Aug 30 2013

Week 2 Newsletter

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Week 2 2013

Sep 14 2012

Weekly Newsletter

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Sept. 17 2012

Sep 07 2012

Weekly Newsletter

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Weekly Newsletter

Aug 29 2011

Pete the Cat

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We will be doing lots of activities using the stories about Pete the Cat! Below is the author of the book reading and singing about Pete the Cat!

Feb 25 2011

Gotta Keep Reading

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Ocoee Middle School sings “Gotta Keep Reading”

This is our theme song for the year with reading!  We sing it in assemblies and in class to get us excited about reading books!

Oct 04 2010

Homework Extentions

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Here are a few things you can do to extend the skills book:

Spell First Name: Have her do her first, middle, last

Count to 20- Have her count backwards

Sight Words- Have her write them down, use them in sentences verbally and written.

Name colors-Have her read them and learn how to spell them.

Sorting-Find things in your home you can sort by different attributes. i.e. shape, size, use, color etc.


Flash cards-Work on speed and fluency.  Have her spell words with them, label them as upper/lowercase or vowel consonant.  Have her write them by you saying the name of the letter or sound of the letter.



Oct 30 2009

The Mash

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These are of my mom, dad and sister! Thought it was funny so I am sharing. The kids know my mom as the Librarian, Mrs. Bronson!

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Mar 10 2009

Updated Emu Egg

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Well, our nice friend from the morning class let us keep the emu egg to share with the afternoon. They thought it was so cool. Unfortunatley someone dropped it and we got to see the insides of the egg!

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As you can see it was a big egg! We compared the size of a chicken egg to the emu egg! The kids were fascinated by it. One thing that I am so proud of is how my great students handled the egg, ok, not physically handling it because it broke, but how they made the child feel that dropped the egg. She hid in the bathroom and cried. Do you know what the rest of the kids did? They knocked on the door and yelled, it’s ok, it was an accident! We are not mad! Come look what’s inside. Did you know that 15 kids tried squeezing into that small bathroom to let her know that it was ok? They were so kind and made her feel like it was all going to be ok! We have great students here in our class!

Mar 10 2009

Emu Egg

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Our friend brought an Emu Egg to share with the class. We got to feel that the Emu egg was cold, heavy, bumpy and very, very hard. We could drop it and it would not break! Thank you friend for sharing the egg with us! Turn up your sound if you can’t hear it!