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Hi.  I’m Mrs. Folker.  I have been teaching for about 18+ years.  I started out in Ogden City School District.  I have taught in Aurora, Colorado; and now I’m here at T.H. Bell!

I have two wonderful kids–in fact, they are the cutest kids on the planet.  Hayden is 17–and a Senior this year and Hannah is 12–and is in 7th grade. They are both very smart and I’m proud of all of their accomplishments.

I speak Korean (conversationally, not fluently).  I play the piano, recorder, a bit of guitar, and I sing. I love music! I’m a huge fan of 80’s music, especially.

I love going camping with my family. We like going in the mountains where it is nice and cool in the summer (a nice break from the heat of the city).
I love to read…especially Dean Koontz, Dan Brown, and many other authors. My husband is another author I like to read. He published an “e-novel” on Amazon, and I think that is pretty awesome.

I love to learn new and interesting things–and sometimes even trivial things.
I’ve recently become sort of obsessed with the TV show Supernatural.
Here is a video about me that is actually a few years old: (I need to update, but haven’t).