Opportunities to Explore


Superintendent Stephens presenting summer reading awards.

One thing I love about elementary school students is their willingness to try new things. They’re interested in most things we cover in class and want to be involved in the things offered after school.  I think it’s awesome that we have so many  quality opportunities for our students to explore their interests and talents.  The school musical sounds fantastic as does the choir!  So much talent and enthusiasm in our kids.  The track club is building their endurance in preparation for their Fall track meet.  The robotics club is working on their robot designs for this year’s challenge.  It is such a pleasure to watch them amaze themselves with their own capacity to learn.  I hope our parents see that happening in their kids.  It’s our hope to keep that thrill of discovery alive even with hard things.  I want Green Acres Grizzlies to always believe that they can persist and accomplish whatever they choose.

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