About Mrs. Rodgers

I started teaching in 2000 after graduating from Weber State University.  I love working with children and their different personalities! In 2006 I received my Masters in Education from University of Phoenix.  I chose this University so I could continue teaching while learning.  I love learning new techniques to teach the students and new ways to get them excited about a specific subject.  I have a daughter majoring in Mathematics Education who visits my class and helps get the students excited about mathematics and to lessen the anxiety that comes from math.  There are many other ways to engage the students and to get them excited about learning.  I also have an ESL endorsement to help students whose second language is English.


I am married and have three children.  My kids are all graduated from high school and two are currently in college.  When it starts to snow I get excited because one of my favorite things to do is to go snowmobiling with my husband.  In the summer I like to watch NASCAR and I have ridden in a Napa Car going 130 mph around the track on two separate times.  I love to read books; my favorite book being A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.  My favorite room in my house is the kitchen because I love cooking.


I love teaching at Pioneer Elementary because it is a super fun school and I love all of the faculty.  The teachers love to work together to help improve each student’s learning. Our administration is always willing to help and has been a great resource in helping individual students.  We have amazing people behind the scenes as well, like our janitors and kitchen staff.  And all the students love our librarian who gets them excited about reading!!!