STEM experimenting and discovering Birds Beaks!

Today we reviewed our experiment about which beak was best and discussed why. We also studied pictures of pelicans, hummingbirds, and woodpeckers to see what shape their beaks are. We discussed why their beaks were adapted and shaped that way. We also learned that Saturn has 53 moons and counting on wonderopli!
In math we found all of the ways to add to 10.
In reading we read a story called “How you Grew”. We finished our writing books and practiced letter names and built words. Please continue to send in apples for Johnny Appleseed Day! Thank you!


Hello, Families! Today was our Fun Run! Your student ran and ran! They completed 35 laps! Go Green Acres Team!! They have earned incentives with the fundraiser including crazy colored teacher hair. So, today I had to wear my hair blue and pink! Way to go! Tonight there is still time to raise money. We have a class goal of $40/lap and we have raised $22/lap. Students will get to be in a drawing if they raise money on tonight. Thank you so much for your participation in the fundraiser. Money raised will go to STEM and Field Trips. Today in reading we read a story about 2 friends who were doing movement activities together outside. We talked about the characters and the setting of the story including what season the story took place in. In math we found different ways to add to 9. In STEM we went through the Scientific Method of Ask >Predict>Investigate. We will continue the process on Monday. Remember tomorrow is early out for professional development. Students get out at 1:15. Thank you for reading with your student every day!

Lots of Fun Fall Learning in First Grade! Today we explored the Rainforest and imagined we were there. Be sure to ask your child if they would like to have a Poison Dart Frog for a pet. (They have enough poison to kill 10 humans!) We also played a game called “Sparkle” as we learned that a teen number is made of one ten and ones. We used our whiteboards to write the numbers along with a Harry Kindergarten video. You can find it under his name and 10s and ones on YouTube. In reading we finished our writing about “What pets need”. We also compared and contrasted what pets need to what we have been learning in STEM about what animals in the wild need by answering questions such as, “Does a pet need to camouflage or catch its own food?”
A note will be sent home giving permission to take and post your child’s picture for Donors Choose. I need permission to take and post a pic of the class for the application. No names will be used and the pic will be taken at an angle from behind as they sit on the carpet where I need a rug (which is what I am applying for). Thank you for continuing to read with your child at home!

Looking forward to a great year!    I look forward to meeting you and your student(s) on August 22nd. School starts on Tuesday, August 23rd. See you then!  Here is a link to the important dates for the 2016-17 school year.

End of Year Learning and Activities

In first grade we work hard and play hard!
This has been a fabulous year so far! We are still learning at full steam. We have a lot of fun, learning activities, and field trips planned.
We need volunteers to help put up the student outlines and posters in the gym on Monday, May 2nd.
Dates to remember:
May 6 Field Trip to Environmental Center
May 13 Dance Program **Please plan to attend**
May 16 Field Trip to Library

May 26 1/2 Day LAST day of school


This week we have been learning about teamwork. We read a book called Teamwork. It was about many different kinds of teams including teams that sew, build bridges, and work together to help each other as well as sports teams. We learned that the family is a team! We went out and played soccer together as a class team. We have been learning words such as agree, argue, accomplish, and goal. The spelling patterns were –nk, –st, and –nd at the ends of words such as west, last, and land. We did a musical spelling review before taking the test. We threw bean bags at the smartboard as we reviewed the sight words. We also played a soccer and football game on the smartboard as we reviewed words this week. In math, we decomposed the number 7 by breaking it into the numbers we can add to get 7 (3+4, 2+5, etc.). We learned about animal habitats in STEM and made our own habitat for Mrs. Barker’s desert tortoise Miss T. We will visit her habitat on a field trip tomorrow. Watch for a purple note that was sent home today which has the October calendar items for the month.

Back to School Night

I’m so excited to meet all of you and your students tonight! This year is sure to be a great one! We have our first field trip planned (more details will be available soon). Be sure to read to and have your student read to you every day for a total of 20 minutes. See you tonight!

Mrs. Barker

Back to School

I’m so excited to meet you at Back to School Night August 24th.  It will be from 5-7.  This year will be full of fun learning!  See you soon!

Mrs. Barker


Learning Activities

We have been learning about the “bossy r”.  We have learned to read words with the “bossy r”– or, er, ar, ir, and ur patterns. Some examples of the words are bird, dirt, burn, fur, fern, her, cart, far, thorn, and for.  We are reading about seeds and how things grow this week.  Thank you for helping your child do their homework and reading assignments.  We are almost ready for 2nd grade and need to be reading, reading, reading!


In math, we are adding two digit numbers.  Today we used “ten sticks” to regroup the numbers and found out why we regroup for 2 digit addition.  Ask you student to teach you this method!  See if you can figure it out.


We rebuilt the 3 Little Pig’s houses in STEM.  I am so excited to report that your child(ren) learned so much that none of the houses that were rebuilt blew down!! We will continue to learn about science, technology, engineering and math in this way!  It has been a fun and exciting discovery learning process!  We finished the STEM Module by designing and testing our own paintbrushes!


Thank you,

Lori Barker

Green Acres Elementary

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