Library Policies


Check out Policies

Books and Kindles  check out for three weeks at a time . 

Periodicals and reference materials are to be used within the library .

Library Hours 


7:30 – 3:00

Overdue Books

Students with late books may  not check out more books  until late books are

returned to the media center and overdue fines paid.

A fine of ten cents ($0.10) per day will be charged for overdue books.



Library Laws


  • Don’t bring goodies into the library.  
  •  Books and computers don’t mix with drinks, gum, candy, and other munchies.
  • Use the library as a quiet place to relax and study.
  • Loud voices and disruptive behavior will be escorted out.


  • Push in chairs and clean up the surrounding area. 
  • Leave backpacks in classrooms and lockers. It gets crowded in the library.



Computer and Printer Use

Students need to have permission from the media specialist to log in at a computer station to do research or word processing. Students are expected to follow the Appropriate Use Policy anywhere at T.H. Bell. The computers are for educational purposes only.


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