Online Games & Study Aids

Games to practice Spanish     (Note: the new district policies have these temporarily blocked at school because there are some pages on this site that require student log-in, , but you can use these at home.  The pages linked below DO NOT require student log-in.)

Games for Spanish I  :

Games for Spanish II  :

Games for Spanish III  :

This site has many other games for learning Spanish:


Online Spanish Help


Here are links to programs for practicing Spanish:

At-home tutor

Level 1 book (for Spanish 1 and many Spanish 2 topics):
At-home tutor
Level 2 book (for some Spanish 2 topics  and most of the Spanish 3 topics):


Animated Grammar presentations:  For Spanish 1 -2

(Units 1-2 plus part of unit 3 are for Spanish 1, units 3-8 are for Spanish 2)


Animated Grammar presentations:  For Spanish 3


Verb Conjugation Practice:

(You will need to select level 1 or level 2)