Welcome to a new school year!!

 Here is a list of items you will need to have for our English class:

your own ear buds or headphones, spiral or composition notebook, and pens or pencils.

Recommended but not required items include a glue stick, colored pencils or markers, or

loose leaf paper in a section dedicated to English in your 3 ring binder used for all classes.

You will also need to bring a book to read every day.  Choose something that you enjoy.

Please note that cell phones are not to be used during class.  Phones will be confiscated if they are out.

Parents, please make sure that a working email address is included in your contact information on the portal.  It makes communication between us very easy.

All English assignments will be listed on this blog in the English 9 page and in Google Classroom.  Many of our assignments will be completed in Google docs, but I will also make paper copies for those students who need them.

Information about the drama class can be found in the drama page.

Utah Compose

We have a new program that will give you immediate feedback on your writing. *\0/*     It’s called Utah Compose.  Click on that link, enter with your username (SSID – email me if you can’t remember it) and your password (I can retrieve that, too) to write your student choice essay.  You can also try out the lessons to learn how to write even better.


Here are two very nice links to reliable information on all sorts of topics.  When you are at school, you will not need a password; however, you will need a password to access theses sites at home.  Please talk to or email Mrs. Roylance to get the passwords.

***SIRS Knowledge Source http://sks.sirs.com  General reference for high school and college researchers, especially good for finding both sides of an issue.

SIRS Discoverer-  http://discoverer.sirs.com     General reference for elementary and middle schools.

Utah’s Online Library –  http://onlinelibrary.uen.org     offers a wide variety of data bases; see us for passwords



If you are trying to find a new, interesting book to read, check out this list of 100 best young adult books.   I know there will be something to interest you .  Happy reading :-)

Or perhaps you’d like to read what the directors at the Library of Congress recently deemed

 88 Books that Shaped America

Whatever book you choose to read, enjoy :-)

OR:   Read “The Top 10 Best Opening Lines of Novels” 

Links to interesting articles:

Why we teach the Arts in our schools 

7 grammar mistakes to avoid




Our school plays were GREAT!

2018 —  Shrek Jr.   Great story with a great message;  fantastic performances by our talented students.

2017 —

2016 —  Legally Blonde Jr.  was a hoot!  Awesome play kids!!

2015 —  What could be more fun than fighting the Pom Pom Zombies!  Great performances from our great cast.

2014  —  Aladdin was a super hit this year!  Kudos to all of our performers.

2013  —  Once Upon a Mattress is one of my favorite plays.  Our students really pushed themselves to create wonderful performances.

2012 —  Disney’s Little Mermaid  showcased our fine talent here at Bell. Here are some pictures of opening night!

2011 —  Alice in Wonderland  was an awesome show.  See pictures of it here —link to Alice in Wonderland cast pictures