMEWORK! Enjoy your Fall Break!!

Main Ideas – Interrupted Journey

Technology Safety Lesson 1

October 13, 2015

Every day math 35

Corrected chapter 3 review

Chapter 3 test – operations with decimals

Homework: pages 150151 1-19 skip #9 plus S1 and S2

Chasing Vermeer chapter 6 (added to characters and odd happenings)

Interrupted Journey – second read – identifying main idea

Typed copy of Little Tommy turned in – math fluency

Remember to come to conferences! The end of the quarter is coming soon. Check the portal often

October 9, 2105

Every day math 33/100

Objective: Solve problems by interpreting the quotient

Homework: operations with decimals plus page 135 13-22

Chasing Vermeer Chapter 3

Little Tommy – rough draft turned in

Science – diameter of planets

Study Hall, Drawing

Exit Ticket: 2.34 x 0.13=

October 8, 2015

Every day math day 32/100

Math Objective: Solve problems by interpreting the quotient

No homework tonight – work on math facts on Aleks

Scholastic News –

Little Tommy – rough draft due Friday

Rotations: Library, PE, and Computers

Please sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences if you haven’t already

October 6, 2015
Every day math day 30/100

Objective: Divide decimals by decimals

HW: PS 3.6-3.7

Chasing Vermeer Book Club

Finished Aleks assessment

Writing – Little Tommy (show me don’t tell me)

Science – scale of planets

SS – Filmed commercials

PTC Folders

October 5, 2015

Every day math 29

Objective: Divide decimals with whole numbers

Homework: page 128 10-26 even test prep/spiral review 31-35

Book Club: Chasing Vermeer

Magic Gourd Test

Science: communication in space; scale and distance

Economics Fair Posters

Commercials Tomorrow!

October 2, 2015

Every day math day 28

Objective: multiply decimals by whole numbers and decimals

Homework: page 124 16-48 even page 125 55-65

Spelling Test Magic Gourd

Review for reading test

Idea Development – writing – irrelevant/relevant information

Science – tools of technology

study hall

October 1, 2015

***Look for an email regarding Parent/Teacher Conferences****

You will sign up for your own time this year.

Every day math day 27

Objective: add and subtract decimals

Quiz page 114 1-8, 17-25

No math homework

Scholastic News – Minecraft questions

Magic Gourd – cause/effect

spelling sort

Vocabulary Story

Reading/Math Fluency

Due tomorrow: White vocabulary paper, spelling sort, spelling dice game, vocabulary story, cause and effect paper. Spelling Test Friday

September 30, 2015

Every day math day 26

Objective: Order decimals using place value and number lines

HW Practice B plus page 103 test prep/spiral review

Cause/Effect Magic Gourd

Spelling Pretest

Spelling dice assignment

That Tickles reading

Writing – idea development

September 29, 2015

Parents: We are still having a problem with Utah compose.  Hopefully it will be fixed by next week. Username is the same username for the portal.

Every day math 25/100 (1/4 of the way to 100 days!)

Objective: Write, compare, and order decimals using place value and number lines

Homework: 10 questions in interactive notebook

The moons of Mars – reading for main idea

Day 1 Magic Gourd – introduction to vocabulary words

Writing Idea Development – focusing on detail

Science – planet quiz, gravity

Social Studies – Test on Chapter 1, flap book and Catal Huyuk drawing turned in

Ticket out the door: 231/3

September 28, 2015

Every day math 24

Review Chapter 2 expressions/equations

Test chapter 2

Homework: pages 92-93 1-17 all S1, S2

Spelling test

Write to Emilee

Test “Gecko Glue, Cockroach Scout, Spider Silk”

Science: planet books, spacecraft activity

September 24, 2015

Every day math day 22

Objective: Solve whole number multiplication equations

Homework: Practice B 2.8 plus page 83 32-40

Main Idea – Gecko Glue questions

PE, Character Ed., Computers

September 23, 2015

Every day math day 21

Objective: Solve whole number multiplication equations

Homework: Practice B 2.7 plus page 80 45-52

Main Idea – Partner read vocabulary story

Paint Mask

September 22, 2015

Every day math day 20

Math Objective: solve whole number subtraction equations

Homework: Practice B 2.6 plus page 76 33-41 (Test Prep/Spiral Review)

Write to Mason

Day 1 Vocabulary Gecko Glue

Science: Planet Book (Mercury through Mars)

Social Studies: The Beginning of Agriculture – Drawing of one of the first ancient cities – Catal Huyuk

Exit Ticket – Subtraction equations (4)

September 21, 2015

Every day math 19

Math Objective: solve whole number addition equations

Homework: Practice B 2.5 1-20

Write to Kason

Reflective Journal

Finish “Lost City” – what is involved in a sufficient test response

Text features/setting, characters, plot review

Idea development – Fuzzy sentences

Outer Planets – 2 quizzes

Social Studies – Stone Age Technology

September 18, 2015

Every day math day 18

Math Objective: determine whether a number is a solution to a problem

Homework: pages 68-69 9-33 odd 46-52 all

Quiz 2.3

Spelling Test

Lost City Test


September 17, 2015

Every day math 17 (Constitution Day)

Superintendent reading awards – Way to go Katie and Jaden!!

Math Objective: Write expressions for tables and sequencing

Homework: pages 60-61 1-15 all

Quiz 2.2 Translating between words and math

Scholastic Weekly – Choose 2 questions to answer about “This Dog is a Life Saver” Finish questions on the back

Please check the portal for missing work.

Early out tomorrow!! 

September 16, 2015

Every day math 16


Assignment: 2 sided worksheet

Silent read: “Lost City”


Build up of masks. – We will not be spending any more time building up masks.  Masks should be ready for last coat of paper mache’ on Friday. 

September 15, 2105

Every day math 15

Math Objective: identify and evaluate expressions

HW: pages 52-53 4-24 even 28-33 all

Read and answer, “Lost and Found”

Non-Fiction Text Features

Inner Planets two quizzes

Early Civilizations

September 14, 2015

Every day math 14

Math chapter 1 test

Partner read An Inca City

Group read Lost City – fill in Character, setting, plot

vocabulary practice (yellow)

spelling practice (pink)

Science – planet presentations

Planet report turned in

Social Studies: Ice Man – What can we learn from studying other cultures – ancient and modern?

September 11, 2015

Every day math day 13

Math objective: review concepts from chapter one

Homework: pages 38-40 1-49.  Test on Monday.  Review difficult concepts so you are ready!


Science – why isn’t Pluto a planet anymore? Space Travel. Planet Report DUE MONDAY!! Be ready to present.

Social Studies: 9/11 remembrance. Maps due today. News Article assignments.

September 10, 2015

Every day math day 12

Math objective: Find patterns and recognize, describe, and extend patterns in a sequence

Homework: Practice B 1.6/Challenge 1.6 REVIEW TOMORROW – TEST MONDAY

Lost City introduction – vocabulary, spelling pretest (find the spelling words on

Homework came home tonight – essay is dialogue.  Homework is due Tuesday.

Bring Newspapers for masks

September 9, 2015

Every day math

Math Objective: Choose an appropriate method of computation

Homework: Practice B 1.5, Review for Mastery 1.5

Reading: what is dialogue, how to write proper dialogue.

Weekly homework will be sent home tomorrow.

September 8, 2015

Math: Ready to Go on quiz page 14

Quiz – order of operations

Math Homework: Practice B/Challenge 1.4 Use properties and mental math to solve problems (1-24 all, 1-4 magic squares)

Summer of the Swans comprehension test

Foli – root words (purple paper)

Science: researched assigned planet

Social Studies: Preamble and map skills

September 4, 2015

Every day math day 9

Math: Number Properties

No homework – enjoy your holiday weekend!

Summer of the Swans – all work turned in

Spelling Test

Science: Space exploration, planet reports

Social Studies: Island Creations, International News Articles

Fundraiser information came home today – Happenings books/cookie dough

Essay topic is Something that makes me happy. Type or handwrite (not on utahcompose)

Homework due Tuesday. Keep reading 20 minutes a night!

September 3, 2015

Every day math day 8

Math – Objective: use the order of operation to solve problems.

Homework: Problem Solving 1.2-1.3

Reading passage “A Secret Note” (turned in)

Write to Ethan – birthday letter

Every Thursday rotations: Library, PE, computers

All reading paperwork due tomorrow

Spelling test tomorrow!

September 2, 2015

Quiz 1.1a division – REALLY important to know math facts!

Objective: Represent numbers by using exponents

Homework: Practice B, Challenge Page, Spiral Review pg. 13 65-71

dodge ball/missing work

Story Structure – partner read Sam’s Summer Search

First read – Summer of the Swans

vocabulary/spelling sheet (due Friday)

Types of sentences

Weekly homework came home today.  This month’s memorization is the Preamble…

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

September 1, 2015

Math: quiz lesson 1.1 estimation

Objective: use the algorithm for division and interpret the quotient and remainder in real world situations.

Homework: practice B 2-14 even

Spelling pre-test (post test on Friday) Check out for spelling practice.  Story is Summer of the Swans

Story vocabulary – due Friday

Writing SLO

Science – Is Space Travel Worth the Cost? writing

Partners and game planning for Economics fair.

August 31, 2015

Last day of August and first full day of school – we survived!

Math Objective: estimate with whole numbers

Assignment: practice B 1-21 odd/challenge on back

Reading – Student Learning Objective pre test

Summer of the Swans – introduction Coast Guard Rescue

Read Aloud – Stargirl

Science – What is Science?

S.S. – economics fair – When: Monday October 26, 2015 (5-7).  Students will work in partners to create and work a carnival game. More information will follow.

Due Tomorrow: Homework sheet, math homework 1.1, reading minutes on RTS, Poem memorization

August 28, 2015

What a Great First Week of School!!

Multiple Intelligences – What areas are your strengths?

Everyday Math – percent/fraction/arrays

Assembly about assemblies

Math SLO – ratios and proportions

**If you haven’t already turned in your papers from back to school night – bring them Monday.  All homework is due Tuesday. Memorization due Tuesday.

August 27, 2015

Today we focused on school-wide rules and attentive listening.

Math: completed a benchmark for 5th grade concepts, everyday math day 3/100.

Keep working on the memorization and remember to read 20 minutes every night

August 26, 2015

Fruit Survey

Everyday math


Game – Why are Rules important?

Ideal Classroom

Oh the Places You’ll Go! reading and reflective journals

Reading inventory

August 25, 2015

First day of school with 100% attendance!

We had a great first day getting to know one another and talking about some of the expectations in sixth grade.

Homework was sent home today – **note I am not requiring the essay topic this week, we will be writing in class instead.

Our first memorization piece was also sent home and will be presented on September 1.

If You Think

If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you don’t.

If you like to win, but think you can’t, It’s almost certain you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost.  For out of the world we find

Success begins with a person’s will– It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are

You’ve got to think high to rise. You’ve got to be sure of yourself

Before you can ever win the prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go To the stronger or faster man.

But sooner or later, the one who wins Is the One who thinks he/she CAN.

August 20, 2015

Can you believe it is time for school to start again already?

When school begins, visit my blog for a daily schedule of what we are doing.  Assignments will be listed as well as important upcoming events.









May 12, 2015

The Legend of John Henry

Country Report Presentations

Math: Benchmark 4 : demonstrate knowledge of integers, functions, equations, and inequalities

Talent Show: Great job performers!

Way to Go Danyael, Dallen, and Rebekah for making it to the math Olympiad!

May 7, 2015

Industrial Revolution scored

Finish and present Country Reports

Math Review

Sage Math Test

Mother’s Day Project


Q of D: Write 9/20 as a decimal and percent.

Last Day of Testing Tomorrow!

May 6, 2015

Industrial Revolution Reading

Math Objective: Review surface area of 3-D figures.

Packet 6

Math Sage Testing Thursday and Friday

May 4, 2015

Read 504-511 Industrial Revolution Write Positive/Negative

Group Questions – impact of the American Industrial Revolution on immigrants

Math Objective: Solve and graph inequalities

Homework: Packet 4

Chrome book – research and create google slide presentation for Country Report

Read aloud, A Wrinkle in Time

Q of the D: Find the missing value:  12, 13, 18, 21, 7, 9, h   Mean=16

April 30, 2015

Hang in there!  We still have work to do!

Letter – A Friend to me You’ll Always Be

Country Report Research

Book Club Reading – Book due Friday

Math Objective: Evaluate Algebraic Expressions, Understand measures of center

All library books are now due!


Memorize those lines for our play!

Sage Math testing next Thursday and Friday

April 29, 2015

End of Year writing

Math/Science Olympiad tryouts

Reading: Play Practice – MEMORIZE YOUR PARTS

Math Objective: Whole number division, volume

Math Homework: any work not completed in class

All library books due back April 30th

April 28, 2015

Read about Napoleon/Revolutions

Writing for end of year book

Review Seasons

Math Objective: Review factoring, prime factorization, add/subtract/multiply/divide with decimals.

Homework: anything unfinished from the packets

Write to Ethan

Sage Science Test – Ask your student…they know their score.

Q of D: Write the prime factorization of 51.

**Lagoon note was sent home today.  I need the lunch count ASAP**

April 27, 2015

Silent Read “Saving Grace” pages 418-421

Book Club Read

Small group, Hope Is The Thing With Feathers (Emily Dickinson)

Revolutions, Country Report Assignments

Math Objective: Divide Fractions, Measures of Center (Mean, Median, Mode)

Homework: Any work not finished in class

Science Sage Test

Q of D: What the rule for dividing fractions?

2nd day of science test tomorrow :)

April 24, 2015

Read and annotate Heat, Light, Sound Review Reading

Partner Read 416-417

Story Elements – Flashback, Foreshadowing, Suspense, Cliff-hangers

Math Objective: Review volume and surface area (Dandy Candies)

No Math Homework except for what was NOT finished in class (surface area, volume)

Moon, Seasons review

Pop can towers

Q of D: What are the two main reasons we have seasons?

Read your science packets over the weekend

**Sage Science Test on Monday – be on time, sleep well, and eat breakfast!**

April 22, 2015

Finish Benchmark 3 – math

Figurative Language review paragraph

Reteach of chapter 13 concepts/Missing Work

Science review

Math Objective:  Review concepts of proportions and percent

Homework: Writing algebraic equations

**Important: instead of a minute homework this week, students are receiving Science review packets to read.  Students should annotate as they read – So far microorganisms has been sent home. Thursday will be about the Moon.  Friday will be Heat, Light, and Sound.    They should also go on and review any math concepts of which they might be unsure  or need a refresher** They can take quizzes and watch videos on almost any concept covered this year.

April 21, 2015

Figurative Language

California Condor/Mark Twain grammar


Math: Benchmark 3

Homework: Solving Equations

Gravity, Science

Tonight: Read and review  concepts relating to Microorganisms

Q of the D: Write an example of figurative language and identify it

April 20, 2015

Perplexing Pronouns, Focused Editing, Types of Sentences

Figurative Language Review in interactive Notebook

Sage Test – Reading/Language Arts (Part 2 tomorrow)

Math Objective: Review Major Concepts, Math Vocabulary

Benchmark 2, 3

The Dangers of Materialism (reading)

Book Club Reading Time

Gravity Review

Question of the Day:  Write two sentences: 1: Use a reflexive pronoun correctly  2: Use an intensive pronoun correctly

April 17, 2015

to, two, too

Finish Callie Gets Her Wish, Silent Read Book Club Book, Theme, Unicorns

Objective: Math Test – Demonstrate knowledge of functions, equations, and inequalities

Homework: Math review Expression/Equations (2 sheets)

Art Due: Friday April 24

Q of the D: What is the main character in a story called?

Upcoming Events:

April 20      First day of Sage Testing.  Please be on time, get plenty of rest, and eat breakfast

April 21      Sage Testing

April 22-24  BOGO Book Fair (limited Hours) Not open later than 4.

April 27-28  Sage Testing

May 7-8      Sage Testing

May 11       BEES Baseball Game – (Students who have read at least 20 books will go on this incentive fieldtrip)

May 12       Math/Science Olympiad for qualifying students

May 12       6th Grade Talent Show (1:30-3) in Cafeteria

May 18       Play Performance (1:30-2:30) in Kiva

May 20       6th Grade day at Lagoon (Students who have no missing work will go on this incentive fieldtrip)

May 21       Field Day

May 22       Last Day of School, 6th grade awards assembly 9am in cafeteria

**Remember to turn in immunization paperwork to the school nurse**

April 16, 2015

Commas, dashes, parentheses

Review Language- Sage Review

Book club reading – write summary and prediction in reflective journal.  Finish book May 1st

Math: Review essential concepts for functions, equations, and inequalities

Homework: page 733 1-6, 10-18

Library, Mrs. Short, PE, Computers

April 15, 2015

Key ideas, theme

subject/verb agreement

Callie Gets her Wish – reading

Math Objective: Review essential concepts for functions, equations, and inequalities

Homework: complete two of the four interactivities on the math website ( for chapter 13

April 14, 2015

Finish vocabulary detective (turned in today – all work from Titanic white vocab., green root words (ben/mater/pater), pink vocab/spelling, blue Titanic 1-4, vocab. detective/inference

Titanic Spelling Test

Titanic Story Test

Math Objective: Solve one step inequalities

Homework: page 720-721 20-42 even, 56-63 all

Their, They’re, There, Your, You’re

Review Moon Phases

Q of D: write an inequality for the following: The room seats at most 35 people.

Please check the portal for missing work, and enter reading minutes

April 13, 2015

Analyze Plot, Explain Protagonist

Read pages 408-411

Infer with context clues (Titanic), Vocabulary detective (Titanic)

Math Objective: Read and write inequalities and graph them on a number line

HW: practice B 13.3A, Review for Master 13.3A

Social Studies Test – Europe in Transistion

Science: Review Sound Test, Battle of the Bands

Q of D: Write an example of a parenthetical element using parentheses

April 10, 2015

Write to Spencer

Parenthetic elements, authorial bias

The Death of a President – close reading questions

Math Objective: Solve two-step equations

Homework:  Practice B 13.4, skills bank Like Terms SB9

News Article Presentations

Sound Science review and Test

End of Year Sage Testing Begins April 20.  Please make every effort to have your student at school on time.

April 7, 2015

Casual vs. Conventional language, authorial bias

Read Titanic

Root Words: mater/pater (mother/father), bene/bon (good)

Math Objective: represent linear functions using ordered pairs and graphs.

HW:  page 704-705 11-20, 21, 23, 25  38-46

Review Europe in Transition.  Test on Thursday

Science: Sound – quiz out of 11

Q of D: compare 0.666  < = > 3/5

Homework this week will have a Sage Test on there for Science.  You will go on through

Thanks to all who helped with the fundraising – it was a huge success!

April 6, 2015

Welcome Back! Hopefully you had a wonderfully restful spring break!

Vague pronouns, colloquialisms, slang

A Club For Explorers (scored and turned in)

Spelling Pretest – Titanic.  Test on Friday.

Titanic Vocabulary, read Vocab. story 390-391

Math Objective:  Use data in a table to write an equation for a function and use the equation to find a missing value.

Homework:  13.1 review for mastery, 13.1B practice

Social Studies: The Reformation – Orange sheet turned in

Science: Sound

Question of the Day:  What is a pronoun?

March 27, 2015

Pronouns, division timing, Write to Haden

Science Planet Presentations, notes, and quiz

Book club: group meetings, green papers filled out and turned in, group project: game board

Math Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of integers. Chapter 11 test

Homework: Enjoy your spring break!

Q of D: What genres would you most likely have an author’s purpose be to inform? Name at least two.  (Hint: use your interactive journal)

Spring Break Challenge:  20 Minutes of mobymax for @ least 5 days.

Congratulations to the 7th Grade officer finalists:  Abby Bartholomew, Annie Birch, Braxton Dean, Eli Langeveld, Shawn Oberholtzer, Sierra Wolcott

Great job by everyone who chose to run:  I’m proud of you for trying!

March 26, 2015

Remember Friday March 27th is our Toy Exchange Fundraiser-bring $5 and gently used, nice toy to exchange. You must have a note from a parent saying it is okay to participate.  (Fundraiser for Timmy Short)

RTGO page 612 1-28, 30  Very happy with most scores.  Study – Chapter 11 Test is Friday!!

Book club book and papers should be finished for Friday!

Math Objective: Review Integer Concepts

Math Homework: pages 640-641 1-22, 24

Reminder: No School March 30th – April 3rd.  Enjoy your Break!!

March 25, 2015

If you happen to be eating out at Pizza Pie Café this week:  Mention the Short family, and PPC will donate 25% of the cost to their family.

Retake of Chapter 10 test, missing work time

Play rehearsal – parts MUST be memorized.  The sooner the better.

Math Objective:  draw polygons in the coordinate plane and find the lengths of their sides.  HW: Worksheet 11.4A, 11.4A

Fundraiser toy/$5 exchange on Friday.  Talk to your parents: you must have a signed paper to participate.

March 24, 2015

Pronouns, Louis Braille reading

Handed in vocabulary squares, pink vocab./spelling, and green root words

Spelling Test – Seeing Things His Own Way

Story Test – Seeing Things His Own Way

Math Objective: locate and graph points on a coordinate grid.

Math Homework:  11.3B, 11.3 challenge

Websites to practice coordinate grids:, (coordinate grid games)

Social Studies:  How does the art, science, and technology from the Renaissance impact our lives today? Writing assignment.

Science:  14 pt. quiz, plus Light Standard 6 Test.

Q of D: What is the scientific word used to describe the bending of light?

Look for your student’s report card.  They have been sent home:)

March 23, 2015

Spelling Test, Homework DUE TOMORROW!


Silent read pages 370-379 “Seeing Things His Own Way”

Author’s purpose in interactive notebook

Book Club reading – finish book before Friday March 27

Math Objective: identify, graph, and find opposite integers.  Compare and order integers

Homework:  pages 596-597 2-40 even, 49-54 all,  pages 600-601 2-32 even 39, 40, 45,-49

Renaissance – Leonardo Da Vinci

Science – Light!

Question of the Day: How do you label:  perimeter, area, and volume?


March 18, 2015

Write to Kepler, reflexive pronouns graded and turned in

Book Club: met with club, filled out green paper, stapled bookmark to green paper and turned in.

New green papers, jobs, and questions.  Book needs to be completed by March 27

Math Objective:  Review geometry concepts.  Homework:  pages 584-586 1-14, 20-23, 26-27.

Be ready for the Chapter 10 test tomorrow.  Use for extra practice if needed.

**Help support our fundraiser for the Short family.  Bring extra change/money to donate**

March 17, 2015

Pink Pronouns review, on back right about something you are proud of.  Write 3 interview questions: interview a classmate about what they are proud of

Book Club Reading – green paper should be completely filled out for group meeting on Wednesday

Math: Objective: Find the surface area of prisms and pyramids.  Finished and turned in Surface area packet

Homework:  pages: 578-579 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 27, 29-35

Social Studies: Middle Ages: the crusades, the plague

Science: experiments with light – turned in green experiment papers

Question of the Day:  beetle: insect::rodent: ________

Planet reports are now late!

March 16, 2015

First day of 4th quarter!  Fresh new start :)

Pronouns, parts of a story

Book club reading – have green paper ready to go for Wednesday’s book club meetings

Play tryouts:  Congratulations to all who tried out!  Way to go!

Vocabulary sheet for Seeing Things His Own Way completed – turn in on Friday

Math Objective:  Use a net to build a 3-D figure, understand surface area (No homework tonight in math)

Science: intro to light, fix heat test

Q of the Day: What type of heat transfer is taking place:  You decide to sleep in your attic, but it’s so hot you need a fan.

Due Tuesday:  Homework sheet, planets essay, transfer of heat essay


March 11, 2015

Finish heat transfer venn diagram front/back and graph.  Due Friday

Presented science questions

Book club book selection

Math: Objective: Name 3-D figures.  Homework practice sheet 10A, 10.6 B plus page 563 29-34

Important Dates:

Play tryouts Monday March 16th

Class Pictures Thursday March 12

March 10, 2015

Reflexive/Intensive Pronouns

Read pgs 338-339 “The Unusual Robot”

Read “The Case of the Phantom Poet”  fill in Plot pyramid

Spelling pre test (Test is on Friday March 13th) students get a list of the words on the spelling pretest.  Words are also available on  under Phantom Poet

Math Objective: Explore how area and perimeter are affected by changing dimensions. RTGO quiz page 556 1-9.  Homework:  Problem Solving 10.3-10.4

Have heat questions ready to present tomorrow.  Graphs and Venn diagram papers due Friday March13th.

Question of the Day:  What part of the plot resolves the conflict and ties up loose ends?

Remember Wednesday March 11, is the LAST day to turn in any missing work for 3rd quarter.

March 9, 2015

I am giving the students an extra week for their planet essay, so that they can have time to research all of the items needed for the mini report.  They include:  location, characteristics/features, moons, atmosphere, unique features, rotation, revolution, name, temperature, and other (anything not included but would be interesting to know)

Today’s Activities:

Reflexive/Intensive Pronouns

Birthday letter to Eli

Vocabulary for The Case of the Phantom Poet Discussed

Added Plot Structure in Interactive Reading Notebooks – Exposition, Inciting Incident, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution (Goldilocks, Joe Brains)

Math Objective:  Break a polygon into simpler parts to find the area.  Assignment pgs. 546-547  1-5, 10-17

Social Studies:  Notes on The Birth of the Middle Ages (pgs. 340-347) Key Vocabulary:  Charlemagne, Normandy, William the Conqueror, feudalism, fiefs, vassals, serfs, manors, chivalry, Magna Carta

Science:  Heat transfer Convection:  Venn Diagram/Everyday examples of heat transfer, Double Bar Graph, presentation questions, Convection experiments

Question of the Day:  What is the formula for the area of a trapezoid?

Thank you to all parents who attended Parent/Teacher conferences, it was nice to visit with you about how great your kids are doing!  This school year is flying by; we are coming up on mid-terms already for third quarter.  Please check the portal weekly to stay on top of missing assignments. Assignments with a December or January date will no longer be accepted after February 11th. We still have four months of learning-so stay in the struggle and finish strong.  Keep reading to achieve 20 or more books for the BEES game.

Important Dates/Upcoming Events:

Sage Writing Test:  February 17-19.  Students: please get plenty of rest and eat breakfast each morning.

Junior High Registration: Friday February 27.  9am in the cafeteria.

Maturation: March 2 Boys @ 1pm and Girls @ 2pm


Important Dates/Upcoming Events:

PTC:  January 28th-January 29th

Valentine’s Dance: February 13th

February 16th: No School, President’s Day

Junior High registration is quickly approaching.  Make sure your student has had the necessary vaccinations for 7th grade. Please make every effort to be at school on time everyday.  The Writing portion of our SAGE test will take place sometime in the first couple of weeks of February.


I hope all you had a Merry Christmas and a restful New Year.  Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who helped make our field trip to the Clarke Planetarium a success; I am so fortunate to work in such a great community.  Second Quarter is rapidly coming to an end, so any missing assignments need to be turned in by January 8th. Check the student portal at for missing assignments.  Essays can be completed on  Science fair projects are due on January 8th-hopefully students have finished their projects and are finalizing their data.  Students need bring the project to school on the 8th and be prepared to answer questions about their projects. Our SAGE testing is right around the corner, so it is vitally important that students are at school on time everyday ready to work.


January 5th: Back from Winter Break

January 8th: Science Fair, Last Day of Second Quarter

January 9th: Professional Learning Day-No school for students

Monday October 27th is the first day of second quarter.  Please watch for a weekly homework page coming home on Wednesdays.  It has a short math review on the front and a fluency reading on the back.  Students need to read the fluency six times per week with an adult.  Many students have struggled to bring homework in on time.  Since it is part of a responsibility grade, homework will only be accepted within one week of the due date.  We have switched our weekly essay writing to  The information for this site is on the yellow bookmark received at Parent/Teacher Conferences.  This essay should be typed, edited, and revised by the student before it is submitted.

I am pleased with the progress being made in class. We are working on asking questions and inferring in literature, and Greatest Common Factors and fractions in math.  If students know their math facts, this chapter is much easier.  In science, we are learning about astronomy and the characteristics of planets.  Your student should be writing the day’s activities in his/her planner every day along with a short sentence about something that was learned that day.

Upcoming Events:

Book Report is due: October 30th: a three paragraph writing assignment about the book along with an advertisement poster and “commercial” for their book.  We have talked extensively in class about this assignment and each student has the poster board.

Oral Presentation: November 6th.  

Check the Portal Weekly and Enter Reading Minutes on Road to Success


PTC Monday October 13th and Tuesday October 14th – Short Day schedule


I can’t believe it’s already October.  We are working hard on improving our writing skills and practicing what good readers do in language.  Weekly homework comes home every Wednesday and is due the following Tuesday.  Please have your student practice their fluency reading with you.  They should be timed for one minute as they read the passage.  The passage should be read twice a day until it has been read a total of six times.

We just tested on Chapter 3 in math (decimals).  Math fluency skills are very important to being successful in math. Math facts should be automatic for sixth graders.

Our next Oral Presentation is the PREAMBLE and is due on November 6th.

Spelling words can be practiced on

We have just started decimals in math.  We are working on writing, comparing, ordering, adding subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.  Multiplication facts are SO important.  To stay sharp, go on and do Fact Master every day!!

We are reading about how nature is inspiring new innovations including how a cockroach could one day save your life. Students have been learning the phases of the moon and what causes them.

Please check the PORTAL often for missing assignments.  Remember to login to Road to Success and enter reading minutes before Tuesday of each week. is a great resource to help fill in learning gaps and keep skills sharp-and it only takes a few minutes each day.      

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